About the BTTH Manhua...

So, ever since the BTTH manhua got picked again, there have been a lot of controversy about the BTTH novel. Finally today, I took the time to read through all 133 chapters of the manhua which corresponds to about chapter 495 of the web novel (about halfway through chapter 495 to be exact). It's kind of long so be warned or you could skip to the bottom.

Sooo, I'll start by admitting that my opinions might be a little biased against the manhua. The manhua, in my opinion, is somewhat of a summary (with pictures) of what happens in BTTH. It's not a bad summary, in fact, it was much more comprehensive than I thought it would be. However, there is obviously some content left out (it's impossible to fit about 6000 chinese characters into 20 pages of pictures). For example, chapter 157 of the novel (yup, the chapter that was just posted today) and the story in the valley is basically skipped.On a side note, the art of the manhua is pretty good (much better than I thought it would be and I'll admit that I got a little sucked in by the colorful fights) though the quality of the pages changes from chapter to chapter.

Now about the content in the manhua: personally, I feel like the events are a little exaggerated and some are just plain wrong. Take chapter 32 to 35 of the manhua which is about the fight against Mu She. Besides Mu She dying and Xiao Yan saving the day, none of the events (Fairy Doctor who's called Xiao Yi Xian demonifies <-(not a word) and goes berserk against everyone or Mister Yao of the Thousand Medicine Hall actually being a good guy)  that were depicted in the manhua was in the novel.  Even though the results are the same, I feel like the manhua not adhering to the novel and adding new things that never happened leaves a bad taste in my mouth. In addition, the Fairy Doctor was supposed to be portrayed as someone who was extremely alert of everyone around her with a soft side that only showed to Xiao Yao (you'll see this more later) but in the manhua, I got the feeling that she was a somewhat foolish girl. There's also the part about the Ice Emperor (should be Ice King) that gets on my nerve but I'll leave that for you to find out.

Also, there are quite a few loose ends in the manhua: where did the red wolf (Xiao Hong) go after the fairy doctor left? What happened to Mister Yao? ... Overall, I got the feeling that the people in the manhua were dolls instead of actual human beings with actual feelings.

Finally, there are obvious translation differences. For example, Dou Zong vs Dou Ancestor. Personally, I see the Dou Zhe, Dou Shi, Da Dou Shi as names that don't have a correspondence in English. They all represent different masteries of Dou Qi and the second word (after the Dou) can't be translated. By that I mean Dou Wang, Dou Huang, Dou Di have the same meaning - Dou King/Emperor. Wang usually refers to a ruler of a place or state, usually not a country (like the King of China) while Huang does mean the ruler of a country. <- I may be wrong on this point but in Chinese Huang usually is more "royal" than Wang. And Di refers to a supreme being (not god, that's sheng). In chinese myths, the ruler of the heavens is named Yu Huang Da Di and once again, no he is not god. So I guess this huge digression is basically to say that the translations of the novel and the manhua have differences.

Anyways, my overall opinion is neutral to the positive side of the manhua. It's a great way to read ahead since it's basically summaries and although somewhat inaccurate (in the sense that it's missing stuff, added extra stuff and has stuff depicted wrong), you get the big picture of what happened. So yeah, that's my opinion of the manhua.

I'll probably be back to answer questions so just leave them below.

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