Hi-res AWE wallpaper, free for FANS ONLY!

As some of you may know, I occasionally provide high resolution wallpapers as a reward to sponsors. I've decided to release some of the old ones to everyone, starting with one of my top favorites, the Spirit Stream Sect. In the coming months I will release others. Eventually, I will put the wallpapers on the art gallery page as well. For now, they will exist only in this announcement post.

Please note that I've embedded a spell formation in the wallpapers that makes them invisible to non-fans of the novel. That's right, ONLY FANS can see the art! If you haven't started reading the novel yet, but can see the wallpapers, it means you are obviously a future fan, and should start reading the novel immediately!

Right click the image you want and "save as" to get the wallpaper. I'm including a temporary link at the bottom for the 4K version (3840x2160) that will expire after a week (it's too big to include directly in the body of the post).

1920x1080 version

1080x1920 iPhone version

Temporary link to 4K version here.