Chapter 36: Have you heard about Tolerance? (2)

The artifacts were anxious.

Why was he fine when they clearly sent out their powers?

Normally, humans would instantly cough up blood and be in terrible pain because their organs would be failing. So, why was this bastard perfectly fine?!

They had never seen something like this before. No, this was something that should not happen! Thanks to that, the shocked artifacts could not help but scream.

[What the hell is going on?!]
[Use your full strength!]

However, Ju-Heon did not fall no matter how much power they channeled. At this point, it would not be weird if they thought Ju-Heon was some type of weird alien from outer space!

[W, what is going on?!]

However, Ju-Heon smiled and summoned an artifact regardless of whether they were anxious or not.

“Come out, Enforcement of Law (Hammurabi).”

A bright light flashed behind Ju-Heon and a 2.25m black slate board shot out with a weird noise.


The Code of Hammurabi revealed itself with that weird noise. This was a very fitting artifact for these bastards who were running wild thinking they were the shits.

However, the artifacts scoffed after seeing the artifact Ju-Heon summoned. An A-Grade artifact was like a squishy toy hammer for SS-Grade (Divine-Grade) artifacts like them.

It was only natural for them to laugh.

[How dare this bastard shove something like this in our faces?]
[Human! Die along with that artifact that challenges us without knowing its place!]

And lo and behold, the bastards who became cocky again after seeing the Code of Hammurabi sent out their vicious auras. However, Ju-Heon smiled and channeled a lot of his dominance as if he had been waiting for this.

“Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.”


“Have a taste of your medicine!”

A bright light flashed and the Code of Hammurabi responded to Ju-Heon's orders. The Divine-Grade artifacts ended up being hit by their attacks once the bright light flashed.


The Divine-Grade artifacts screamed as if they were in serious pain after being hit by their own attacks. Set's artifact that had cast out the strongest attack was slammed against a wall and started to curse.

[F*ck! What the hell is up with this human bastard!]

Anubis's artifact was also having trouble supporting itself after being hit by its attack. The fact that they lashed out at full strength because they were angry ended up making it worse for them.

[T, this human bastard!]

Ju-Heon laughed as if they deserved it.



The Code of Hammurabi was definitely an A-Grade artifact. However, it was different than regular artifacts.

< Codes of Law > were the things with the strongest levels of control and suppression among things created by humans. Thanks to that, codes of law artifacts meshed well with a human who was trying to control something.

In simple terms, meshing well with humans meant it fit terribly with other artifacts. Furthermore, the Code of Hammurabi was one of the four major codes of law artifacts, making its strength incomparable to regular artifacts.

Ju-Heon soon started to smile viciously as he started to speak.

“You guys might be Divine-Grade artifacts, but really, tool scraps like you guys dare to crawl up here?”

[You bastard!]

Boom! His dominance threatened the artifacts.

“Submit, damn artifacts.”

[This arrogant bastard!]
[How dare a punk with such low dominance try to order us!]

The artifacts were shouting like that but it was clear that they were anxious. How could they not be? Their aura didn't work on this crazy bastard and the Code of Hammurabi was trying to rip them into pieces.

[Sir, let’s take care of him using a different method!]

Set became annoyed as Anubis shouted while glaring at Ju-Heon.

[You do it if you want! I’m not going to do it!]

The other method they were talking about was using their respective abilities rather than sending out their auras. However, Osiris did not like Anubis's suggestion either.

[We will cut down our bodies (durability) if we use our abilities.]

That was indeed the case. It was fine to use their aura, but using their artifact abilities would decrease their durabilities.

They could not cut down their own bodies to defeat this human bastard!

However, Ju-Heon continued to approach them as they talked.

"Alright, submit. You damn tools.”

The artifacts flinched. Of course, Ju-Heon knew that he could not make Divine-Grade artifacts submit. However, this was a battle of will. It could even be called reckless courage.

A person needed to be shameless to win against artifacts and survive. Ju-Heon's bluff must have worked as the artifacts lost their cool and started to shake as if they were seizing.

[This arrogant bastard is spewing nonsense!]

They seemed to have lost some of their courage after losing their cool.

[Someone like you is a piece of meat that is even lower than a damn fly in our eyes!]
[Kill him!]

Ju-Heon laughed after hearing their comments.

“Oh, then why don't you try attacking me again?”

These artifacts had already been hurt by the Code of Hammurabi. Thanks to that, it was no wonder they would hesitate to attack again.

That was why Ju-Heon shamelessly laughed again.

“Why don't you come at me?”

Ju-Heon's sparkling eyes looked strong and extremely brave. His dominance was not something even Divine-Grade artifacts could dare to trample on.

[This bastard, he really!]

‘Damn it. I don’t want to use any more abilities than I already have.’

[This is driving me crazy. Why the hell does our aura not work on him?]

Set's artifact that was thoroughly observing Ju-Heon started to swear.

[I knew it, I smell that motherf*cking crow bastard on him.]

Osiris's artifact sounded shocked.

[We already sealed that traitor bastard who sided with that human bastard. Are you sure your nose hasn’t gone crazy?]

[What do you expect me to do when I smell it? Just shut the hell up if you don’t know anything!]

[Why don’t you shut up, you bastard! I get so angry just hearing about that damn bastard! That bastard had no damn pride while being at the top as a Divine-Grade artifact!]

It was at that moment.

The two of them started to fight against each other while talking about the crow. However, the anxious Anubis's artifact quickly started to speak as Ju-Heon continued to approach them.

[Sirs, this is not the time to fight amongst yourselves.]

However, Set and Osiris's artifacts continued to roar and point their blades at each other, forcing Anubis's artifact to click its tongue.

The Anubis's artifact seemed to be the only clearheaded one in this situation.

‘I have no choice. I was going to do it slowly but I will create the tomb's test right away.’

Anubis's tomb test was impregnable.

‘There’s no way a puny human will be able to survive my test.’

Since their auras were not working, the only way to kill this human bastard was by using their test.

‘So, I will kill this bastard with the tomb's test.’

Anubis's artifact had no idea that doing so would increase its chances of being gobbled up by Ju-Heon and glared at him as it started to shout.

[Fine. Human. Survive if you can do so!]

Chairman Kwon had heard the voice this time as well. Chairman Kwon who heard the artifact’s voice was confused but Ju-Heon started to smirk.

‘I might be able to capture Anubis if things go well.’

He couldn't force it to submit but he could earn the artifact by clearing the tomb.

The black jackal revealed its teeth and released a strong power. The ground underneath Ju-Heon's feet disappeared and he started to fall underground. However, that did not last very long either.

He soon fell onto a large disk. No, it was not a disc.

‘This is?’

It was a scale. Ju-Heon had fallen onto a scale. Chairman Kwon probably fell to a different spot as well.

On the other side of the scale was a tiny feather.

He was certain.

That was the feather of truth.
And this was…

‘The judgment of the dead, also known as the judgment of one's heart.’

In simple terms, it was the judgment to determine whether this person was a good person or a bad person.

In Egyptian history, the person's heart would be placed on one side with the feather of truth on the other side, and the person would be considered a good person if the two sides were balanced. They would then be able to safely enter the afterlife. However, if their heart weighed more than the feather because of the weight of their sins, their heart would be eaten by a monster and they would roam through hell forever. Anubis was the one responsible for weighing the hearts.

The mission for this tomb should be similar.

‘I can make that bastard mine if I just pass this.’

The artifact’s test soon started.

Anubis and 42 jury members he summoned surrounded Chairman Kwon and Ju-Heon. Anubis started to speak at that moment.

[The judgment will now begin. You will now be given 42 questions. You will pass the test if you are able to answer yes to all 42 questions. However, if you lie during the process, your lies will be revealed and you will be eaten by an animal.]

Ju-Heon started to laugh.

‘Everything is as I heard so far.’

Ju-Heon had met the Anubis's artifact user in the past. He had gone to see the person to recruit them into his tomb raiding team and had heard about how he had cleared the tomb at that time.

The Anubis artifact user was a child so he didn’t remember the questions clearly, but that child had definitely said the following.

‘They were questions that anybody could say yes to.’

Thanks to that, the child was able to answer yes to all 42 questions and earn Anubis.

[This is the first question.]

Ju-Heon started to smile.

‘He said the questions themselves weren’t much. I'm sure its something I could say yes to as well.’


[Did you never steal anything?]

Ju-Heon instantly started to frown.

‘Damn it?’

Unfortunately, Ju-Heon was a terrible adult who could not say yes to even the first question.

Ju-Heon had a headache right now. It was because of the question that they were asking.

[Did you never steal anything?]

He had. He had stolen quite a bit.

[Did you never lie?]

He had lied quite a bit. He had lied as he scammed people.

[Did you never commit murder?]

He did do that. Of course, it was not at the level of Jack the Ripper.

[Did you never hit anyone?]

He had hit someone. He did it to make them listen to him.

[Did you never destroy other people’s belongings?]

He had done that a lot if destroying artifacts were considered a part of their belongings.
[Did you never lust?]
‘Damn it, what kind of human has no lust?’

The questions were all like that. As for Ju-Heon…he amazingly was the worst type of person who could not say yes to any of the 42 questions. Actually, anybody who has lived a regular life would stumble at one of the first few questions.

Anubis started to laugh and shout as if he had expected this.

[As expected, a human bastard is a human bastard! Your heart is heavier than steel. Fall into hell for all eternity!]

An overwhelming power of hell tried to pull Ju-Heon down. That heinous power was trying to eat Ju-Heon's body and turn him into a mummy.

Ju-Heon clicked his tongue at that moment.


[Someone’s power is temporarily increasing your Tolerance level at an explosive rate.]
[Your body is being protected.]

He thought he had heard the crow's voice at that moment.

[You seem to be in quite a difficult situation. You foolish human.]

That stalker bastard he had forgotten about had appeared again.

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