Chapter 125 – Title Hidden (Given at end of chapter)

Chapter 125 – Title Hidden (Given at end of chapter)

Deep within Calron’s consciousness, a draconic voice rumbled.

“I will lend you my strength…. decendent of my mother’s family…”

“Who are you?”

Calron inquired.

“Why ask the question to which you already know the answer to? I do not have much time, so listen to what I say.”

Valis’ stated, as he continued. “I do not know how you were able to obtain a fragment of my soul, but trying to absorb it is simply too reckless. If I had tried to resist even slightly, your physical body would have already been burned to ashes. I will lend you my strength, but in return, you have to promise me one thing.”

“You want me to take revenge for you?”

Calron asked once Valis was finished.

“Haha, I don’t need a runt like you to take revenge for me. I already killed the ones who tried to murder me. My request is simple: Help his Majesty, the Beast Emperor, in future where he will need the help of powerful allies. Your current strength is too pitiful, so wait for a few years until you reach the peak of Saint stage to go visit him.”

Valis said to a frowning Calron.

“What makes you think I will become powerful enough for a Heavenly stage expert to rely on my help?”

Calron put his doubts forward.

“Heh! You by yourself are useless, but the power I am counting on is the force behind you… the strength of the House Raizel! The world thinks that they are just a powerful human clan, but I believe that you already know the truth. They carry the blood of a primordial beast and are not completely human. Since you are this deep in the Desolate Mountains, then it means that you have a strong concentration of beast blood and that you are able to transform into one. You must be a direct descendent of the family like my mother, so you have the qualifications to influence the Raizel clan.”

Valis calmly conveyed, and before Calron could interject, he stated.

“I hope you will not forget your promise to me, so here is a token of my gratitude.”

The golden dragon’s voice sounded out with pride, as the last fragment of his soul turned into dust and entered Calron’s body.

Promise? I never promised you anything! This bastard dragon… huh?

Just as Calron was roaring within his consciousness, his elemental core began to rapidly expand and contract.

Third rank of Vajra stage…… fourth rank…… fifth rank…… sixth rank……


Within Selior city.

“You little shits sure took your time in coming here when I called you.”

A tall silver-haired old man stood with his hands behind his back, as he addressed the five middle-aged men bowing in front of him.

The old man talking was one of the most powerful beings in the entire city. 

He was the Patriarch of the Raizel clan!

One of the middle-aged men glanced to his side, conveying a message with his eyes to his eldest brother.

Did something happen to father? He only harasses us when he’s angry… and what is up with calling us “little shits”, that is just too painful.

The eldest man glared back at his brother as if saying:

You think I like being called a “little shit”? Even the human Emperor of Selior city himself has to give me face when I visit him, but this old man simply tramples all over my pride. Now, shut up before he gets even more angered!

“Since you laze around all day, I have a task for each of you. How many of our young generation can shape-shift into their beast form?”

The Patriarch inquired.

“Uh father, we don’t laze around. I am minister for the court, while Second brother runs our Martial sect, as for Eldest brother, you know that he is the Commander General for the royal army. The others are busy as well, and they all hold important positions within the city.”

The fifth middle-aged man said as he proudly raised his head. Meanwhile, both the Eldest and the Second brother flinched when their sibling mentioned them directly.

You retard, you did not only go down but you wanted to drag us to hell with you!

“Oh, is that so? I completely forgot that you were all so capable. How about you have a spar with this old man, so I can be enlightened by your sage wisdom.”

The Patriarch’s eyebrows twitched in anger, but he maintained a gentle smile on his face.

“Huh? What do you mean have a spar? I didn’t do anything wrong!”

The Fifth brother stammered, as he tried to figure out where he made a mistake.

How could he not know what the old man meant by “having a spar”? The Patriarch was infamous for his raging short temper and his special spars were simply when he would decide to give someone a brutal thrashing.

The most horrifying thing about the spars was that the old man did not permit the use of any elemental essence. It was a purely physical spar. However, with his cultivation at the middle tier of Heavenly stage, it was simply a one-sided bullying.


After five minutes had passed.

“Now, you four little shits, announce to the youngsters of our clan that there will a ranking battle held for them. They will fight amongst themselves, until a rank is given to them. The top three youngsters will be personally taught a few skills by me. Also, send out a unit of our spies and tell them to search for any human who is especially talented in the element of lightning.”

The old man sternly commanded to the four remaining men.

“I will take care of the ranking battles, father.”

The Third brother answered obediently, not even daring to ask for the reason of such abrupt changes.

The screams of agony of their Fifth brother and his face being savagely pummeled was still lingering within the four brothers’ minds. It would take him at least a week to recover from that beating.

This old man was a plain bully.

Noticing the serious expression on their father’s face and the fact that they were looking for a talented human with the lightning element, despite that no human could successfully cultivate lightning to Vajra stage meant only one thing.

They were looking for someone sharing their blood!

“I will take that responsibility.”

The Eldest brother calmly stated, the seriousness of the matter sinking in.

“No matter what happens, that person must be brought here!”

The Patriarch said in a slow voice, as his sons departed.

However, no one could hear his following whisper.

“He is the hope of our family…”

Chapter 125 – Rapid Breakthroughs

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