Chapter 627 – Dark Parasol's Abyss

Divine Radiance Peak, within an abode.

“Yun Ye, that Chen Xi does indeed possess the qualifications to challenge you, as he was actually capable of heavily injuring Wang Zhonghuan. This kid is extremely extraordinary as well.” A grey robed old man appeared abruptly like a ghost that had teleported over silently, and he looked at Yun Ye who sat cross-legged on the ground while sighing lightly with emotion. “Even though Wang Zhonghuan hadn’t multiplied his combat strength by five times, Chen Xi probably had contingencies as well. If you want to become the number one Seed Disciple on Divine Radiance Peak, then you’ll probably have numerous obstacles.”

Yun Ye raised his eyes and recognized the person who’d arrived to be an elder in Azurecloud Pavilion called Hua Kong who was from the East Radiance Peak and had always taken care of him. If the elders were divided into various different factions, then Elder Hua Kong absolutely belonged to his side.

After all, every single Seed Disciple had gone through countless stringent selections to arrive at the height they’d attained at this moment. It was possible for every single one of them to grow and become a great figure in the sect that possessed great authority over a certain area and matchless might.

It was even to the extent that practically all the Sect Masters of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect were from the ranks of Seed Disciples. In this way, these Seed Disciples naturally received the care of numerous elders.

This was like the kingdoms of the mortal world, and these Seed Disciples were like the numerous princes that possessed the qualifications to inherit the throne of the Emperor. On the other hand, these elders were the minister and dukes of the kingdom. If they fostered and roped in the Princes now, then once those Princes ascended the throne, the Princes would naturally bring boundless benefits to them.

Yun Ye’s natural talent was shocking, and natural phenomena descended at the time of his birth because he possessed the White Emperor’s Metal Eyes. He’d become a top figure amongst the Seed Disciples a long time ago, so there was naturally no lack of support from elders like Hua Kong by his side.

“Hmph! Wang Zhonghuan was at the critical moment of refining his Immortal Artifact and had forcefully paused the refinement, and it was even to the extent that he didn’t dare utilize his five times combat strength and Immortal Artifact, Exuberant Brahma Sword. Otherwise, Chen Xi would be utterly incapable of injuring him.” Yun Ye’s eyes flickered and were suffused with a cold platinum sheen as he sneered. “But I’m about to break through in a Grand Dao profundity in the near future. In another few months of time, it would be sufficient for me to grasp the ability to multiply my combat strength by six times. Killing any one of them would be as easy as flipping my hand!”

“Haha, that’s for the best.” Hua Kong roared with laughter, and then he restrained his laughter and said, “You killed all the 18 Bandits of Darkness during the assignment you completed recently, and the higher-ups of the sect are extremely happy, and the rewards have already been announced, a total of 10 Immortal Pills, Clarity Jadeliquid Pills. Every single pill is exquisite and contains the purest Immortal Energy, and it possesses an unbelievable magical effect towards tempering the Blackhole World. There’s also a Quasi Immortal Artifact, Bright Dragonsoul Armor that possesses shocking defensive capabilities, and it’s capable of resisting the full forced strike of an Earthly Immortal Realm expert.”

“Good!” Yun Ye waved his hand and put away all the treasures. “I’ve completed many assignments recently, and I’ve obtained an enormous wealth. I’ll head over to the Ancient City of Emerald to exchange it for the Grand Dao Fragments left behind by the Primordial Heavenly Immortal, Jadelight the Unfettered. After I absorb all of them, it would be sufficient for my Grand Dao of Jade to attain the Perfection Realm and completely attain six times my combat strength!”


“The Wings of Disruption! I never imagined that a qi refiner like Chen Xi actually possessed such a shocking Divine Ability. Junior Brother Xia Yi, you were right, this kid really is a formidable figure that can’t be underestimated.” Within another abode, a young man with a robust figure and boorish appearance expressed his wonder. “There’re only over 20 Seed Disciples on our Divine Radiance Peak that’re on the path of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement. If Chen Xi’s body refinement cultivation is similarly formidable to his qi refinement cultivation, then it would be sufficient for him to be ranked in the top five amongst these 20 plus people.”

His forehead was wide and bones were thick. Even though he sat cross-legged on the ground, he emanated an aura that was like a dragon coiled up there, and he was like a marquis that had expanded the territory of the Emperor and controlled the world, causing him to give others a strong oppressive feeling.

There were a few more Seed Disciples sitting cross-legged by this young man’s side, and all of them possessed extremely strong auras.

The number one Elite Disciple from the South Radiance Peak, Xia Yi, was shockingly amongst them. Just like Chen Xi, he’d already been ranked amongst the Seed Disciples now.

“Ranked in the top five amongst us body refiner Seed Disciples?” A Seed Disciple spoke with disbelief. “Senior Brother Ning Zhen, aren’t you slightly overestimating this person?”

“Yeah. This kid’s qi refinement cultivation is extraordinary indeed. But if you say his body refinement cultivation is so formidable as well, then wouldn’t it be too unbelievable?” The others spoke out successively as well.

The boorish young man called Ning Zhen said with a smile, “All of you should ask Junior Brother Xia Yi and you’ll know how terrifying this kid is.”

“Junior Brother Chen Xi is extremely formidable indeed. Even though his body refinement cultivation is only at the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm now, all the Divine Abilities he has mastered are rare ultimate techniques that have shocked the ages.” Xia Yi’s expression was cold as usual even when being stared at by everyone, and he went silent for a moment before he said slowly, “If it’s once his body refinement cultivation advances to the Nether Transformation Realm, then not to mention being ranked in the top five, he would even have the qualifications to challenge Senior Brother Chang Le who’s ranked first.”

Instantly, everyone present went silent as their hearts surged without end.

There was a total of 109 Seed Disciples on Divine Radiance Peak, and there were 20 plus body refiners amongst them. Most of them were from the South Radiance Peak.

Amongst these 20 plus body refiners, all those that were capable of being ranked in the top five were top figures amongst all the Seed Disciples on Divine Radiance Peak, and they possessed extraordinary strengths and brilliant accomplishments in battle.

For example, Ning Zhen before them was an existence that was ranked the third amongst the body refiner Seed Disciples, and his strength was utterly not inferior to Wang Zhonghuan, Yun Ye, and the other top figures.

As for ‘Senior Brother Chang Le’ that Xia Yi mentioned, he was a legendary figure that wasn’t just ranked the first amongst body refiner Seed Disciples, he was a famous existence amongst the 109 Seed Disciples in the entire Divine Radiance Peak as well.

Now, Xia Yi had actually said that when Chen Xi’s body refinement cultivation advanced to the Nether Transformation Realm, Chen Xi would have the qualification to challenge ‘Senior Brother Chang Le’, so how could they not be shocked?

Even Ning Zhen was shocked in his heart when he heard this. My appraisal of Chen Xi can already be considered to be extremely high, yet never had I imagined that Xia Yi’s appraisal would be even higher than mine!

“No matter what, this kid is already an existence that can’t be overlooked on Divine Radiance Peak. Unless there’s no other alternatives, the disciples of our South Radiance Peak shouldn’t make enemies of him in the future.” After pondering for a short moment, Ning Zhen spoke out abruptly. “Besides that, Junior Brother Xia Yi, you can go make contact with Chen Xi in secret. If you’re able to pull him over to our side, then it couldn’t be any better.”

Xia Yi was stunned, and then he nodded in the end.


Black Phoenix Spirit Vein.

This was one of the spirit veins with the highest quality on Divine Radiance Peak, and there was only a single abode here that was occupied by the female disciple of the North Radiance Peak, Luo Qianrong.

“Not bad, not bad. Chen Xi’s strength is really formidable to the point of exceeding my expectations.” Luo Qianrong wore a large dress while her disheveled jet black hair hung down loosely as she lay lazily on her bed like a lazy kitten, and her cherry lips were like flower petals that opened and closed. Her voice carried a trace of a unique magnetism that carried an unusual charm.

On the other side, An Wei sat quietly on a meditation cushion. Her waist was slim and slender, whereas her classical and gorgeous face carried a trace of surprise at this moment.

She’d seen the entire battle between Chen Xi and Wang Zhonghuan earlier, and she felt Chen Xi was even more unfathomable in her heart. She knew that even if it was her, it would probably be difficult to accomplish what Chen Xi had.

“Even I never imagined that this disciple Martial Uncle Liu brought back would actually be so monstrous. Since he entered the sect until now, he has carried out countless deeds that have shocked the sect.” An Wei’s red lips opened lightly as she said slowly, “I originally thought he would require the assistance of me and my younger sister after Martial Uncle Liu left in order to avoid being bullied and humiliated. But now it would seem like it was me who was thinking too much, and he’s already entirely capable of relying on his own strength to open up a world of his own.”

“This is a true genius that’s bestowed by the heavens. No matter where he goes, he’s able to create a legend of his own, lead an era, and shock the entire world.” Luo Qianrong’s clear eyes spun, and it was unknown what she’d thought of as she sighed endlessly with emotion in a light voice. “Chen Xi, Long Zhenbei, Yun Ye, Chang Le, Wang Zhonghuan… Haha, there’re many peerless figures amongst all of us Seed Disciples. But this is only in our Nine Radiance Sword Sect. If it’s in the entire Dark Reverie, then I wonder if they’ll be able to outshine and crush all others.”

“Perhaps the outcome will be known during the gathering of the immortal path that’s being held not too long from now. At that time, the top Seed Disciples of the 10 great immortal sects would participate, and the difference in strength would be absolutely clear.” An Wei’s eyes that were clear like a lake couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of yearning that couldn’t be restrained when she mentioned the gathering of the immortal path.

The gathering of the immortal path was a supreme gathering between the Seed Disciples of the 10 great immortal sects! Only the topmost Seed Disciples had the qualifications to participate.

This grand gathering represented the highest level competition in the entire Dark Reverie, and every time it was carried out, it would be the focus of the entire cultivation world of the Dark Reverie.

After all, it was held by the extraordinary powers like the 10 great immortal sects, whereas all the participants were top and peerless figures in the world, and they could be considered as top-notch figures amongst their peers.

In the past years, practically all those kings, sages, almighty figures, and wise men that shocked the three dimensions had participated in this grand gathering that had been continuing until now for countless years.

It could be said that so long as those figures who were able to participate in this grand gathering of the immortal path didn’t die prematurely, they would sooner or later mature into a great figure that shook the world!

“Exactly, only by participating in the gathering of the immortal path will we be able to know the extent of our ability.” Luo Qianrong sat up on her bed and tilted her head, and she seemed to be lost in thought. “But Junior Sister An Wei, if you want to participate in it, then your current strength is far insufficient.”

An Wei nodded, and then she said with a frank expression. “I feel the same way as you do. So I intend to leave the sect and go gain tempering and experience, and I’ll strive to improve my strength before the gathering.”

Luo Qianrong suddenly started laughing, and she seemed to have thought of something and said, “I know of a good place to go. Numerous disciples of the Immortal Sects have already rushed over. Do you want to participate in it as well and gain tempering?”


“The area of tundra in the extreme west, the Dark Parasol’s Abyss.” Luo Qianrong’s gaze burned as she spoke word by word.

“The Dark Parasol’s Abyss?” An Wei was slightly stunned, and then a wisp of shock couldn’t help but suffuse her beautiful face. “After almost 10,000 years, that place has actually opened up once again?”

Luo Qianrong nodded and said, “Exactly. I just obtained the news as well. If you want to go, then it’s best that you go with Chen Xi. He possesses the supreme Divine Ability that shocked the ages, the Eye of Divine Truth, and he’s able to see through reality and pry into boundless profundities. If you go with him, then perhaps you’ll be able to find the legendary…”

“Alright, I’ll do just that. I’ll go discuss this matter with Chen Xi right now.” Before Luo Qianrong could finish speaking, An Wei had already stood up, and she walked out decisively and without the slightest hesitation.

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