Chapter 424: Enemies

Acquiring the godworm caused Yang Qi’s energy arts to improve and his soul enlightenment of the Epic Saga Step to grow more profound, placing him on the verge of Demi-Immortal enlightenment.

He was also able to start gaining enlightenment of the mysterious aspects of godworm genes.  The way the legion of gods viewed space was a source of profound help to Yang Qi’s God Legion Paradise, Angel Wings, Devil-God Seal, and even his Fist of the Halls of Heaven and Hand of the One God.

Henceforth, all of his skills and abilities could benefit from the godly laws of space.

Just like the immortals of old, he would be able to bypass space to attack his enemies. Only a profound understanding of the godly laws of space could enable someone to treat them like toys to be manipulated at will.

Such godly laws were extremely profound, to the point where even immortals would have trouble mastering them. That was not to mention how such laws in the mortal world were weak, whereas in the immortal world, they were stronger. Some...

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