Chapter 1591: Complete Fateless One

Yang Qi had taken the initiative, attacking the Demonfolk Empire and snatching up Yang Voidprime. Then he combined the Sage Monarch Empire with the Invincible Dynasty, thereby creating a new world populated entirely by sages and mahātmās. Not only that, the new world had two half-Annulled experts protecting it.

No one could possibly crush his empire now.

Now there was no need to keep the place sealed up and hidden from the eyes of the public. He had opened up, and all heaven and earth now trembled in the face of his empire.

His empire held a long sword in its hand, ready to slash apart the sky.

His empire wore iron boots, ready to trample all the lands.

His empire was a warship, ready to sail and conquer all the oceans.

Where Yang Qi’s empire existed, no one could block his path. It was his empire, a place devoted to the people, a place that surpassed the ordinary, a place in which the populace caused destiny to surge.

And what in existence could possibly stop his empire...

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