MW Chapter 2190

Chapter 2190 – Double True Divinities

When a martial artist broke into the realm of True Divinity, the powerful Laws within their bodies would manifest one after another.

The Supreme phantom behind Lin Ming had already half-fused with his mortal body. It sat atop a seven-leaf red lotus, a giant Asura Wheel spinning above its head.

At this moment, the seven revolution red lotus was like the earth and the Asura Wheel was like the heavens.

And between the heavens and earth, the Heretical God Tree that Lin Ming cultivated as well as the fused martial intent Bodhi Tree began to appear. Between these divine trees, True Dragons and True Phoenixes danced in the air; this was the dragon and phoenix blood within Lin Ming’s body!

Divine chains of order also began condensing in the void. These divine chains of order wrapped around the trees like wreaths of gemmed necklaces.

At this moment, the various Laws that Lin Ming refined were appearing and slowly integrating into the divine chains of order.

This was a...

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