Chapter 158 - Thunder Valley

Chapter 158 Thunder Valley.


Chapter 158 – Thunder Valley

“This doesn’t matter; I do not need you to kill him. I only need a favor from you; I have already sent for someone to kill him. If this is successful, then I will have my uncle speak a few good words to your master so that he’ll pass on some cultivation methods to you.”

In the Seven Profound Valleys, a deputy house master was considered a disciple of relatively low status and thus was less valued. This was the reason Ouyang Dihua had used his uncle as a lure.

Bi Luo cheerfully said, “Haha, then I will first apologize to Junior Apprentice Brother. But why did you ask someone to assassinate Lin Ming? Can you not do it yourself?”

Ouyang Dihua said, “Killing Lin Ming isn’t a trivial matter. Even if I have my uncle supporting me and I do not leave any evidence that could be used against me, it’s still better to not be public and arouse suspicious. When I send someone to kill Lin Ming, I’ll attend some banquets and stay out of sight. As long as the matter is cleanly executed, no one will dare to question me.”

Bi Luo licked his lips, “Who did you prepare to go? If their strength is too weak, it will just be like meat dumplings attacking a dog; once they go they won’t return.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve already asked a nearby senior apprentice brother in the Sky Fortune Kingdom. He used to be in the Refiner Faction, but he violated the sect rules...

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