Chapter 115 - The Price of their Sins #2

Chapter 115 - The Price of their Sins #2

The warden was drinking coffee in his office with a relaxed look.

“...In this situation, I should be a calm commander.”

The warden drank his cold coffee with trembling hands. Although there was some small problems, this was still a prison. In order to access different areas, the prisoners needed to go through serious security.

Currently, the prisoners were occupying the cafeteria. Soon, there would be a strike to suppress them. He muttered like he was trying to reassure someone.

“There is no problem... Just a little trouble. The opponents at best only have a few kitchen knives... If a properly armed squad moves then all of them can be put in solitary confinement.”

Then he looked at the phone on the table. A phone number was showing on it. If he pressed the call button now, then he could ask for support. However, it was something that he absolutely couldn’t do. He could lose everything that he had done in the meantime.


The warden unknowingly sighed. He drank what was left of the coffee and leaned back in his chair.

It was time for his subordinates to report.


At that time, someone opened the door and came rushing in.


The deputy took deep breaths to recover from his run.

“Yes. Have you finished assembling the squad?”

"T-That isn’t the problem right now!”

“What? What other problem has occurred?”

The deputy paused like he was afraid of the warden’s reprimand before speaking.

"The prisoners have occupied another area.”

“What?! No, how is that possible...? This is a prison. They have to go through a lot of security to get to another area! How are those bastards...?”

Depending on the security level, all access to other areas were strictly controlled in Blue Dragon Prison. Even the guards who managed the prisoners weren’t allowed to freely enter unauthorized areas. Now the prisoners had managed to pass through into another area? It didn’t make sense.

“...It has been confirmed that the prisoners have escaped from the dining room and have occupied other areas. Maybe an excellent hacker is among them...”

"Is that a joke? Hacker? Are we filming a 007 movie?”

“...I’m sorry.”

The security of Blue Dragon Prison consisted of an access card, iris recognition and password. Even if one was leaked, it was impossible to go to another area because they didn’t have the remaining two. But what was this?

The warden rubbed between his brows and suppressed his boiling anger. It had already happened. If he found that it was due to a mistake by a guard then he would severely penalize them later. The most urgent thing was to solve the problem in front of him.

"Yes, I understand. So where are the prisoners now?”


The warden’s chest tightened as he saw the deputy’s face turn darker.

"I won’t be angry at the answer.”

"That, r-right now, warehouse two...”

“F-Fuck! What?"

The warden flipped out within five seconds.

He banged his desk with his fist and shouted,

“...The warehouse was robbed?!”

It truly didn’t make sense. Warehouse Two contained things that the inmates absolutely couldn’t touch. The security level was much higher than anywhere else.

The deputy gulped. Then the words that the warden didn’t want to hear emerged from his mouth.

"Yes, the prisoners have armed themselves with weapons from there. Around 30 people are involved... That is almost identical to the number of guards.”


Originally, the warden would’ve tried to compromise to some degree. If two groups with a similar power engaged in a war, then damages would occur.

But the warden decided not to compromise. His eyes were bloodshot and filled with madness.

“...Deputy. I just came up with a good operation. Stop all ventilation in the prison right now and fill it up with tear gas. It is best to light a fire at the entrance to catch the raccoon hiding in a cave. How is it, my operation?’


“What You don't like it? Then tell me if you have a better idea!”

"I’m sorry, but all the tear gas was kept in Warehouse Two.”


In other words, the tear gas was in the hands of the prisoners.

"In the end, we have the disadvantage in firepower.”


The deputy nodded without saying anything.

The warden sighed. If the situation was this bad, he should ask for support from the outside, even if it meant revealing his guilt.

However, he couldn’t do that. These drugs needed to be delivered to the Triads in China. If this failed...


In the end, the warden made a choice that should never have been made.


Park Joon-shik returned to the control room while twirling the bloody scissors around his fingers.

"Hyung-nim, I’ve completed what you ordered safely.”

“...Um. You went through a lot of trouble. It took longer than I thought.”

"Ahaha~ I wanted it to be certain.”

Park Joon-shik handed over some notes. Shin Chang-ho skimmed through it.

“Um. The identity of the victims and the killing method. Even the place where the bodies were disposed... it is all here. Well done.”

"Thank you. There were 14 people so it was hard to write it all down.”

"14 people... I knew he was crazy, but this is a little much.”

Shin Chang-ho smacked his lips together.

Park Joon-shik had written down the memoir of a serial killer. He didn’t know why Cigarette Seller wanted this but he was very interested. Shin Chang-ho licked his lips and moved his gaze to the notebook.

"Let’s see who the poor people were. The first victim was the daughter of his boarding house owner who he had a grudge against. And...”


All of a sudden the door, the door of the warehouse opened and an agitated person ran in. Shin Chang-ho put the notebook away in a drawer. Although he was curious about the contents, that wasn’t important right now. He waited for the report of this subordinate as calmly as possible.

“Hyung-nim! There is a problem!”


"I think the warden has gone crazy. He is preparing for an all-out war.”

“Hah... Crazy... Does he want to die together? It is the worst choice.”

Shin Chang-ho had been a prisoner here for a few years. In addition, there were those who were well-versed in the environment of Blue Dragon Prison.

"Right now, there are only 30 guards on duty... We have an advantage just looking at power. Moreover, there is the information that the Cigarette Seller passed on.”

The prisoners didn’t lack anything compared to the guards.

Shouldn’t the warden be preparing for negotiations rather than war? It was like pouring oil on a fire.

“...After one or two armed conflicts, the war will return to a lull again. Then the situation will be on our side...”

At that moment, his subordinate interrupted him.

“That isn’t all. The warden has brought the Chinese inmates to his side. There are at least 60 of them!”

“Fuck! He must be crazy!”

Shin Chang-ho’s eyes widened.

He tried to stay as calm as possible, but he couldn’t do that. The warden was making a gamble. The prisoners had robbed a warehouse so now he was arming prisoners to fight on his behalf? There would be massive repercussions if this leaked out.

Shin Chang-ho’s hands trembled. Even if the armed forces were the same, there was a difference in power due to the participation of the Chinese people. Even Yi Sun-sin, who led a legendary victory in the Japanese invasion, wouldn’t be able to win.


"Yes, I saw it with my own eyes.”


Shin Chang-ho’s brain moved quickly. There was no time to hesitate. No matter who won, both the prisoners and guards would be left with huge wounds.

“...Should I bring in other prisoners?”

Apart from the prisoners who followed Shin Chang-ho, a massive number of criminals were imprisoned in Blue Dragon Prison. If he joined hands with them to fight the Chinese inmates...

“...No. There are no benefits we can give them to fight with us. Damn. Is this the end? I’m guessing there will be at least three years added...”

Time passed by without a solution. Then a prisoner standing outside screamed.

"There is a group of armed prisoners on the drill grounds! It seems like this area is their goal!”

Shin Chang-ho muttered with a desperate expression.

"The guards and prisoners are holding hands so it is impossible to cope with out power alone... Hah! We can’t even fight properly...”

The prison war created by the sausage seemed to end with the defeat of the prisoners. However, just like in any war, there was always a reversal.

"Well, should I prevent that guy from entering here?”

“Cigarette Seller?”

He appeared in front of Shin Chang-ho after completely disappearing. Tae-hyuk smiled and pulled out a cigarette from his pocket.

"If you tell me an interesting story, then I will sell it. Oh, the fire will be a bonus along with the cigarette.”


Shin Chang-ho gulped and looked at Tae-hyuk. His words didn’t make sense.

"For reference, don’t use anything like a lighter. If you’re a man then you should use this.”

Tae-hyuk indicated to the large plastic case next to him. Inside there were several cans, electrical wires and plastic bags with liquid.

“What is this?”

“What, this? A bomb.”


"Wind up this wristwatch and the bomb will explode after 30 seconds. Turning it off is impossible, so please avoid doing so unless you’re absolutely sure.”

"What is the blast force?”

"I don’t know exactly, but it can blow away this area.”

Shin Chang-ho gulped and looked at Tae-hyuk. It was a bomb that would deal considerable damage. He couldn’t miss even the smallest of information.

"The allied forces will start soon. The installation of the bomb shouldn’t be too late.”

"...Then I will ask you one last thing. Is this safe?”

"Let's see?”

If they installed the bomb incorrectly, then they would die. The prisoners standing nearby gulped as they heard the conversation between the two. Of course, if they were ordered to install the bomb then they would do so. However, they didn’t want to do it.

Shin Chang-ho opened his mouth like he read the atmosphere.

"You guys. I'm sorry but I don’t want to concede such a wonderful role. I will install the bomb.”



Tae-hyuk ignored the people filming a noir movie in real-time and quietly escaped. Shin Chang-ho would use the bomb to buy time. Meanwhile, he had other work to do.

“...I’m so busy that there should be two of me.”

Tae-hyuk used Spying to confirm that no one was nearby before using Disguise. If he looked in the mirror, then he would be the perfect image of the warden. It was simple to change the clothes he was wearing using Counterfeit.

"I'm sorry, but I really don’t care which side wins. I just wanted the warden to come out of his cage.”

Upon arriving at the room, the deputy greeted him in a loud voice.

“W-Warden-nim! Didn’t you leave? Why are you suddenly...?”

"I forgot something.”

“Ah, is that so? Then keep up the good work!”

Tae-hyuk nodded and went inside. There was a phone on the table.

"Hoh, the warden must’ve had a lot of thoughts. Is that the number?”

Tae-hyuk's purpose.

He was going to shatter the Blue Dragon Prison itself.

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