Book 2 Chapter 8.2

Book 2 Chapter 8.2 - Scorpions of the Night

Two hours later, more than ten experienced soldiers proceeded through the boundless darkness towards the distant position that they had scheduled in advance. They were all excellent shooters, and their strong points were best displayed in this hilly terrain. Every soldier had their own battlefield communication system, allowing them to exchange information with those in the back. 

Su stood on the peak and watched as the soldiers disappeared one after another into the darkness. He began to feel a slight uneasiness, as if he was watching the soldiers gradually walk towards the underworld. Moreover, Su seemed to smell the scent of blood from the night wind that blew against his face. 

Su was actually quite clear on the fact that he didn’t notice any abnormal signs. The night wind was extremely cold, bringing with it the chilliness that was often present in the wilderness,...

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