Book 2 Chapter 11.3

Book 2 Chapter 11.3 - Disappointment

Li’s voice became lower and lower before finally becoming the murmuring of sleep. She had already fallen asleep. This girl who possessed exceptional talents in the Combat Domain slept quite deeply without any vigilance. This wasn’t something that those of the wilderness did at all, for every single person in the wilderness was extremely alert even when sleeping. Instances of those leaving their lives while asleep played out every day. 

Su raised the blanket and used it to properly cover Li. He himself got up from the bed and stretched out his body. The venting this time was quite thorough. Not only was his lust dealt with, quite a bit of his blood-thirstiness and slaughtering intent disappeared. 

However, just when Su was prepared to put on his clothes, a coldness suddenly swept through his heart. He almost instinctively turned around to stare at the door!

The bedroom door was opened, and it led directly to the outside living room. Unknowingly when, a black haze began to fill the living room, and the haze did not scatter. It slowly moved about, carrying with it a bone-piercing chilliness and strange feeling. Within the dark haze calmly stood a single figure. The sinister armor could not hide her body’s gracefulness. Her face was completely hidden within the dark haze, making it almost impossible to see clearly. He could only see the long, dark gray hair that continuously fluttered about in the haze. 

The room immediately cooled down, making it feel as if it was icy cold. No matter what type of heating system was used, it wouldn’t get rid of this type of coldness. Even the sleeping Li could feel this bone-piercing chilliness and subconsciously tightened the blanket around her. 

Su opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say anything. He never thought that she would show up here at this time. 

The bedroom was extremely messy, and ripped clothes laid everywhere. The bright and clean shoulder Li revealed already explained that what rested beneath was definitely a completely naked body. Su was also standing next to the bed without a stitch of clothing on him, so what happened in this room was easy to see. 

“You…” As soon as he took a step towards her, he couldn’t help but retreat to his original spot with lightning speed. With a wave of her hand, several streaks of haze shot over like needles with a speed that was several times faster than Su’s reaction. When Su had just started to move backwards, the haze had already appeared in front of his body! When the hazy needles made contact with Su’s skin, they suddenly moved around Su and shot towards several corners in the room!

Light explosive sounds continuously sounded within the bedroom. The corners of the room, wardrobe, air vents, and even the chandelier exploded after being struck by the haze. Dust and fragments flew about everywhere!

Su’s skin tightened, immediately becoming incredibly sturdy and sending the fragments that landed on his body bouncing outwards. When the ashes and smoke scattered and Su looked into the living room, he noticed that the dark haze that previously filled the living room had unknowingly scattered, and she had also disappeared without a trace. The apartment building’s door lock was perfectly undamaged; he didn’t know how she came, nor did he know how she left. 

Su lowered his head and saw a few inconspicuous pieces of metal and glass within the floor of dust. He lowered his body and picked up a few broken components. Even though they were extremely small, Su, who completed Black Dragonriders’ basic course could see that these belonged to some advanced video installations. Only, they were now completely destroyed. 

Su raised his heads and swept his eyes through the broken holes in his bedroom. Within the depths of his pupil, there was a hint of cold radiance. Could it be that his touching struggle of the flesh with Li was completely seen by someone? This wasn’t that big of a deal, however. The most troublesome part was that those with ill intentions had already reached their hands into Su’s apartment building. 

Within the Black Dragonrider’s regulations, they had always declared that a dragonrider’s home was the Black Dragonrider’s property, and that violating a dragonrider’s dwelling place was equivalent to violating headquarters. That was why Su originally thought that his home would definitely be safe, but he never expected that someone would actually install so many hidden cameras! Of course, those that could install these types of things inside of a Black Dragonrider’s home were definitely not simple, so Su was not naive enough to wait for headquarters to settle things with these people. As long as Su found the people who had ill intentions towards him, he would use his own way of getting even. 

The ruined recording devices seemed quite advanced and weren’t things normal people could get their hands on. The more advanced the devices were, the easier it was to trace their origins. Meanwhile, Helen was undoubtedly someone that could be depended on. 

However, why did she come here?

The moment she left the room, Su could vaguely sense her anger, helplessness, and deep disappointment. At that moment, it was as if her heart had become empty. 

Su didn’t know why he could sense what she was feeling, nor did he understand why she had this type of reaction.

Since their separation at Yorktown, seven years had already passed. Seven years of time already turned the little girl from the past into a young lady. That armor covered body was already approaching Su’s height. Even though he wasn’t able to see her face during their last several encounters, Su believed that the little girl from back then was definitely a stunning beauty.

She was his pride, and she had always been. 

Perhaps his daughter already grown up? Su’s heart was lightly trembling.

Even now, Su didn’t know where she was or what she was doing. The current Su was still far from being able to protect or take care of her, and that was why he spent all of his efforts on battles and increasing his abilities. In addition, the battles happened continuously, and Su had no choice in the matter. Perhaps she already had a new name and forgot or abandoned her original name. Back then, Su didn’t know this girl’s origins, nor were there any commemorating objects on her, so he gave her the name Madeline. 

At this moment, Li was finally awoken by this series of changes from her sleep. When she opened her blurry eyes and saw the ruined scenery, she felt as if she returned to the home she lived in as a child. Li was immediately shocked! She was still muddle-headed, but fortunately, she saw Su afterwards, which immediately calmed her down. 

“What happened?” Li asked. 

“Nothing much. Someone set up some things that shouldn’t be here, and I just took them down.” Su straightened his body. He placed the damaged parts onto the table and wrapped them up with a piece of paper. 

“Did you have to be so excessive while doing so?” Li looked around the bedroom, and then in a somewhat disbelieving tone, she said, “What did they set up? Bombs? Who would put stuff in your room? Aren’t you a Black Dragonrider?”

Su looked at Li, and with a smile, he said, “Inside the Black Dragonriders, I am but an insignificant nobody.”

“As long as we are given time, we will become great people. Older sis Helen said that most dragonriders are merely working to make a living and aren’t much. She said that if I wanted to, I could become a Black Dragonrider too,” Li said. 

“Oh?” Su was a surprised, but from what he saw, Li’s current potential truly did reach the Black Dragonrider standard, at least at the level of private first class. If Li wanted to become one, as long as there was an officer that vouched for her, it would be enough. Someone like this wasn’t hard to find. Even if Persephone didn’t personally show up, he could still find someone else, for example, someone like Ricardo. 

“Then do you want to become a Black Dragonrider? If you want to, I can think of a way. It shouldn’t be much of a problem.” Su gave a rather serious reply. Of course, he wanted Li to continue being his subordinate. Her knowledge and ability in battle and military affairs were much needed. However, if Li was willing, Su was still willing to provide her with more promising prospects. Each dragonrider was different, and Persephone’s subordinates might not necessarily be weaker than any officer.

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