Book 2 Chapter 11.3

Book 2 Chapter 11.3 - Disappointment

Li’s voice became lower and lower before finally becoming the murmuring of sleep. She had already fallen asleep. This girl who possessed exceptional talents in the Combat Domain slept quite deeply without any vigilance. This wasn’t something that those of the wilderness did at all, for every single person in the wilderness was extremely alert even when sleeping. Instances of those leaving their lives while asleep played out every day. 

Su raised the blanket and used it to properly cover Li. He himself got up from the bed and stretched out his body. The venting this time was quite thorough. Not only was his lust dealt with, quite a bit of his blood-thirstiness and slaughtering intent disappeared. 

However, just when Su was prepared to put on his clothes, a coldness suddenly swept through his heart. He almost...

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