Book 2 Chapter 1.3

Book 2 Chapter 1.3 - Foreigners

Su who was swiftly moving along the top of the mountain slightly straightened his body, and this was the scene he saw. He frowned slightly. It seemed like regardless of whether it was the missiles or ordinary artillery shells that the Blue Scorpion side released, the ammunition all possessed life detecting capabilities. Otherwise, it would be impossible to rain down the smart sensor explosives above the heads of the Roxland soldiers. 

Su leaned down his body and began to borrow the cover of the mountain with even more vigilance. The Barrett gunshot that sounded just now strengthened Su’s confidence even more. Su remembered before leaving Pendulum City that there shouldn’t be anyone that used an old-fashioned Barrett. They were more fond of using the new era’s RF series sniper rifles.

On the back of a mountain, Li threw herself into a shallow cave like a broken sack. Li Gaolei seemed to almost stick to Li as he entered as well, but after adjusting his weight around his heel, he spun around and entered the cave in reverse. Li’s body suddenly sprung up, using her arm to stop Li Gaolei’s back and help him come to a stable stop. 

Li Gaolei carried a rapid-firing pistol in each hand. His body leaned backwards, completely leaning into Li’s hand. Both hands pointed forward, and then a continuous stream of bullets was released!

The mouth of the cave continuously lit up, and the intelligent sensor anti-infantry bullets were all blasted apart in midair! Even though there were ten meters from the cave entrance and the two individuals, the explosion still sent quite a few fragments onto Li Gaolei’s body. He seemed completely unaffected, his pair of strong arms was as steady as boulders as it continuously fired. Only when there were no signs of the tracking mines left did he lower his guns. 

Li Gaolei tossed aside the thick, heavy, and filthy leather clothes. When he looked at the ten or so holes that had black blood flowing out from them, his lips cracked a grin, and as if he didn’t seem to mind at all, he said, “These little things seem to be quite poisonous.”

Li pulled the zipper on the skintight combat clothes. Apart from cloth strips that were used to tighten her chest, there wasn’t anything else superfluous. She removed a ten centimeter long tapered blade without any edges and placed it into Li Gaolei’s hand, then said, “Stand over here.”

Li Gaolei immediately put away the pistols. Standing in front of Li, he smiled and said, “Do it quickly, you don’t have to worry about my pain.”

“Who do you think you are?” Li spoke while scooping out a metal piece in almost a rough manner. 

When she made the cut, even though Li Gaolei had long made his preparations, he still sucked in a cold breath from the pain. He couldn’t help but cry out, “You really are fucking fierce… Oh! Wait, hold on… Aiyou!...

Li seemed to not have heard Li Gaolei’s miserable screaming as the blade in her hand danced about and gouged out pieces of shrapnel one after another. However, upon closer inspection, the blade was actually moving quite skillfully. The cuts seemed to be quite large on the outside, but the incisions were all made on muscle fibers, avoiding the main veins and nerves. This was why even though it looked like Li Gaolei lost quite a bit of blood, with his physique, he would be fine after two days or so. 

“Take off your pants. Or do you need me to help you?” Li straightened her body and coldly spoke. Sweat continuously poured down from her forehead, causing her short maroon hair to stick to her forehead. 

After hesitating for a moment, Li Gaolei still took off the thick leather pants, revealing the large, brightly-colored beach shorts. Two thick and hairy legs matched the shorts quite well. The center of the shorts was raised high upwards. It was majestic, thick, and solid like a strategic highland waiting for enemies to fight over. 

Flashes of light flickered past Li’s eyes, and the handless blade fiercely sliced towards the highest point in the shorts, scaring Li Gaolei out of his mind. He cried on in alarm, “What are you trying to… ah!

He released a shocking miserable scream, and his entire body leaped upwards. His head smashed into the roof the cave, and then he fell down face first. Even though he hit his head so hard he was feeling dizzy, he still held his lower body while staggering backwards a few times. Only when his back slammed heavily into the end of the cave did he have no choice but to stop. 

Li stood there while revealing a fiendish smile. The edge of the blade had a piece of shrapnel spinning on it. 

Only now did Li Gaolei loosen his arms and lower his head to look at the injury. He saw another bloody hole appear in his thigh that was currently bleeding, dying a large part of the beach shorts red. After all, there was still a pair of beach shorts separating Li and himself, so the wound became a bit bigger. However, the vital part was not injured, which allowed Li Gaolei to release a breath of relief. Only, after being scared like this, the original high point was now low-lying. 

“Stand over here!” Li said. 

Li Gaolei walked over to Li in a somewhat unwilling manner. His two shaggy and dark thighs began to shake a bit unnaturally. He was a brave person, but the scare he was given just now was something that not even a manly man could endure. 

Li tore off his beach shorts with a single motion and sent her blade flying. In two minutes, she extracted over ten pieces of shrapnel from Li Gaolei’s legs and underbelly. These anti-infantry landmine shrapnel pieces contained deadly radiation, so they definitely couldn’t be allowed to be left inside the body for a long time. Even if they were ability users, they still couldn’t try to defend against it while it was inside their bodies. Li extracted a staunching spray from the knapsack behind her and sprayed it over Li Gaolei’s wounds, thus concluding the temporary treatment. Even though she wasn’t an expert at medicine or surgery, Li, who was adept at the Combat Domain was an expert at using a knife. From a certain point of view, surgery and assassination contained universal skills. 

“I’m done. You should feel fortunate. You were that close to no longer being a man!” Li stood up, her face covered in quite a bit more sweat. Her forehead and nose were both dripping with sweat, and her face seemed to have some unnatural paleness. 

She tossed the blade to Li Gaolei and removed her jacket, exposing her rather powerful back towards Li Gaolei. “There are three pieces on my back. Help me dig them out.”

On her tan-colored skin, there were three small but deep holes. The wound had already swelled a long time ago, stopping the clogged up blood from flowing out. When Li Gaolei thought about how long it had been since she was struck, his smiling expression disappeared and he began to use the blade. His ability primarily rested in weapon control, so his hands were rather agile. As such, in just a minute, he extracted the three pieces of shrapnel from Li’s back and then briefly cleaned up her wounds. 

Li didn’t make a single groan during the entire process. Even though not much time had passed, she was now sweating like crazy. In addition, a streak of blood flowed from her forehead. She immediately wiped the streak of blood away and said ‘I’m fine’, her voice was somewhat weak.  

Li put on her clothes again. She opened a portable tactical computer, and the screen displayed the current region’s terrain. The dots representing Roxland soldiers continuously flickered, indicating that they were continuously moving about. On top of the screen was a glaring red cross, indicating Blue Scorpion’s route of advance. Meanwhile, Li and Li Gaolei’s current position just so happened to be in front of Blue Scorpion’s advancing path.

Li pressed a few times on the screen, drawing out a change of route for the soldiers as well as giving short-term orders, ascertaining their appointed destination and position of attack.

At this time, the a faintly discernible rumbling sound could be heard outside the cave, as if thunder continuously rumbled. A group of dots flickered a few times on the screen before disappearing. A hint of sadness and fury flew past Li’s eyes. She suddenly cursed, “Damn it! Where did these bastards come from?!”

“I don’t know, but I can guarantee that these fellows have nothing to do with the Black Dragonriders. Fuck, their equipment is a bit too good, basically about the same the level as the Black Dragonriders!” As Li Gaolei spoke, he opened a black nylon back. He brought out more than ten firearms of varying appearances from within. He first selected two pistols with greater firepower and inserted them into his back, then he hung a mini submachine gun under his armpit. He brought out two hand grenades and tossed one to Li. In a rather meaningful tone, he said, “Take it! However, I hope we won’t have to use them.”

Li accepted the grenade and silently placed it into her pants pocket. She knew what Li Gaolei meant. If they were defeated and taken prisoner, this grenade was a weapon to bring about mutual destruction. With Li’s good looks, if she was taken captive, extremely unpleasant things would happen, and she wasn’t the type of person to be willing to do anything to survive. 

Li’s preparations were different from Li Gaolei. She continuously made more than ten movements, stretching her body and limbs. A twenty centimeter long wide saw-tooth military blade continuously danced about between her fingers. 

Seeing that Li Gaolei finished his preparations, Li carefully stored the military blade. Then, she placed a combat rain tarp onto the ground and laid down on top of it while carrying a rough Barrett. 

Li Gaolei gave her a look, and with a frown, he said, “It’s going to be a chaotic fight later, so carrying that fellow around won’t help you. Are you going to use it like a metal rod?”

Li was stumped for words. She obviously knew that carrying a sniper rifle close to her during a chaotic fight wouldn’t provide any use, but she was somewhat unwilling to let this Barrett go. 

“Take this, I brought it for you. This fellow should suit your tastes, and it’s powerful enough as well. Remember to fire at those fellows’ brains. Even if you can’t blast through their tortoise shells, you can still knock them unconscious. This fellow has five bullets, which should be enough.” What Li Gaolei tossed towards Li was a five round Magnum. 

Li’s expression was a bit complicated. When she received the Magnum, she silently tossed the Barrett to the side. Then, she laid down on the rain tarp and tightly wrapped it around herself. 

Li Gaolei tossed the firearms that weren’t going to be used into a corner in the cave. He then laid down a rain tarp next to Li as well, lying down and wrapping it around himself. 

The two individuals slowed down their breathing and reduced their bodies’ activity. They slowly entered a quiet state that was similar to hibernation. 

The cave softly trembled as the tank crawled up this hill. Outside the cave, the intense sound of gunshots and explosions rang out, and several miserable cries before death could be heard from the distance. From the source of the sound, it seemed like most of these miserable cries belonged to Roxland soldiers. Blue Scorpion’s men only released a single cry of pain. The trembling of the cave became more and more violent. It seemed like the second tank also began its ascent, and the first one had already reached the halfway point. 

Li suddenly said softly, “Soon, we are going to rush in the middle of them to fight to the death. We might have to use those two grenades. Are you scared?”

Li Gaolei chuckled a few times and said, “Who isn’t scared of dying? I’m naturally no exception. However, since you have the guts to fight to the end, then I can only follow along.”

Li sank into a momentary silence. With a sigh, she then said, “It seems like I’m always dragging you into trouble.”

“I’m used to it already.” Li Gaolei said without thinking. He then felt as if his words were a bit off and hurriedly added, “However, if we get rid of these fellows, we can take all of their equipment. Those are some good stuff! Not only can we use it ourselves, we can sell it to the Black Dragonriders. Hehe, we made it big. No matter what, we should be able to exchange it for at least two fifth level abilities, right? One each! However, we have to make something clear first. This time, I’m going to take my pick of the two first!”

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