Chapter 96 - Chapter 15: Sign #2

Chapter 96 - Chapter 15: Sign #2

In-gong moved to the hall at the entrance to the small temple and brought the group together.

The three children of the demon King, Caitlin, Felicia and Silvan, as well as Seira, Delia, Daphne, Carack and In-gong combined to make up eight people.

“Shutra— I smell something different coming from Shutra.”

When everyone had gathered together, Caitlin suddenly sniffed the air. She closed her eyes to focus on the smell and her nose neared In-gong’s shoulder.

Felicia, who was standing to the right of In-gong, laughed at Caitlin.

"Caitlin, that nose... is it a dog’s nose?”

It was slightly rude, but Caitlin was a werewolf lycanthrope.

In fact, lycanthropes generally had a good sense of smell.

As Caitlin continued to smell him, Felicia also seemed to be interested and moved her face closer to In-gong’s shoulder.

“Hrmm? It smells good. It’s like a fruity smell. Is it a gandharva?”

The gandharva were a species excellent in dancing and singing, so they smelled sweet generally. Just as Caitlin was a mixed werewolf, In-gong was also a mixed gandharva. So, it was natural for him to show the characteristics of a gandharva.

In-gong made a strange expression and tried to maintain a steady posture as the two beautiful females continued to smell him.

Silvan looked at him with envy and poked Felicia’s back.

"Felicia, doesn’t Oppa smell good as well?”

"It is too much. Sprinkle less perfume.”

Felicia replied without looking back and Silvan crumbled. She then continued speaking without even moving her head,

"Caitlin seems to be correct? I feel like I smell something different than usual as well.”

Her voice was filled with confidence. Just then, a new voice was heard from behind In-gong.

"Didn’t I erase it?”

It was Green Wind. She took a solid form and rubbed against In-gong.

“Green Wind? Erase what?”

After hearing Felicia’s question, Caitlin stopped sniffing him as well and lifted her head.

On the other hand, Carack interrupted them just as In-gong felt the mood turn strange again.

"Wake up, Prince.”

Carack laughed as he raised the fallen Silvan with his big hands.

"I am Prince’s aide. I can’t afford to let Prince look like that.”

Carack glanced at In-gong who was situated between the two beauties and nodded.

In-gong shouted loudly and organized the situation,

"Well, let’s prepare to start heading towards Sun Lake now. As I said earlier, the first reason is to gather materials for Amita to use. The second reason, everybody should know it already?”

Green Wind stepped back upon In-gong’s order and Caitlin and Felicia also increased the distance.

Fortunately, Felicia followed In-gong’s change in topic.

“It is good. Weren’t there materials in the archive room of Thunderdoom Fortress? In the first place, I had already reported that I was going to make a survey map of Sun Lake.”

She couldn’t make a false report to the Demon King’s Palace, so it was good that they would be able to solve the problem.

"The ruins under the lake... I am really looking forward to it.”

Caitlin had a dreamy expression on her face.

Carack asked,

"But what about Karma? She will come back with assistance in a few days. Is it okay to leave the response to the raccoon?”

Two people had gone to call for support. They had already contacted Robin with no problem using the telecommunication machine on Silvan’s flying ship. However, Karma was already moving to Spider Forest with the rangers, so it was a problem.

He knew her feet were very fast, but she had actually come back in three days. It seemed like she had worked very hard.

They needed someone to stay behind and explain the situation to Karma and the lycanthrope rangers.

It would be fortunate if Amita could fulfill that role, but like Carack said, there were some doubts.

"It is a little too much."

Felicia came to a conclusion and glanced at Silvan.

"Silvan, can you leave a few crew members behind? We need to tell our party the situation as well as protect Spider Forest.”

"Hmm, the hardest thing to prevent is a sudden raid after everything is over. I will leave a squad behind with Sepira.”

Silvan struck his chest with his fist and struck a pose after talking. Then Carack opened his mouth,

"Is Sepira the deputy captain? The woman with purple hair?”

"Yes, she is Oppa’s aide. By the way, you’ve only seen her once and yet you remembered her?”

Seira’s, Delia’s and Daphne’s eyes sharpened at Felicia’s question.

Carack answered with an unconcerned look,

"Personnel identification is essential. It is important to remember any new faces. Doesn’t it increase the risk if you don’t know all the faces? Spies can mix in. It is better to remember faces than names.”

It seemed like he had remembered the faces and features of Silvan’s crew members.

Silvan watched Carack with a bemused expression and asked Felicia,

"Felicia, is that really an orc?”

"I’ve always wondered that. I want to investigate it just once.”

They didn’t know if Felicia’s words were a joke or a genuine answer, so Delia said with a smile,

"Carack is very competent. He has the sense of an aide.”

“Really amazing.”

Seira expressed herself in a manner similar to Caitlin. Daphne didn’t stay still either.

"Dependable. He’s a really dependable guy.”

Silvan gazed at Carack in a manner similar to when he looked at In-gong. Carack just laughed and scratched his head.

“I have to take responsibility as an aide.”

Delia’s, Seira’s and Daphne’s expressions became warmer. In-gong just laughed and Felicia summed up the situation again.

"The story has finished, so shall we start straight away? Silvan, please.”

Silvan nodded immediately when Felicia asked him.

"Leave it to Oppa.”

He left the small temple and gathered his crew. Felicia laughed as she watched Silvan and the crew move as fast as lightning.

"Oppa is easy to handle.”

In-gong pretended to be deaf as he left the small temple with Carack. Silvan’s flying ship, the Black Flame Dragon, was preparing its anchor for departure.

Then after 20 minutes...

"Black Flame Dragon ho! Start!"



Silva drew his sword and shouted. All the crew members shouted along as well. The sails spread out widely while the magic power engine was activated and the flying ship started to move upwards.

"Good wind! Fly with the wind, Black Flame Dragon ho!”



The crew members blushed while Sepira and the squad on the ground felt like they were lucky.

"How shameful.”

Felicia muttered as though she represented the hearts of all the crew members.


The Black Flame Dragon, the flagship of Silvan Doomblade, was one of the dark elves’ sacred ships.

Its original name was Black Ark.

The dark elf society was centered on females, so a woman was to take over the family. In the Doomblade family, the best daughter inherited the clan while the best son was given the Black Ark. This had been going on for generations.

The son of a son wasn’t a member of the Doomblade family; this meant the family line was followed through the mother’s line. So, the Black Ark was to return to the Doomblade family again.

Silvan had inherited the Black Ark from Lionel Doomblade, the older brother of 3rd Queen Sylvia Doomblade.

In other words, it had been less than a year since Silvan had inherited the flying ship.

Just like with a novice driver, there were some problems during the flight but it was safe on the Black Flame Dragon. A trip that would have originally taken a few days took only a few hours.

In-gong tied his waist with a safety strap and went to the railing. The altitude was at approximately 200 meters, so it was windy, but there were no problems looking out.

Sun Lake...

It was a place that In-gong had visited quite a few times in Knight Saga.

The metal monsters Amita wanted them to catch were called caltos. They had natural waterproofing, so they could survive in the water despite their metal bodies.

Equipment made from the caltos’ metal was automatically waterproof, so it was indeed usable as a material if handled properly.

‘I caught a lot in Knight Saga.’

Thanks to that, he remembered their weaknesses clearly. They were moderately strong, but In-gong was confident that he could deal with a few of them on his own.

‘Divine power.’

It was one of the four powers that existed in Knight Saga: Aura; psychic power; magic power; and divine power.

At the same time, it was also the weakness of the caltos.

Thanks to the alliance with the last flame, In-gong had gained divine power.

'Magic power and divine power are hard to use together.’

They didn’t mix well.

Just like there were several gods in the Human World, the Demon World had several varieties of demonic gods.

Flora, who managed In-gong’s mansion at the Demon King’s Palace, was a devout follower of Camilla who was the goddess of dreams and shadows.

Nevertheless, the reason why Zephyr didn’t use divine power was because it caused a dissonance with his magic power.

‘But I’m different.’

In-gong glanced at the divine power in his right hand with interest. There was a gentle green light that reminded him of the last flame.

In-gong added magic power to it. Just like aura, the white magic power started to mix with the green light.

Protagonist Body.

It created a harmony between Enkidu and Ainkel’s powers, which were exact opposites.

What synergy effect would be caused if divine power and magic power were harmonized? If he mixed aura and magic power, there would be three combinations of aura, magic power and divine power.

In-gong breathed deeply and turned his attention to somewhere else. A gigantic, golden lake glowed beneath the red and yellow sky.

It glowed gold during both day and night, so it was called Sun Lake.

The metal monsters were the only ones that they would meet at the lake.

However, there was a monster called the gatekeeper of Sun Lake. It was a type of boss monster.

‘It is about time for it to show up.’

As the lake glowed under the twilight sky, a head poked out of the lake.

Today was In-gong’s day. He had always denied it, but today was different.

Would the attempt work?

“Sea serpent? In the lake?”

The crew member at the front gasped with astonishment while In-gong formed fists.

The emergency bell rang in In-gong’s ears as all the crew rushed to the deck in a combat stance.

"Sea serpent?”

Silvan stared at the lake with a serious expression. The sea serpent was staring at the Black Flame Dragon like it was nervous.

A sea serpent...

It was a sea dragon that lived in the sea.

The length of the sea serpent was dozens of meters long and it was known as a powerful monster.

The sea serpent was the guardian protecting the entrance to Sun Lake. It was a very strong monster and tricky for humans to deal with since its home ground was the lake.

However, today was different.

"Incarnation of Fire.”

He used a skill given by the last flame.

At that moment, green flames appeared on the Dragon Scale Greaves. In-gong then equipped Earth Quaker and White Eagle and loosened the safety strap around his waist.


Silvan stared at In-gong while Felicia covered her face with a fan. Instead of being astonished like Silvan, she simply looked at In-gong with a relaxed expression.

"Are you going?”

"I’m going. We need to investigate under the lake.”

In-gong replied with a laugh while Silvan still seemed like he didn’t know what was going on. Carack was grinning widely as In-gong stretched out his hand into the air.


A masterpiece of the Dragon Slayer series.

It was the enemy of dragons and the weapon that had taken down the Black Dragon Partizan in Thunderdoom Fortress.

Earth Quaker and Ascalon were now combined. In-gong held the white lance and looked at Caitlin.

“Noona, sorry.”

Caitlin tilted her head at his words and In-gong really felt apologetic.

He didn’t want to do it, but it was the easiest way to finish things in one shot. He had to mobilize everything he could.

Dragon Blood...

The power of a dragon humanoid.

Earth Quaker roared and In-gong’s aura burst out like it had exploded. At the same time, Ascalon reacted to the dragon power and started to affect In-gong.

He had barely endured it in Thunderdoom Fortress, but this time was different.

He had the Moonlight Core and Starlight Core.

In-gong squeezed out Caitlin’s aura like he had done during the battle against the guardian. The power heading toward In-gong was cut off with the augmented aura.

Caitlin was startled by the sudden loss of aura, but it was only for a brief moment. Her lips twisted and she said quietly,

“Shutra is too much.”

Why did her voice sound so cute when it was filled with resentment? Moreover, Caitlin was smiling as she said it.

In-gong concentrated the white and blue aura on Ascalon. The power of a dragon humanoid and the green divine flames came together as well.

In-gong turned away from Silvan, who was still staring blankly, and climbed onto the railing.

“I will be going.”

"Go safely.”

The moment that Carack answered, In-gong jumped down. He charged the lance while falling toward the sea serpent.


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