Chapter 84 - Chapter 13: The Right to Rule #3

Chapter 84 - Chapter 13: The Right to Rule #3

 "Your eyes are burning with ambition.”

“Carack, you as well...”

In-gong grabbed his chest with a pained sound.

"Why are you pretending? Where is the pain?”

"I don’t know if you are really good or bad.”

Why was he so perceptive yet insensitive about things?

‘He is the real protagonist.’

As always, In-gong couldn’t help having this thought. Carack returned to looking after In-gong.

"Anyway, isn’t your body better?”

There was a deep worry buried in his rough tone. In-gong knocked on his chest.

“I’m fine. Rather, I feel much better.”

His words were genuine. Aura was the power of life, so strengthening his aura made his life force itself stronger.

"It is strange. If I had been asleep for four days, I should be starving.”

“Ah, that reminds me. Why aren’t I hungry?”

In-gong rubbed his belly reflexively. He only felt hard abs. Since the start, he hadn’t been hungry.

Four days was a long time. When counting three meals a day, he had missed 12 meals, yet he wasn’t starving.

Green Wind relieved In-gong and Carack’s doubts.

"It is the effect of the Moonlight Extract. During your sleep over the last few days, you have been accepting the healing benefits of the Moonlight Extract.”

As always, Green Wind appeared on In-gong’s thighs. Now that Carack had become familiar with Green Wind, he asked In-gong with disbelief,

"Um, then you will keep not being hungry?”

"It isn’t like that. Now that you’re awake, you will become hungry again after a time.”

Green Wind replied sincerely to what could be a frustrating question. Carack sighed with relief and cried out,

"Prince, I’m really glad. It would be a big problem if you lost the desire to eat.”

If he wasn’t hungry, he wouldn’t want food and his pleasure in eating would disappear. It was a really scary thing to think about.

'Indeed, a genius orc.’

His way of thinking was definitely extraordinary.

In-gong admired him, then changing the topic.

“How is the lycanthropes’ palace? Is it different from the Demon King’s Palace?”

“Huh? This isn’t the palace of the lycanthropes. It is like a house where the royalty stays.”

Carack tilted his head with confusion. In-gong’s gaze turned toward Green Wind.


It was obvious who he was calling, but Green Wind just avoided his gaze.

"Is Greenie here? Carack, do you know?”

Carack laughed instead of replying and Green Wind’s gaze toward In-gong became colder. Green Wind opened her mouth and declared coldly,

"I thought it was a royal palace. You are a good Master, but I feel like Master has become a little bit spiteful these days.”

Then she sneaked a peek at In-gong. She was the guardian that the centaurs and satyrs of Enger Plains prayed to, but he just thought she was cute.

"Well, it is similar.”

In-gong turned away from Green Wind and asked Carack again,

"In the meantime, how have you been?"

"Prince and Princess were sleeping, so I was able to take a break. Karma is learning druid magic from Daphne while Prince Chris seems to be busy due to the person who ran away. Princess Felicia is staying in her room due to the lycanthrope nobles that came."

Karma hadn’t just started learning druid magic from Daphne yesterday and it was natural that Chris was busy. However, he was somewhat nervous about Felicia.

"The lycanthrope nobles?”

“They seem to have come with Queen Elaine. Seira says that they are the queen’s royal guards. Every one of them have an unusual red tattoo on their face.”

Among the nobility, there were those who were part of Queen Elaine’s royal guards.

They had red tattoos on their faces.

"The Blood Companions.”

"Blood Companions?”

“That is what Seira called the 4th Queen’s royal guards. They are scary."

In the lycanthrope subjugation, aside from Chris and Caitlin, the ones who dealt the most damage aside were the blood companions. 

They consisted only of werewolves and all of them had some royal blood, regardless of whether it is thick or thin. Each one knew Divine Beast Authority and since they were trained with the aim of joining this unit, the connection between them was really great.

Carack shook his head at In-gong’s explanation like it was ridiculous.

"Prince seems to know everything that others don’t.”

If Felicia was next to him, she would have nodded.

As though he suddenly had a thought, In-gong asked Carack,

"Did you ask about that?”

Although Caitlin was asleep, he didn’t know what she or anyone else might overhear. Carack quickly noticed In-gong’s intentions.

"If it is about that story, I asked Delia and Seira while I was resting.”

He hadn’t forgotten about what In-gong had told him previously at the Demon King’s Palace. In-gong nodded with a satisfied expression.

"Okay, then tell me next time.”

“Understood. By the way, what about Princess?”

Carack changed the subject naturally. In-gong gazed at the sleeping Caitlin and said,

"Fortunately, she seems to be okay.”

He could still feel Caitlin’s aura through their entwined hands. Just like In-gong, Caitlin had become healthier than before. He would have been worried about how long she was sleeping, but Green Wind said it was the medicinal effect of Moonlight Extract.

“Will both of you really get better if you hold hands like that?”


In-gong replied while fixing the position of Caitlin’s hand. Despite the fact that it was true, In-gong also thought that it was quite strange.

"Master, Princess seems to be waking up.”

In-gong turned to Caitlin after hearing Green Wind’s voice. Caitlin was opening her eyelids slowly .

She stared at the ceiling blankly for a moment before smiling.


Her voice was hoarse from being asleep for so long, but there didn’t seem to be any abnormalities. In-gong smiled and replied,

“It is all over. Gerard has been defeated and everyone is safe.”

He told her the most important things. Caitlin was relieved and stretched her body. Then her eyes flashed and a very embarrassed expression formed on her face. In-gong realized why and hurriedly reassured her,

"Focus on your aura. Thanks to the Moonlight Extract, both Noona and I have gained a new power.”

Chris and Caitlin were geniuses and sensitive to the flow of aura. It was obvious that she would be surprised at her aura which was suddenly different.

Caitlin closed her eyes after In-gong spoke and focused on her aura. A dark blue light rose from Caitlin’s entire body.

After a minute or so, Caitlin’s eyes glowed as she opened them again. In-gong playfully poured a little bit of his aura into their joined hands.

“How is it?”

Naturally, Caitlin would have noticed the Starlight Core inside her as well as In-gong.

Indeed, Caitlin laughed brightly like the moon. She exclaimed with her distinctive shining eyes,



In-gong and Caitlin sat facing each other on the bed. After sitting up straight, the two of them held each other’s hands and closed their eyes, breathing deeply.

In-gong increased the level of Divine Sura Authority from three to five before circulating his aura. He had to use all the newly acquired skill points gained from defeating Gerard, but it was worth it.

A white aura rose from In-gong’s body. In-gong circulated his aura in the usual way, then the stream of aura from the Moonlight Core joined the cycle naturally.

The amount of aura hadn’t increased much. However, In-gong was able to manipulate his aura more freely. The pathways for the aura were wider and deeper, allowing the auras from the two hearts to flow faster than before. This also meant a stronger explosive force.

However, this wasn’t the end. The present change was only when In-gong was alone.

Right now, Caitlin was in front of him.

The Moonlight Core responded to the Starlight Core in Caitlin. The two auras unconsciously started to become one.

Caitlin’s dark blue aura headed to In-gong and In-gong’s white aura wrapped around Caitlin.

It wasn’t about two hearts now but four hearts.

If he had to name it, it would be a quad-core.

There was no backlash despite the fact that different auras were being mixed together. After receiving Caitlin’s aura, he felt the depths of Divine Beast Authority and Divine Sura Authority increasing.

After accepting In-gong’s aura, Caitlin started acquiring Divine Sura Authority that In-gong hadn’t found a way to teach.

The two of them couldn’t help smiling. The mixture of the white and dark blue auras started circulating vigorously from the quad-core.

Their auras were getting stronger and their aura growth rate was much faster and better than before.

In-gong and Caitlin felt great joy; it was a type of pleasure.

"I don't know but it seems to be great."

One hour had passed since In-gong and Caitlin started circulating their aura. Carack spoke while popping foods that digested well into his mouth and Green Wind watched the two people with a relaxed expression.

"It is the power of beautiful life.”

Daphne and Karma nodded and agreed with Green Wind’s words. The two druids could feel the power of life that was the essence of aura.

Everyone was pleased and full of admiration, but there was one person who complained.

"It is good, but do they need to practice as soon as they wake up?”

Felicia muttered, frowning. She had come to see both of them after hearing that they had woken up, but she couldn’t even say a word.

It seemed good that both of them were smiling while training, but she couldn’t help feeling upset.

"It is a good thing, Princess. And this is delicious. It is great cooking.”

Felicia smiled as Carack praised the porridge that she made but sighed and gave up.

Some time passed by and just as everyone but Green Wind was thinking about going back...

"I expected it, but it is even more amazing.”

It was Chris who had appeared at the door. He had appeared without any aides and turned to Felicia.

"How long has it been since they went into this state?”

“Roughly two hours.”

It was Carack who replied since he had been there since the beginning.

“Really? Then I should stop them.”

“Huh? Can you do it? Isn’t it bad to break the aura when they are training like this?"

Felicia was aghast and grabbed Chris’ hand to stop him, but he shook his head and replied,

"There is a way to break it naturally. You don’t have to worry.”

Moreover, Divine Beast Authority was something that could be practiced while walking, running and so on. If their aura was disrupted by being disturbed suddenly, it would be troublesome.

After reassuring Felicia, Chris raised his blue aura and struck In-gong and Caitlin’s hands. Once Chris’ enormous power emerged, Felicia and everyone else had to realize Chris’ presence. It was the same for In-gong and Caitlin as well.

The aura around In-gong and Caitlin gradually weakened. The white and dark blue auras split apart and faded like they were scattered by the wind.

In-gong and Caitlin woke up at the same time. Chris greeted them with a large smile.

"Have you regained your consciousness?’


Caitlin stood up and rushed to Chris. Chris laughed as she hugged and babbled at him.

"You both had an amazing experience.”

Caitlin nodded from Chris’ arms and In-gong also smiled in agreement. Chris put Caitlin down and said,

"Now, both of you are conscious, so you should say something to Noonim. She has been sulking.”

Felicia’s eyes widened at Chris’ words. It was because Caitlin then dragged Felicia into a hug.

Felicia struggled for a bit, but Caitlin won eventually. In-gong told Felicia,

"I’m glad you’re safe.”

"Don’t speak nonsense.”

Felicia wanted to say more but she didn’t. Instead of teasing Felicia as usual, Chris gathered all eyes toward him again.

"This is a good sight, but I don’t have much time. I’ll tell you straight away.”

"What... is it?”

Felicia asked Chris in a tense and nervous voice.

Chris responded with a somewhat relaxed look.

"I am going back to the palace with the other lycanthropes today. It seems like we will be busy for a while.”

In fact, that answer had been expected to some extent. Although he was close to death, Gerard’s death was still uncertain. The question of who helped Gerard break out also needed to be addressed and the 4th Queen couldn’t leave the palace empty for too long.

Chris told In-gong,

"Once you meet Amita, return to the palace. Shouldn’t we meet before you return to the Demon King’s Palace? I will also hear the answer to the proposal then.”

Felicia’s eyes narrowed at the suggestion, but In-gong simply nodded.

"And Caitlin,"

Chris pointed at Caitlin. He gazed at Caitlin, who was still hugging Felicia, and declared,

“You should go with Shutra.”


"I’m convinced after what I just saw. Right now, you need Shutra more than me. Additionally, you and Shutra are both stronger now.”

There was a variable in place called the Moonlight Core and Starlight Core. Furthermore, this was the territory of the lycanthropes, not the Demon KIng’s Palace. So, he didn’t need to hold Caitlin in his arms.

However, it was clear that Chris and Caitlin were unfamiliar with this. Since she had been born, Caitlin had always gone with Chris no matter where he went.

It had been a different story when they went to look for the Thunder Light Anvil. This wouldn’t be one or two days but at least a fortnight spent apart.

Caitlin hesitated to reply and Chris patted her head.

"It is just this time. You don’t have to worry.”


Caitlin nodded. Chris laughed and looked back at In-gong.

"Shutra, take care of Caitlin.”

“I understand, Hyung Leave it to me.”

In-gong knocked on his chest. Then Felicia, who had been watching the series of conversations, protested loudly,

"Hey, shouldn’t you be asking me that instead of Shutra?”

Among the children of the demon king who were present, Felicia was the oldest.

Chris nodded with a serious expression and spoke to In-gong again,

"Shutra, look after Felicia noonim as well. Really, please.”

“Yes, Hyung.”


Felicia protested at In-gong’s earnest answer and Caitlin quickly bit her lip to stop from laughing.

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