Chapter 730: The Things Yao Lao Left Behind

Chapter 730: The Things Yao Lao Left Behind

Xiao Yan stayed within a chamber while the outsider world was in an uproar over the matter regarding the Misty Cloud Sect. He put in all his effort to heal his body’s injuries as soon as possible without receiving any sequelae.

The injuries that Xiao Yan received this time around were more serious compared to any other time. Hence, even with his strong physical body and his knowledge in alchemy, attempting to fully recover still required him to spend quite a long period of time. Xiao Yan did not appear frustrated because of this. Nothing wrong could happen during something like recuperation. Otherwise, his situation would be even worse if he added injuries on top of injuries within his body. For someone with Xiao Yan’s strength, it was not frightening to receive some injuries. What was frightening was when injuries left behind a sequela that posed an enormous hindrance toward him when he attempted to charge to a higher level.

However, this kind of worry was not considered a big matter for Xiao Yan. Being an alchemist, he knew just how he could use the safest method to allow himself to gradually recover. All he needed was some time…

A black-robed, young man was seated on a rock bed...

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