Chapter 1646: Fight of the two Dou Di (Part 2)

Chapter 1646: Fight of the two Dou Di (Part 2)

Blood lightning covered the sky. Hun Tiandi looked at Xiao Yan, who did not show any signs of being at a disadvantage when facing his attacks. A gloomy expression flash across his eyes. This kind of stalemate fight was not something that he wished to see.

“Xiao Yan, do not think that just because you have advance into the Dou Di class, you will be able to fight against me!”

Hun Tiandi inhaled a breath of air. His eyes had suddenly become extremely grave. The blood lightning that filled the sky had weakened. Hun Tiandi suddenly widened his mouth in front of the many terrified eyes. A suction force erupted. The blood cloud that permeated the sky had actually turned into a blood light that charged into his mouth at this moment.

The thick blood cloud was gathered from the essence cloud of many people. However, it was devoured by Hun Tiandi at this moment!

After the blood cloud, which had covered the Central Plains for half a year, was being devoured, the warm sunlight once again came pouring down. Many people were a little excited as they looked at the somewhat glaring sunlight. Only after sensing the atmosphere of doomsday arriving did they realise just how precious those usually ordinary things were.

Of course, they also understood that now was not the time to be excited. The battle in the sky, which would determine the fate of the Dou Qi continent,had only just entered its intense sta...

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