Chapter 1401: Ancient Map Mystery

Chapter 1401: Ancient Map Mystery

Yao Lao smiled when he saw Xiao Yan’s joyous expression. He naturally understood just how much effort Xiao Yan had put in to search for these map fragments.

“Let’s go, the activity we created has been too much. It will likely attract the notice of some experts. Although we might not be afraid of them, we will end up attracting some unnecessary trouble if others learned we have the complete ancient map in our hands.” Yao Lao’s eyes swept around him before he spoke.


Xiao Yan nodded when he heard this and forcefully suppressed the anxious emotions in his heart. He was aware that unnecessary trouble would not be all they would face if word of this were to spread. It would still be alright if it was only a map fragment, but they possessed the complete ancient map in their hands, causing its temptation to soar. Everyone knew that one would be able to obtain information related to the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame with this map. Regardless of how strong the Falling Star Pavilion was, it would end up in extremely great trouble because...

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