Chapter 1270: Hei Qing

Chapter 1270: Hei Qing

The overbearing furious laughter was just like a thunder from the heavens that swept over the entire sky. The extremely powerful dragon’s might that was contained in the furious laughter caused the Dou Qi within the bodies of quite a number of people to appear a little blocked at this moment.

“Ancient Void Dragon!”

Huang Xuan trio’s eyes were shocked as they looked at the strong figure, which had stepped out from within the spatial crack line. A horror finally surged up their hearts. Although the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe was a tip tribe that was on par with the Ancient Void Dragon in the Magical Beast world, they understood that the ultimate being in the Magical Beast world had always been the Ancient Void Dragon. Although the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe had been tolerating this position for many years, they still did not dare to perform even the slightest unusual activity. During the ancient times, even their ancestors, the Heaven Phoenix tribe, had difficulty suppressing the Ancient Void Dragon, much less they, the descendants of these Heaven Phoenix?

Huang Xuan trio could still put on a strong front when facing Zi Yan, who was a child Ancient Void Dragon. However, in front of a true matured Ancient Void...

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