MGA – Chapter 1465

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MGA: Chapter 1465 – Banner Holding Disciples

After hearing what Lin Yezhou said, Chu Feng had a whole new level of respect for these two women.
Qin Wentian was the number one existence on the Cyanwood Succession List. Although he was said to have a strength on par with Qin Lingyun, there had to be a reason why he was ranked first.

However, one among the two beautiful sisters was able to force Qin Wentian to enter closed-door training for three years and still not come out. From that, it could be seen that Qin Wentian had received a great disgrace three years ago.


Suddenly, two chilly gazes landed on Chu Feng. They felt like ice and had killing intent concealed within them.

It was the pair of beautiful sisters Nie Wan’er and nie Xi’er. The two of them only took a single glance at Chu Feng before withdrawing their gazes from him.

Everything happened in a split second. Other than Chu Feng, practically no one else noticed this.

Those gazes that contained concealed killing intent had been cast at Chu Feng as a warning. They were trying to warn him to not look at them.

As for the reason why they had sent their gazes to warn Chu Feng, it was actually very simple. They felt that Chu Feng was not qualified to even see their beautiful appearances. Thus, they sent their gazes to warn Chu Feng to not look at them again.

Although it was both arrogant and tyrannical, the two of them possessed the qualifications to act this way. For girls like them, they could be said to be celestial fairies in the eyes of mortals. They were beings above the common populace. Naturally, they would look down upon the common people. Furthermore, in their eyes, Chu Feng was a nobody, just another common person.

“Heh…” Chu Feng laughed. That was because he knew that those two women were mistaken.

Chu Feng was not looking at them because of their beauty. After all, each and every one of Chu Feng’s women were more beautiful than them. Not to mention Zi Ling, even Su Mei’s sweetly beautiful appearance surpassed the two of them.

However, even if the two of them had mistaken Chu Feng and even threatened him, Chu Feng was not angered. After all, Chu Feng was someone who would not fuss over minor matters with women. 1

“Little friends, it’s the time of the Nine Powers Hunt once again, the Nine Powers Hunt that is held once every three years.”

“This time, the venue for the Nine Powers Hunt is our Cyanwood Mountain’s forbidden area, the Ancient Era’s Remnants.”

“As its name implies, the Ancient Era’s Remnants is an intact piece of land from the Ancient Era.”

“Not only are there a lot of buildings that you all have never seen before within it, there are also plants that you all have never seen before. In fact, even the air of that place possesses a special aroma. The natural energy in that place is also extraordinary and different.”

“Of course, in a place like that, there are bound to be many dangers.”

“However, I have chosen the area in the Ancient Era’s Remnants with the highest degree of safety for you all. As long as you follow the map and only move about within the range indicated by the map, you will not encounter any dangers.”
“Of course, there are always exceptions. If you all are to truly face dangers that you cannot handle, dangers that might end your lives, you can break the teleportation talismans that I have specially prepared for you all.”

“Those teleportation talismans are capable of teleporting a short distance. As long as you break the teleportation talisman, you will be able to be instantly teleported to the safe region guarded by the elders.”

“Of course, if you are to break the teleportation talisman, it will be considered as a forfeit and you will lose the qualifications to continue to participate in the Nine Powers Hunt.”

“These are the things that you all must take note of after entering the Ancient Era’s Remnants. As for the rules of the Nine Powers Hunt this time around, it’s actually very simple.”

“There will only be one winner. As for the method of winning, it is by finding the banner key within the designated area. Whoever obtains the nine banner keys first will be able to ascend onto the banner platform.”

“After ascending onto the banner platform, you will be able to obtain the banner. Whoever is able to obtain the banner and bring it back safely will be the victor in the Nine Powers Hunt.”

“As for the victor, I shall reward him or her with this Infinity Edge.” 2

As Dugu Xingfeng spoke, he took out a two meter long weapon. This weapon was completely black in color and sparkling with light. It appeared like both a blade and a sword and was very domineering. This weapon was at the very least several times superior to Royal Armaments.

“Infinity Edge? Isn’t that an Incomplete Imperial Armament? It’s no wonder this weapon’s aura is this strong!”

“However, isn’t the Infinity Edge the weapon of the Sword Crafting Villa’s Venerated Lord Sword Crafter? Why would it appear here?”

“You all are thinking too much. Do you not know what sort of individual the Venerated Lord Sword Crafter is? Not only is he a Martial Emperor, he is also one of the most powerful World Spiritists in the Holy Land of Martialism right now. If he were to say that his sword crafting techniques are only ranked second, there would be no one who would dare to say that they were ranked first.”

“I’ve heard that Venerated Lord Sword Crafter has been studying his Infinity Edge the entire time so that he can craft many copies of it so as to sell them to other powers at a high price.”

“Venerated Lord Sword Crafter possesses a friendly relationship with Headmaster Dugu. He had promised Headmaster Dugu that if he can create copies of his Infinity Edge, he will sell the first copy to the Cyanwood Mountain.”
“I suspect that the Infinity Edge in Headmaster Dugu’s hand right now must be an Infinity Edge copy. Furthermore, it is also the first copy.”

When they saw that Infinity Edge, the headmasters of the various powers began to spiritedly discuss it with one another. Compared to the disciples, they knew a lot more.

“Headmasters, you all are correct. This Infinity Edge here is indeed a copy crafted by senior Venerated Lord Sword Crafter.”

“However, even though it is a copy, it is also extremely valuable and not weak at all.”

“It would not be an exaggeration to say that although this Infinity Edge copy here is inferior to Venerated Lord Sword Crafter’s original Infinity Edge, it is not much weaker.”
“Furthermore, this is not something that I am declaring. It is what senior Venerated Lord Sword Crafter personally said,” As Dugu Xingfeng spoke, he looked to the Sword Crafting Villa’s headmaster.

“What Headmaster Dugu says is the truth. Our Venerated Lord Sword Crafter has indeed said those words,” The Sword Crafting Village’s headmaster confirmed.

“Wooahhh~~~” Hearing those words, the crowd all cried out in alarm. Especially the disciples, their eyes were blossoming with light.

Incomplete Imperial Armaments were priceless treasures. Although this was only a copy, it was still a treasure that could only be encountered and not sought after. For them to have the chance to obtain it now, they would naturally be incomparably happy.

“I’ve said all that needs to be said. Next, headmasters, please announce your banner holding disciples.” After Dugu Xingfeng said those words, he sat back down.

“Our Ten Thousand Flower Garden’s banner holding disciples shall be Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er,” The Ten Thousand Flower Garden’s headmaster was the first to speak. As expected, she had declared Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er, the two strongest beautiful sisters, as their banner holding disciples.

“Our World Spiritist Alliance’s banner holding disciples shall be Su Mei and Lin Yezhou,” The World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master announced.

“Su Mei, is she that sweet and beautiful looking young woman?”

“She was chosen as the banner holder at such a young age? How come I’ve never seen her before? Could it be that she’s a disciple of a senior from the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly?”

After Su Mei’s name was announced, quite an uproar resulted. After all, she was a newcomer. Furthermore, she possessed very powerful strength. It was only natural for the people to notice her.
After this, the other powers all announced their respective banner holding disciples. For the majority of them, they had chosen the same disciples as they had on previous occasions. Even if they chose different disciples, it was not much different from the previous times either.

All of the disciples chosen as the banner holding disciples were the most excellent disciples of the Nine Powers. Practically everyone knew all of the chosen disciples. It was only when the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster Dugu Xingfeng spoke that the crowd became astonished.

“Our Cyanwood Mountain’s banner holding disciples shall be Chu Feng and Qin Lingyun,” Dugu Xingfeng said.

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