Emperor Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 : Miracle (2)

The Immortal Bone Mirror revealed itself; the shiny glass had immortal flow patterns, exuding an aura like a living creature. Even Yu He was in fear from its power.

The Immortal Bone Mirror flashed on the body of Li Qiye, forcing his Life Wheel and Fate Palace to appear. His Life Wheel slowly turned, lacking any pressure, while his Fate Palace had not been opened.

Yu He concluded:

“He has a Mortal Physique, Mortal Life Wheel, and a Mortal Fate Palace that has not been opened; he has not started cultivating. Also, there are no hidden treasures on his body.”

The lowest level of cultivation is the Palace Foundation level. Once one started to cultivate, even the lowest of talents could open the Fate Palace in one day if fast, ten days if slow.

Under the gaze of the Immortal Bone Mirror, Li Qiye could not hide anything; all that he is was revealed to the eyes of the spectators.

“Protector Hua, Protector Yu, are you guys satisfied now?”

Protector Mo solemnly questioned. Being subjected to the Immortal Bone Mirror was shameful to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

“Our apologies.”

Yu He was a man of character. He nodded his head and politely said:

“Li Qiye did not cheat.”

After hearing the confirmation from Yu He, the crowd had no comments to make. They still couldn’t believe that a mortal with the worst of characteristics was able to pass through the forest.

Xu Hui was the most devastated of them all.

“But how can this be true!”

Li Qiye leered at him and spoke:

“It seems like you are not convinced, but that is quite alright. I will make it so that you will crawl without hesitation. It is only the Chaotic Heart Forest; only an idiot like you would only reach level seven. Open your eyes to see your grandpa go once again.”

After his taunt, Li Qiye reentered the forest.

All eyes were focused intensely on the forest, not wanting to miss a single detail. They wanted to reach a conclusion that their minds could comprehend within the realm of logic. If Li Qiye succeeds again, then they’ll have no choice but to change their view on the world. But, if he failed, then all was good with the world.

“Level fourteen!”

Nan Huairen was keeping count as Li Qiye went through the levels. Even though this was the second time, he was just as shocked as the first.

Yu He truly understood now. Although Li Qiye’s cultivation aptitude and physique could not reach the apex, he possessed an unfaltering willpower. A thirteen year old had a stronger mind that he did after a thousand years of cultivation.

“Start crawling.”

Li Qiye came back and mischievously spread his legs in front of Xu Hui.


Xu Hui trampled the ground in shame, his expression turned white. If he had to crawl beneath Li Qiye before all of these spectators, then he would lose all face in the future.

“Our Nine Saint Demon Gate has our honor. If you lose a bet, you have to bear the consequence.”

Yu He nodded.

“Xu Hui, you were the one who wanted this bet in the first place. Now carry out your end of the bargain.”

Xi Hui almost fainted on the spot. If Protector Yu had spoken, then even his master could not save him. He grinded his teeth and unwillingly knelt before Li Qiye. His body froze for a minute; this was the most shameful event of his life.

Eventually, he started to crawl through Li Qiye’s legs. Li Qiye looked down and spoke:

“When people show me an ounce of respect, I will treat them well, but if anyone dares to cross me, then I will repay them ten folds. A genius disciple of the Nine Saint Demon Gate is nothing in my eyes!”

Finished speaking, Li Qiye turned around and walked away.


Xu Hui fell down to the ground; he puked out blood from anger and became unconscious.


Protector Hua quickly grabbed Xu Hui and massaged his meridians.


Returning to the pavilion, Protector Hua and Yu He found their seats. Li Qiye was already sitting there arrogantly like a king; it made the other disciples feel the urge to beat him up.

Protector Hua leered at Li Qiye, and a great hatred shone in his eyes. When a disciple was shamed, as the master, they shared the same enemy. Shaming his disciple was the same as slapping him on the face.

Li Qiye playfully knocked on the table and said:

“The first test has been completed, let us get started on the second.”

Before, Yu He thought that Li Qiye was ignorantly arrogant; however, after having thought about it again, maybe he had some secret tricks.

A mortal without the basics of cultivation; what was his backing that allowed for him to challenge the Nine Saint Demon Gate? Could It be that the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect still had hidden secrets not yet revealed?

Yu He quickly dismissed his last thought. As the grand protector, he was fully aware of the current position of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. If it had any secrets left, then it would not be submitting to the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom.

The second piece of information was that Li Qiye had only joined the sect for a few days, and he forcefully used the Cleansing Incense Ancient Order to become the prime disciple; even the six elders there did not welcome him.

Yu He had no idea what hidden mysteries this person could have without any support.

Returning to the matter at hand, Yu He clearly said:

“Right now, Xu Hui is not in his best condition; if you want to perform the test, then we will have to change your opponent.”

“Honorable Protector, I am fine.”

Xu Hui, all of a sudden, stood up straight. Despite his pale complexion, he violently leered at Li Qiye, and killing intent was seen in his eyes. He swore to himself that he would be the one to kill Li Qiye, using his blood to wash away his shame.

He used his proud standing posture to maintain and announce his confidence; he lifted his head high and proclaimed:

“Protector, I can still fight!”

Yu He slightly frowned; he knew exactly what Xu Hui was thinking. He gently spoke:

“Junior Xu, your current condition is not fit for combat.”

This matter was very important within the Nine Saint Demon Gate, and Li Qiye had already won the first match.

“Senior Yu, this kid has a strong will, a setback will not deter him. Please give him another chance.”

Protector Hua tried to support his disciple’s wish.

Xu Hui grinded his teeth, and said with extreme determination:

“Protector, if I make a single mistake, I will pay for it with my life.”

Yu He contemplated for a moment. Within the younger disciples, Xu Hui had obtained Heaven’s Mandate and was close to the Warrior Canopy stage. It would be difficult to find another who was as strong. Plus, his cultivation included the Life Wheel technique “Fierce Slaughter Sword.”

Yu He understood the strength of this technique; it was crafted by a Virtuous Paragon in the sect. If Xu Hui used his Life Wheel without any hesitation, then none of his peers would be able to defeat him in a life or death contest, barring the strongest ones. If Xu Hui didn’t fight, then the safe choices would be Li Shuangyan or Leng Chengfeng; however, those two weren’t an option.

Yu He was no longer underestimating Li Qiye, but he couldn’t think of a way for a mortal to defeat a Heaven’s Mandate cultivator with a Virtuous Paragon technique.

“Good, you will fight then!”

After careful consideration, he agreed with the choice of Xu Hui.

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  1. This sect is shameless as hell. They are putting a person who is 6 realms up in cultivation against a mortal. Its honestly dubious and hilarious. These realms must not really be all that important x.x.

    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. I’m thinking the same; these early realms can’t have that much meaning other than setting up foundation. Either that or the author f’ed up early on. I mean 6 realms is a lot, usually enough for a mortal to not be able to move a finger before dying to their hands. Heck usually a burst of qi or even a snort would kill them at that point.

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    2. Yeah, those realms seems to only bring minor benefits in terms of strength… Seriously, he was able to one-hit kill someone at the fourth realm, the provisional palace… The benefits from all these realms must be extremely minor and it’s just about setting up foundation for future cultivation, not power…

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