Two New Novels! Yama Rises, and a Star Odyssey Begins!

Hey guys, great news!  Two more top-performing sneak peek Chinese novels licensed from Zongheng have left VIP-only and are available for you to read, each with fifty chapters and a 2/day schedule!  These novels are Yama Rising, translated by Minotauruz (who did the great translation of Demoness' Art of Vengeance) and Star Odyssey, translated by OMA who did Warlock of the Magus World and City of Sin!  Both are veteran and highly capable translators, and I'm excited to bring this to y'all.

Yama Rising: This novel, written by Nocturnal Stranger, is an eclectic yet thrilling mixture of multiple genres, including dark fantasy, dark cultivation, kingdom building, horror, and humor.  The netherworld has fallen, causing ghosts to roam throughout the land of Cathay. The cowardly accidental immortal Qin Ye, the last (and lowest ranked) Agent of Hell, is now somehow responsible for rebuilding it, instead of lounging about all day enjoying World of Warcraft and MOBAs like he planned. He must purge or save the vengeful ghosts and resolve the murders they are carrying out, while being dragged kicking and screaming into becoming the next King Yama.  I'm helping Minotauruz out with naming and things like that, and this is a really great novel, so I hope y'all enjoy it!  It's truly a breath of fresh air while still being in a cultivation fantasy setting. The Emissaries of Hell have arrived!  Spectral rabble, disperse!

Star Odyssey: This novel is a space cultivation story!  Aliens have invaded a devastated, post-apocalyptic Earth.  It's being treated as a 'training grounds' for superpowered alien cultivators, who will eventually wipe the entire solar system clean... but not if Lu Yin has anything to say about it!  Earth has its own cultivators, after all. Join Lu Yin on an epic journey across the Universe, pursuing the truth and tragedy of his past. This is a world of science fantasy where the older generations step back and allow the young to take charge of affairs. Heart-wrenching separations mix with terrifying situations, all interspersed comic relief that will leave you coming back for more. This is a world where the other characters actually matter, and are revisited frequently as their own lives unfold. Dotting Lu Yin's path are monumental feats of kingdom-building and treacherous political situations where he must tread carefully if he wants to get to the truth of his history.

These are two genuinely great novels, and I hope you all enjoy them very much!  Cheers and happy reading!