Wuxiaworld Discord Server Open!

Hey guys, one of the biggest requests we’ve always had was a place for people to chat with each other about life, novels, and everything else in real-time, aside from comments and the forum.  We tried a few solutions in the past, but they never seemed to work, partly because of our enormous volume.  After careful consideration and testing, however, we have decided to try something that has worked for many others – a Wuxiaworld Discord server (click for the invite)!  Discord theoretically can allow for upwards of five thousand simultaneous users, so it seems like a great way to further build up our wonderful little community here.

Many of our translators have already joined up, so come on in and take a gander!  Who knows, you might run into a few familiar faces…

23 thoughts on “Wuxiaworld Discord Server Open!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Discord is much more user friendly and requires almost zero new learning to use. If you’ve ever used a messenger or texting app then you already know how to use discord.

      1. I don’t see any advantage over IRC here. IRC is complicated? The heck … ? There are tons of good and stable IRC Clients while there is only one client for Discord (each plattform). And some Clients aren’t even ready! (I’m on linux. I have to wait for a native client …)
        Also for people that don’t want to download a client or don’t want to sign up everywhere, there are WebClients for IRC which work quite good actually.

        To me the “more user friendly” seems like someone who never realy used IRC before. 😉

        1. “To me the “more user friendly” seems like someone who never realy used IRC before.”

          Yeah, no shit. That’s the whole point. For someone who never really used both Discord AND IRC, Discord is MUCH easier and user friendly.

  1. I kinda have to say is means war. Me and a few others have running a discord chammel with over70 people to discuss WW and other chinese ln sites for almost a Year now. ow it just pains me to have o compete with yall

  2. Wow! That’s freakin’ amazing! I’ve never felt the need to make a discord account before… But now..
    Hmmm… I guess it’s time to make one! xD

    Thanks a lot RWX!!!

  3. Thanks for your devotion in this area. I am a reader of internet books in china. I also want you to translate some books that is very impressive ,such as 雪中悍刀行. I think this book will impress you very much. Finally, please fogive my terrible english.

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