WMW Chapter 627

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Shift and Prophecy

In the air above a region of Twilight Zone, countless distortions combined to form a spatial channel. Leylin, dressed in loose black robes, stepped out from the passageway.

The battle between rank 5s had resulted in extensive damage even within a spatial crack. Had it been fought in Twilight Zone, perhaps most of it would have been destroyed.

Even so, just the probing attacks from before had led to devastating harm to the land. Even if the affected area was not huge, the radiation and curses that remained would constantly corrode the land, even spreading out further.

In a worse case scenario, there might be the creation of malicious Conscients or attracting different World’s Wills to descend here.

Whatever may happen, it would result in nothing good for Twilight Zone.

“A battle amongst Radiant Moons is far too destructive. It’s not just the direct damage, but the indirect pollution as well…” Leylin watched the land that was in a terrible state and frowned, “If a Magus were to do this in the central continent, they would become a public enemy…”

Even the A.I. Chip had no quick methods to heal the land from such destructive damage, only waiting for nature to take its course or, at most, conducting some slow, suitable treatment.

Leylin’s gaze suddenly turned to another region in the sky. “Now, onto the other guest who’s been watching for a long time. Aren’t you coming out to meet me?”

Not only could he sense the soul of a Radiant Moon in that direction, there was also the aura of a bloodline. Though it wasn’t that of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent’s, the person there was a sort of Warlock.

“Hehe… Your Highness has discovered me!” Crimson light flashed, and a large blood-red bat emerged from that direction. On its abdomen was a young face.

The human face on the abdomen of the bat laughed as it spoke, “Your Highness! The last time we met was when you first explored the Morning Star area. I never expected you to catch up to us old things so quickly!”

After an attempt, Leylin quickly identified this person, “Such familiar undulations… You’re the protector of the Morning Star area!”

This was the conscient he’d interacted with when he’d entered the Morning Star area. He had long since gotten the A.I. Chip to record the aura of this rank 5 existence, there was no way he could be wrong.

The crimson bat chuckled. “Yes, I’m Jeffrey! I was afraid that they would harm Your Highness, but it looked like my worries were for naught…”

“Whatever it is, I’m still thankful for your help. How should I address you, Your Highness?” Leylin bowed slightly, and a look of puzzlement appeared on his expression.

“Our Warlock Union uses the same feudal system as your Ouroboros Clan. Rank 4s are Dukes, and rank 5 Warlocks are addressed ‘Your Highness’, we’re basically Archdukes,” the blood-red bat explained.

Leylin nodded. “I see! Well then, what business do you have coming here, as a fellow Archduke?”

“Oh yes! I hereby extend a solemn invitation to Your Highness Leylin. We hope you’ll come to the bloodline Warlocks’ final fort— the Morning Star area!” The human face on the bat’s abdomen looked serious.

Leylin agreed, “Indeed, I should go there. There seem to be some big problems between the Warlocks and Magi in the central continent.”

In actuality, Leylin was feeling somewhat annoyed. Initially, the only mortal enemy that he had provoked was Jupiter’s Lightning. Though the organisation of Sky City was hostile towards him, they wouldn’t go so far as to send people to hunt him down and kill him. Hence, after attaining rank 5 and taking care of Zegna, he was supposed to be able to do as he wished in this place.

However, reality dealt Leylin a huge blow. The appearance of Carol and the others indicated that there was another organisation that stood against Warlocks, and even took up the task of hunting down and eliminating Warlocks as their mission in life.

As the most dazzling of bloodline Warlocks with a meteoric rise, Leylin had unfortunately become their target.

‘Luckily, I’ve already reached rank 5. With the bonus from the Kemoyin Emperor and the aid from the A.I. Chip, I’ll still be able to escape even if I were to face a Breaking Dawn Magus. That’s enough…’ A cold glint flickered in Leylin’s eyes. This sneak attack against him had thoroughly irked him.

‘I don’t care who you are and how large your organisation is. Even if you have a Breaking Dawn Monarch backing you, there will come a day that I, Leylin Farlier, will completely erase you from the central continent. I swear on it!’


Leylin was a very clear-cut person. He had little holding him back in Twilight Zone, and after sending Celine a simple message and mentioning what had happened he immediately followed Jeffrey out and into the Morning Star area.

Standing within the Morning Star area that had congealed, Leylin felt extremely emotional as he watched the shattered universe and gigantic stars within the space.

Though he’d visited this place numerous times with his soul force, this was the first time he’d entered the place with his real body. Sending his soul force out, the auras of the many bloodline Warlocks in the surroundings put Leylin’s mind and body at ease.

“Your Highness, Leylin. It’s nice to meet you again. Or should I say it’s nice to meet you again? I’m so happy that you’re joining us, our Warlock Union’s might has risen once again!” A Warlock with the same face as that on the abdomen of the bat emerged beside Leylin, his long crimson hair untied, flying in the air.

“Your Highness, Jeffrey!” It was obvious that this young man was a rank 5 Warlock. This was the main body of the Morning Star area’s protector, Jeffrey.

“Alright. I know you have many questions, but they’ll be answered once we reach headquarters.” Jeffrey enthusiastically brought Leylin all the way to the Warlocks’ headquarters in the Morning Star area.

In a gigantic receiving room, Leylin saw two other rank 5 Warlocks. One had a completely golden body, seemingly able to be likened to a god of battle. He was very familiar with this person— rank 5 Warlock, Golden Lion Wayde. He’d had quite a few transactions with him before.

“Come, let me introduce you. You already know Wayde, the person beside him is Offa,” Jeffrey smiled as he pointed to the Warlock beside Wayde.

Leylin took the initiative and bowed, “Your Highnesses!”

“Leylin Farlier! Once a Kemoyin Duke and now an Archduke. We’ve talked through imprints many times, but this is the first time we’re meeting face to face!” Wayde’s smile seemed to be bathed in sunshine, his body emanating a charismatic aura.

“Your Highness is truly a talent. With you joining us, I can be at ease… Cough Cough” Offa who was beside Wayde was like an old man approaching death, his aura full of decay. It seemed like he was but a step from the grace, and yet Leylin wouldn’t dare belittle him.

From this coughing old man’s body, he could feel soul force at the peak of Radiant Moon!

“Based on the previous rumours, the arrival of a few rank 5 Warlocks deterred the Breaking Dawn Monarchs from attacking, thus preserving the inheritance of Warlocks. If my guesses aren’t wrong, Warlock Offa is one of them…”

“Alright, let’s sit! What is it, are you astonished to see there being three rank 5 Warlocks in the Morning Star area?” Jeffrey laughed as he got Leylin and Wayde to sit, beaming as he got the robot servant to serve refreshments.

“A little!” Leylin nodded in admittance. From both his own perception as well as the scanning of the A.I. Chip, these three Warlocks were here in their main bodies.

This meant the ones who were active in the Magus World were merely their clones. At this stage, Leylin knew just how much Warlocks were feared.

“We’re trapped here due to the suppression of the central continent’s Magi. We need to be on our guards against the Blazing Flame Monarch,” Jeffrey said solemnly.

“Blazing Flame Monarch? The Breaking Dawn Magus?” Leylin immediately recalled the Fiery World that he’d found when probing through the astral plane before ruthlessly being expelled by the organisation of the Blazing Flame Monarch.

“Yes. The other party has a terrible attitude, and even wants to attack us…”

Leylin touched his chin, “Then, are there other organisations in the central continent that are on good terms with us Warlocks?”

“No… Basically, all Magi are worried about our rise, and there are people who are just waiting to watch us run out of luck. Still, there’s only one organisation who’ve been attacking us brazenly, hoping to completely exterminate us, and it’s that of the Blazing Flame Monarch.”

Jeffrey and Wayde exchanged a glance before Offa spoke. “I can tell you this: those that attacked you, Carol, Eugene, and the rest, were subordinates of the Blazing Flame Monarch…”

“At the beginning, it was also this Blazing Flame Monarch who wanted to end the inheritances of us Warlocks. If not for Offa and the other elders advancing in time and transforming the Morning Star area into a gigantic battle fort, we Warlocks would probably have gone extinct due to him…” Wayde spoke in a low voice.

“Battle fort?” Leylin thought of something else. ‘Transforming a small world into a gigantic weapon in war to be manipulated by three rank 5 Warlocks is something to be feared, even by Breaking Dawn Magi…’

“Well then, do you know why the Blazing Flame Monarch is hell bent on killing us?” Leylin asked gloomily.

“It could be because of some conflicts of interest and some old grudges…” Jeffrey didn’t seem quite sure about this either. “Our intelligence officers have also discovered an interesting prophecy…”

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    Your Highness, Leylin. It’s nice to meet you again. Or should I say it’s nice to meet you?

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