WMW Chapter 617

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Snake Emperor

Sun Scorching Nirvana! Formed from the similarly ranked bloodline of the Sun’s Child, this was a rank 6 spell that Leylin had spent a lot of effort to create. It had finally displayed its terrifying prowess. The last time it was used, not only had this spell caused the fall of a Radiant Moon Magus, but it also caused near irreparable harm to Sky City.

And now, the emergence of the golden sun was about to completely melt this world of ice.

“Here we go!” Leylin’s right palm was placed on his chest, terrifying rank 6 spell undulations flowing out berserkly like a stormy tide. The rank 6 spell this time was going to be used on himself!

Boiling heat caused Leylin’s body to immediately turn transparent as if turning him into a human-shaped light bulb.

If not for his outstanding vitality and Fireplume operating at full strength, Leylin would probably have turned into ashes in that instant. Perhaps it wouldn’t even be ashes; his body and soul might just have been burned to nothingness.

However, with his high resistance towards fire, the fact that he had experience using this spell, and Fireplume, he could somewhat control the strength of the spell. With the immense control of the A.I. Chip, golden energy flowed past Leylin’s body, tangling with the greenish bronze blood.

“Energy of the sun, destroy the power of laws found in the bronze bloodline” Leylin howled maliciously, his facial muscles contorting.

*Rumble!* Boiling golden flames vapourised the green blood. In the process, threads of energy that had been purified to the extreme began to emanate from the bronze blood, flowing into Leylin’s limbs and bones.

The Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline that had been bubbling and boiling began to absorb this energy frantically, resulting in a strange transformation. The colour of the blood grew deeper, and the phantom serpent grew silent as it was surrounded by a layer of greenish gold flames.

By now, the Kemoyin bloodline was rid of the contamination of the Purgatory World’s will and its seals were unlocked. It operated and surged madly in Leylin’s body like the bluster of a gigantic dragon.

[Beep! Host bloodline absorbing unknown energy. Evolution has begun…] the A.I. Chip loyally intoned, at the same time displaying a progress bar that rose quickly with help of that bronze blood.

“It’s a success!” Leylin’s lips twitched, though the tremendous pressure on his body made even such a small action difficult.

Indeed, this has been his original plan! Leylin had no better options regarding the bloodline shackles, and had been looking for a way to bypass them. Through the database he’d acquired at Sky City as well as the A.I. Chip’s terrifying calculation and simulation abilities, he’d acquired two methods to do it.

One was to try changing his bloodline, though that would cause issues with the soul. With the A.I. Chip as it was now, though, he had some confidence in achieving this.

The second method was to dig deeper into the power of his own bloodline. Bloodline shackles restricted Warlocks to the upper limit of their base bloodline. Practically everyone thought this was rank 4 in the case of Kemoyin Warlocks, but what if he could dig into the roots of the Kemoyin’s genes itself, evolving the bloodline further into the realms of rank 5 and above? That way, he could advance to Radiant Moon successfully!

Of course, both these methods still had the same fundamental problem. They could not break the bloodline shackles themselves. Whether it be changing bloodlines or improving his own, it would only push the bar higher. The bloodline shackles would remain, waiting to present themselves at a higher rank.

However, Leylin still had the method given to him by the Wisdom Tree. Although it was feasible, it was not something he could accomplish with his current strength. Thus, he was confident that once he possessed more strength, he could execute his other plans. This was why his main objective in this journey to the subterranean world was to strengthen his bloodline.

Leylin’s soul had already fused with that of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent, so he would not be foolish enough to try and change his bloodline. Even if he could succeed somehow, it would still cause devastating damage to his fragile soul once he did it. Thus, digging deeper into the power of his own bloodline was the only method.

Through Arwen’s Icy Breath helping him resolve the problem of his emotional instability, the purity of his bloodline had reached an unprecedented level. Now, it had a chance to advance further. And the bronze giant’s bloodline? It was just the kind of powerful force that could push this sort of advancement!

With the Sun’s Flames suppressing the world of ice, he had burned away the miscellaneous soul imprints, spirit imprints, and other such things out of the bronze blood, leaving behind only the primal strength of the bloodline itself. This was what allowed him to advance the power of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent.

This was the plan Leylin had come up with. For this reason, he had deliberately provoked the Arctic Queen. For this reason, he’d forced her to offer up the laws in her body in an attempt to deal him a fatal blow!

Now, with no more free will, the bronze blood could no longer stand the burning of the Sun’s Flames. Not only did it reduce in volume, even the bronze lustre on its surface gradually died down.

[Beep! Host body igniting ancient bloodline. Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline in process of evolution. Progress: 80%… 95%… 99%…] the A.I. Chip loyally intoned.

*Rumble!* At this moment, the bloodline imprint on Leylin’s right hand completely dissipated, and the Sun’s flames grew to their greatest intensity. Terrifying golden flames fused with the bronze bloodline and the two suddenly exploded, destroying each other.

A bloodline energy that seemed as vast as the starry sky burst forth from that explosion. Leylin cried out as this burst of strength pushed it over the edge. The A.I. Chip showed that the progress bar had been completely filled!

[Beep! Host bloodline evolution complete. Searching for information… Determined to be Kemoyin Serpent Emperor!] [Kemoyin Serpent Emperor: A rare evolved form of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Possess a great strength and magical ability. Having broken through their original limits to enter a higher level, these creatures rule colonies of Kemoyin Serpents. Rank 5. Attributes: Darkness, Fire. Supplementary abilities:
1. Control: The Kemoyin Serpent Emperor possesses sovereignty over all Giant Kemoyin Serpents and their descendants.
2. Devouring. The Kemoyin Serpent Emperor can digest all energy not supported by laws to supplement its own life force.]

The A.I. Chip’s voice sounded once more, but Leylin was unaware of this all. The moment his bloodline evolution had succeeded, he felt dizzy, his body practically floating.

Large amounts of images streaked past his eyes. In the boundlessly vast starry skies, numerous Giant Kemoyin Serpent figures appeared, lowering their gigantic serpent heads to him as if welcoming their ruler.

At the same time, a terrifying giant serpent that was over a hundred thousand metres long appeared behind him. It had beautiful scales and flowing, graceful curves. On the head, a few protruding bones formed something similar to a crown.

The whole serpent was filled with an elegance and grandeur typical to a ruler, the original savage and terrifying aura having dulled. However, Leylin knew that this ruler of snakes was far more terrifying than before. This graceful demeanor was a facade, concealing the bloodthirst and insanity within.

With but a slight though, Leylin could sense Freya, Gilbert, Emma, and the other Kemoyin Warlocks through their bloodlines.

‘This terrifying control… truly worthy of the emperor of Giant Kemoyin Serpents!’ Leylin smiled as he observed his truesoul. His soul had gained the most through this evolution.

Crimson light expanded rapidly. His truesoul was now several times larger than before, half as large as the soul of a Radiant Moon Magus. The light within it even surpassed that within the soul of a New Moon Magus!

The soul had begun to expand, about to transform into a full moon.

“With the strength of my soul, I can probably be considered a rank 5 already. As long as I go back and settle things, it won’t be a problem to break through.” Leylin huffed roughly, but the elation was evident in his expression.

He was currently not in very good shape. Though he had prepared ample defensive measures, it was still no easy task to let his body be a battlefield between the Sun’s Flames and the bronze blood.

Leylin laughed wryly as he scanned his body. The injuries to his chest were the most serious of all; skin, blood and flesh had melted away, revealing internal organs that were pulsing slightly. An arm had disappeared, and the rest of his body was severely damaged as well.

If this were a regular Magus or Warlock, such grave injuries would probably have long since resulted in their deaths. However, Leylin’s heart was still throbbing powerfully, displaying his tenacious life force!

[Beep! Damage to host body at 45%. Recommendation: Immediate cryostasis in combination with the usage of bloodline force to recuperate.] the A.I. Chip loyally reminded him.

“That isn’t urgent. Show me information on the fifth level of Kemoyin’s Pupil!” Leylin commanded. Immediately after, he was delighted to see that after attaining the bloodline of the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor, the A.I. Chip’s deduction of Kemoyin’s Pupil had proceeded successfully. The fifth layer of the meditation technique was completed!

“The last piece of the puzzle is in place…” Leylin muttered.

Having reached Morning Star, he had been thinking about how to break through to Radiant Moon. The bloodline shackles and meditation technique were the two biggest problems, and now that he’d evolved to an emperor bloodline and the fifth level of Kemoyin’s Pupil had been deduced, Leylin had spent much effort on them, and now, the fifth level of Kemoyin’s Pupil had been deduced, there were no more problems in this aspect. It could be said that all his problems had disappeared.

*Hss!* The phantom of an enormous Kemoyin Serpent Emperor appeared behind Leylin, wrapping him in bloodline energy.

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    1. 1. Control: The Kemoyin Serpent Emperor possesses sovereignty over all Giant Kemoyin Serpents and their descendants.
      2. Devouring. The Kemoyin Serpent Emperor can digest all energy not supported by laws to supplement its own life force.

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