WMW Chapter 596

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Sudden Attack

“So what if our previous plan failed and Leylin managed to pass the Monarch’s test? We still have a chance!” This Morning Star from Jupiter’s Lightning was still trying his hardest to persuade Stuart. “Leylin is about to participate in the appraisal for Virtuous Sky Sages. As long as we get Weyers to participate as well, they’re likely to come into conflict eventually… After all, they’re both geniuses, and those kinds of people love glory and solitude…”

“Your plans are just too troublesome…” Stuart shook his head, “I can tell you from experience, the more complicated a plan is, the more slip-ups there are. The simpler plans usually have a higher rate of success! Leylin is merely a Five Star Morning Star, and no matter how crafty he is, he can’t break through the bloodline shackles and reach rank 5. I’ll just have to deal with him personally the moment he leaves the vicinity of Sky City. Of course, the price will double.”

Weyers not falling into the trap had instilled a sense of crisis in Stuart.

“If Your Highness can do this for us, we will be grateful!” The Morning Star Magus in the black mist immediately bowed in thanks.

“Actually, the rewards can still be the same as before, but you’ll need to help me eliminate someone.” Stuart’s voice turned low.

“Who is it?” This Morning Star suddenly had a bad premonition.

“Weyers!” Stuart looked vicious all of a sudden.


“Enough!” Weyers announced coldly, black lightning breaking the screen apart.

“What do you want?” He was beginning to trust Leylin.

Though images like these could be forged, the screen from before had displayed even the soul undulations belonging to the other party, and Weyers had no choice but to believe it.

At the same time, he was now beginning to feel terror towards this Leylin who had the ability to spy on even Radiant Moon Magi!

This was a rank 5 Magus! On top of that, from what Weyers knew, the other party had something similar to a world’s protective sphere that could isolate his residence from everything. Yet, Leylin had been able to snoop on him!

‘This is just too terrifying!’ Weyers glanced at Leylin. The Warlock’s smile suddenly sent a chill down his spine.

“Simple! I’ll go and take care of them. You just have to stop the powers of Sky City from interfering!” Leylin straightforwardly explained his plan.

As for how he had found out about the other party’s scheme? Of course, that was due to the stardust bugs! This formidable, incomparably minute being of the Oakheart Clan could not be detected by even the most advanced spell formations. It was the best way to spy on someone, and he’d planted them on Stuart’s body in secret during their clash.

Leylin’s previous methods only allowed him to discover when he was being spied upon by stardust bugs. However, after reaching the Morning Star realm and extorting the Oakheart Clan, he had obviously gotten a hold of some young stardust bugs by force, using the A.I. Chip to form his own way of manipulating them.

He’d wanted to learn of Stuart’s plans, but he’d never expected to see such a scene which had much more potential to be exploited.

‘Weyers is an absolute talent, and there are definitely people in Sky City who oppose him…’ Leylin was confident in this assumption. Weyers was an arrogant person, and someone trying to make use of him or take his life was not something he could take lying down. He was sure Weyers would act on this.

Leylin merely wanted him to stop the interference of external parties and took on the more dangerous job himself. Thus, there would not be any issues.

However, Weyers had one last question, “What if the Monarch of the Skies finds out?”

“Haha…” Leylin burst into laughter, “I just returned from meeting him, and he agreed that Sky City would remain neutral in a conflict between the Ouroboros Clan and Jupiter’s Lightning. You can go ask him if you want!”

“That’s not possible!” Weyers cried out in alarm, and began to say a few words into a secret imprint. His expression immediately changed, and his voice even turned hoarse, “What did you use to move His Majesty?”

“Coordinates to a foreign world. Is that enough?”

“Enough! You’re insane, but I like it. Let me accompany you in your insanity!” Weyers’ pupils began to burn with what seemed to be an ambitious fire, growing gradually in intensity.


Leylin and Weyers stood side by side in the sky, watching a building in the distance that had a large number of runes flickering on it.

“Stuart’s villa is over there! He’s a Radiant Moon though, can you handle him?” Weyers’ voice was low.

“That’s my problem to deal with. You just have to focus on holding down the fort. Besides, even if we can’t handle Stuart, we just need to get that Morning Star from Jupiter’s Lightning. That’ll be enough to discourage him from further action. The higher-ups in Sky City will also be disappointed in him, which will lead more Magi to side with you!”

Weyers didn’t refute Leylin’s calm analysis. Since the two of them were already working together, all attempts at concealing anything would merely be a joke.

“In the future, I will definitely take on any of the pressure that Sky City might exert on you, as well as suppress Jupiter’s Lightning’s forces!” Weyers’ voice was icy cold. He’d already discussed these terms with Leylin, and they’d even inked a contract.

“That’s enough!” Leylin chuckled, turning into a streak of black light and piercing into the dense spell formations like a sword. A large amount of runic chains flickered into existence, but they were quickly shredded apart.

“He actually dares to barge into the nest of a Radiant Moon. Where does he get his confidence from?” Weyers muttered to himself in the distance.

“Stuart, prepare to meet your maker!” A booming voice was transmitted into the entire area, causing many Magi to gape in shock. Since when did someone dare to barge into the residence of a Radiant Moon Magus in Sky City without an invitation, even acting so unbridled? Was something changing?

A large number of conscients gathered at the place, watching the alarming scene nearby.

“Soaring Demonic Phoenix!”

*Chirp!* The phantom of a terrifying phoenix wreathed in black fire emerged along with high-pitched cries, its gigantic wings breaking apart the spell formations in Stuart’s residence. Black flames spilled in all directions.

The remaining spell light was devoured by the black flames, and the formations completely lost their might. Yet, the giant blackfire phoenix was still unsatisfied, and it pushed at a building underneath.

*Rumble!* Like a natural calamity, the black flames swirled through the area and all that was left behind was merely a huge pit, as well as two stunned figures. All other life energy was gone.

With Leylin attacking at full power, besides Stuart and that Morning Star who could somewhat take it, the region had been completely levelled. The many maids, servants, and the like were completely obliterated.

The might of just one attack had reached this extent!

The onlookers grew crazed at this scene, thinking they were still dreaming.

“That is Lord Leylin!” Yuro’s hand clamped on her mouth.

“Ah! It’s that Morning Star who gifted me information points!” In her shock, the spectacled female Magus dropped the books she was holding.

“Wha- What’s going on?” Stuart was still in a daze. He had obviously reacted, but long years of a pampered life had resulted in his disbelief when someone dared to attack his residence. What’s worse was that they succeeded!

The stupefaction was soon replaced by rage.

“You… You dare—” Stuart snarled, terrifying energy undulations sweeping through the area. Weyers, who was already a distance away, immediately moved much further backwards, now more fearful as he watched Leylin’s back at the centre of all of it.

“I am Duke Leylin Farlier of the Ouroboros Clan, here to kill the Morning Star of an opposing organisation, Jupiter’s Lightning. All unrelated personnel are to leave!” Leylin did not wait for Stuart to speak, an immense voice travelling everywhere instantly.

“What? He’s that Leylin, the most powerful Kemoyin Warlock in history?”

“Yes! The Ouroboros Clan and Jupiter’s Lightning are now at war!”

The clamour from around the female Magus with thick glasses allowed her to get Leylin’s name. Watching Leylin’s back, traces of concern and admiration flashed across her face.

“Die!” After proclaiming this, Leylin did not give Stuart any opportunities to speak. A gigantic Kemoyin Serpent phantom with scarlet stripes on it appeared behind his back. As it thundered forth, two vertical pupils like stars gazed at the Morning Star wrapped in black mist.

“My– My Lord, save me!” Though similarly a Morning Star, he knew that there was too large a disparity between him and Leylin, and only Stuart would be able to save his life.

“You’re going too far!” Terrifying flames began to burn around Stuart, all a result of his anger.

He even vowed, deep in his heart, that no matter the cost he had to kill Leylin right here on this day!

“It’s you that I want to bully!” Leylin laughed manically, the gigantic phantom serpent swallowing both Stuart and the Morning Star whom he did not know the name of. Frightful energy undulations were immediately dispelled, and if not for the two of them controlling the situation, these undulations would have spread to the outside.

Even so, Weyers’ expression changed as he activated quite a few layers of defence, ensuring that the battlefield was only above Stuart’s residence.

A red signal alarm sounded in the control room of Sky City along with a voice, “Beep beep beep! Beep beep beep! Warning: dangerous energy detected! Warning: dangerous energy detected!

“Discovered intense energy undulations. Location: Above Lord Stuart’s residence!” The phantom images of two Magi fighting appeared on the screen, showing another Morning Star that could only hide in a corner.

The screen locked onto Leylin. “Determined target to be a Morning Star Magus!”

“What? The person who’s fighting at the same level as Lord Stuart is actually a Morning Star? Have you gone stupid?”

The person in charge smashed a file on the supervising staffer’s head.

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