WDQK Chapter 329~

Chapter 329

This beautiful Saturday chapter has been sponsored by Anonymous~

If you ever see a youngish looking guy staring intensely at his phone and strangely swearing at times, it might just be me enjoying the amazing story that is Xian Ni written by Ergun ^.^

Seriously, anyone who can translate Ergun is pretty god-like!

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    1. traduce
      3rd person present: traduces
      speak badly of or tell lies about (someone) so as to damage their reputation.

      lol what?

    2. i think he meant it in a more “perception required” manner
      like he is a gun….so i hear er gen’s novels are badass though i do not know if is it as complicated as douluo dalu…..just my conception anyways

      or maybe it is how it sounds when a chinese knowing person would pronounce it…..

  1. Youngish looking guy, who looks so handsome like the darling of Heaven, with radiance flowing off him and a Heavenly aura emanating in waves

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