USAW Book 1 Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: Meeting Qiu Luliu Again

The next day, Bai Yunfei still arrived at the agreed place half an hour early as before.

The sunlight seemed to be especially tender this morning. Everything looked vibrant, whether the grass on the ground or the weeping willows on the shores.

Bai Yunfei stood on the roadside, gazing at the willow trees that were fluttering in the wind on one side, his eyes somewhat unfocused.

“It’s been two days since I arrived in this Jade Willow City but I haven’t noticed anything unusual. Could it be the Zhang family’s or I should say the Glacial School’s forces haven’t reached this place yet? Is this because… of the existence of the Green Willow School?

“I wonder if the two long tao brothers of that Long family will come to trouble me again. The Long family is quite influential in this place so it should have several soul cultivators. Last time I merely bullied two good-for-nothings so they didn’t have too many men with them. If they still want to retaliate…

“Sure enough, it’d still be better for me to leave early? Then let’s leave this place tomorrow! After strolling about today, I’ll tell Liu Meng clearly that I’ll leave tomorrow in the early morning…”

Although he had made his decision, another feeling was bred in his mind. Was it… unwillingness? Bai Yunfei shook his head gently with a forced smile and scolded himself for being hopeless and having become so indecisive.

“Bai… Bai Yunfei?”

Just when his mind was in an emotional turmoil, a reluctant voice rang out behind him. Slightly startled, he immediately turned around to take a look.

He saw a tall young girl dressed in emerald green clothes looking at him with a pleasantly surprised expression. Bai Yunfei was slightly stupefied and said in astonishment, “Qiu Luliu! Why are you here?”

This young girl was none other than Qiu Luliu, disciple of the Green Willow School, who had come to rescue her junior sister at that time when Bai Yunfei had stabbed Zhang Yang to death.

“These words should have been said by me, right? Who would have thought it would really be you? I even suspected I got the wrong person!” Qiu Luliu walked up to Bai Yunfei smilingly. After sizing him up a bit, she said doubtfully, “Why are you in Jade Willow City?”

At this point, seeming to suddenly remember something, she subconsciously looked around, saying in a low voice, “Right, now the Zhang family is looking for you everywhere. You must be careful! Last time, about ten days after we parted ways, Zhang Yang’s father Zhang Zhenshan came looking for me and wanted me to reveal your appearance and whereabouts. I was able to casually fool him. Now that I know you’re safe and sound, I can rest easy. But you’re really quite something. I didn’t expect you to be able to avoid the Zhang family’s stool pigeons to reach this place…”

Hearing her words, Bai Yunfei was slightly dumbfounded then said with a forced smile, “I wasn’t so lucky. Zhang Zhenshan caught up with me later and it was so difficult for me to escape…”

“What?! He caught up with you?” Qiu Luliu exclaimed in a low voice, “Plus, you were unexpectedly able to escape? How did you do that?”

“Er, this is a long story. At that time he…”

“Alas, this is not the right place for us to talk about this. How about going to a tea house to have a chat? Since we hurriedly parted ways last time, I’ve always wanted to thank you properly for saving my junior sister.” Qiu Luliu said smilingly while looking around.

“This…” Bai Yunfei looked at the streets in the city then said in a somewhat embarrassed manner, “I’m afraid I can’t do this today. I already agreed to meet someone and I’m waiting for her here…”

“Oh, I see…” Qiu Luliu thought for a bit and said, “Then, how about tomorrow? This will give me just enough time to go back to my school and tell my junior sister. She’ll definitely be very happy. Tomorrow we’ll talk about what happened together, okay?”

Bai Yunfei asked doubtfully, “Go back to your school? Oh, that’s right. The Green Willow School is around this Jade Willow City, isn’t it? Is it far from here? If it’s too far, you don’t have to take the trouble to do it, Miss Qiu.”

“Never mind. The Green Willow School’s headquarters is a large manor not far to the west of the city.” Qiu Luliu said laughingly, “Ha ha, I really didn’t expect that I’d run into you when I go out today. I think my junior sister Yuhe will be very happy to see you again too. You know what, she often talks about you, her ‘lifesaver’, again and again, he he…”

The image of that lovely petite girl hiding timidly behind Qiu Luliu emerged in Bai Yunfei’s mind. He could not help giving a laugh inwardly, asking, “Right, how is Miss Chu now? She’s already started training, right?”

“Yes, of course. My master loves this little disciple very much. Junior sister is very well-behaved and hardworking too. With my master’s help, her soulforce awakened very quickly. Now she’s already about to reach the mid-stage Soul Apprentice level!” Qiu Luliu seemed to be especially happy when talking about Chu Yuhe. One could tell that she really loved this little junior sister dearly.

Bai Yunfei also said smilingly with a nod, “Oh, it’s good to know that. Where are we going to meet tomorrow? And when?”

“This… Let’s do it this way. Just tell me the name of the tavern where you’re staying and I’ll come to look for you later. I’ve still got some things to do so I don’t know exactly when I’ll be there, but it’ll definitely before afternoon…” Qiu Luliu thought for a bit and said.

“Oh, that’s alright. I’ll be waiting for you then. I’m staying in…”


After watching Qiu Luliu go away, Bai Yunfei shifted his eyes, searching the crowd a bit, and said doubtfully with his head lowered, “What’s going on with Meng’er? Why hasn’t she come yet? Could it be she’s sick again?”

“Yunfei, I’m sorry for making you wait for a long time again…”

Just when Bai Yunfei was worried inside, Liu Meng’s voice suddenly rang out. Happy in his heart, he raised his head to take a look and saw her looking at him smilingly with her hands behind her back from several meters away. Her long dress was white and her beautiful hair was like a waterfall with several strands sticking to her cheeks. When the wind blew past her, her silky hair flew upwards and her dress fluttered, making her look like a descending fairy in Bai Yunfei’s eyes…

After seeing the slim and graceful young girl in front of him, Bai Yunfei unexpectedly had no reaction for a short time. He just stared at her in a somewhat stupefied manner.

“Mis-ter-Yun-fei!! Wake up please!”

A sassy shout came into Bai Yunfei’s ears, waking him up with a start. Seeing Xiao Ning chuckling with her mouth covered, he laughed in a somewhat embarrassed manner and said, “You’re finally here, Meng’er. You’re okay, right? Did you feel sick again today?”

Hearing his words, Liu Meng suddenly blushed a little. On one side, Xiao Ning was the first to reply, “Hey, mister Yunfei, are you blaming my young lady for being late? Really, don’t you know that every girl has to spend time dressing up before going out? Humph, my young lady even specially dressed up for so long. Could it be you haven’t noticed that she looks more beautiful than yesterday?”

“What are you saying, Xiao Ning?! When did I specially dress up…?”Liu Meng pinched Xiao Ning’s arms lightly a bit and said discontentedly.

Reproved by Xiao Ning once again, Bai Yunfei gave a couple of dry coughs in an embarrassed manner and changed the topic of conversation, “Um, it’s about time already. Meng’er, let’s set off for that Cuihua Temple now.”


The three of them walked on a grassy road, talking and laughing with each other, slowly heading for that Cuihua Temple. As they went on their way, there were gradually more and more people around them. The temple’s fortune sticks were said to be especially accurate, therefore quite a lot of people wanted to go there to burn incense sticks and make wishes or to stroll about and relieve boredom.

The closer it got to midday, the more intense the sun became. Even the air became hot and dry. Xiao Ning had already opened a pink oil-paper umbrella, blocking out all the sunlight that shone on her and Liu Meng.

Seeing Bai Yunfei begin to squint because of the scorching sun, Liu Meng seemed to suddenly remember something. She halted her steps and said softly, “Right, Yunfei, I almost forgot that I have something to give you!”

“Oh?” Bai Yunfei was surprised, “Something to give me? What is it?”

Liu Meng reached out a jade-like hand with a smile. A circular object appeared in her hand — it was unexpectedly a golden straw hat…

“I remember that when we met for the first time, you were wearing a straw hat, but it seemed already very tattered. When I went out today, I happened to see someone selling this kind of hat on the side of a street so I bought a new one for you. Take it and put it on. It can block out the sunlight.”


Bai Yunfei received straw hat, which was bright golden and also had a red stripe on the side, and was stupefied speechlessly for a long time. Actually he was extremely happy inside. He had not expected Liu Meng to give him a ‘present’, but… why did it have to be a straw hat??

“What’s wrong, Yunfei? You’re not happy?”

Liu Meng’s doubtful voice rang out. Bai Yunfei regained his composure and hurriedly said, “Oh? No, no. I’m very happy. Ha ha, thank you, Meng’er…”

As he talked, he put the straw hat on his head directly, a happy smile showing up on his face. He then pressed it down a bit and immediately no longer felt the scorching sun. There was an indescribable ‘cool’ feeling in not only his body, but also in his heart…

“Mister Yunfei, my young lady has given you a present. Shouldn’t you express your gratitude a bit?”

“Ah? Oh, of course, of course, I will…”

Xiao Ning’s teasing voice and Bai Yunfei’s embarrassed reply drifted into the air. The three silhouettes got farther and farther away…

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