Total Power Outage

Hi guys, thanks to the winter storms we are suffering up in North Virginia, my area just suffered a total power outage, with no eta on the fix.  We have been down for about an hour now.  I was planning to try and break a record and do five chapters today (with the next two being this week’s regular chapters), but alas, the fates have conspired against me.  My phone was out of batteries, so I went and borrowed a friend’s phone to let you guys know what is up.  Hopefully, we will have power again by tomorrow at least. Some rest day, eh?  Cheers guys!  If the power is back, I’ll let you know!

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  1. Sorry to hear that Ren. I live near northern Virginia and I wasn’t even able to go to work today, so I got to stay home and read all the newest chapters for today. Hopefully this will be the last snow for the year.

  2. I don’t know where you live in Northern Virginia but the power is still on here in my part of NOVA. Hopefully you don’t have Pepco otherwise you it could be days before you have your power back. Good luck and stay warm

      1. I’m also just outside of DC. You must have part of dominion power. Got about 4-5 inches here hopefully the ice rain they called for doesn’t screw up the rest of your night

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