Tofu and Meat Paste

So I was making lunch this morning, and suddenly, I just started laughing. So here’s a morning riddle for you guys:

Question: Why does Linley (and IET) like tofu and meat paste so much?




Cause that stuff’s delicious and easy to make.


Okay, sorry for indulging myself xD. We’ll be on the regular schedule today!

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52 thoughts on “Tofu and Meat Paste” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. i EAT Tofu steak garnished with some deep fried crispy tofu’s along with tofu soup and Tofu as a vegetables side-dish.
        Then finally i finish off a can of tofu drink.

        As a dessert i polish of a tub of tofu ice cream!

        Its amazing how i’m not sh~ting tofu poop with all the Tofus i’m eating~

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      1. Thanks, now I can look at some of the plugins from sites I frequently visit. I’ll look into the plugins, maybe some of them can be used on my site as well.

        May the next chapter come out, so that I can read some while thinking about the plugins.

  1. Nice~ I personally love my mapo tofu with extra chili, onions and chestnut 😀

    But, isnt that a tad bit too heavy for breakfast, Ren?

    PS: you can search for Mapo tofu on google if you want to recipe of that picture

  2. Hi, I’m new here just started reading last friday, tyvm for your hard work, what is the regular schedule? Not knowing when the chapters come out is hard, in this case specifically it’s like waiting for dragon in game of thrones all over again.

        1. I have to agree with cassella here. I guess you lost ‘american’ from between ‘most’ and ‘timezones’. Although yes, ‘at night’ is quite applicable even for me. So the last thing to do before going to sleep and the first after waking up is to check wuxiaworld for chapters 🙂

  3. Nice!
    Very often I see tofu being used as “meat substitute” for vegetarians, so it’s almost a bit ironic seeing tofu and meat together in the same meal!

    On the other hand, it’s probably pretty delicious and I can easily imagine how amazing the texture is.

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