TI Vol 8: Chapter 8-2

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Vol 8: Chapter 8-2.

Although Zheng told everyone to stop training, that next movie was more important than anything to him. Because the happiness he had searched for so long would be lost if he fails. He didn’t want nor wish for that to happen. So he couldn’t fail no matter what it takes!

He had been practicing the third stage of the unlocked mode these past several days and began to understand some things. Like the it only simulated the best ability of the target, and had a limited duration. Staying in the state too long would cause headaches, which would be detrimental during a fight. So finding the limit of the duration was most valuable accomplishment these few days.

For everyone else’s preparation, Heng was more hardworking than everyone. He had talents with archery to begin with and now that he unlocked the first stage, he could shoot up to three arrows with the Burst Shot. Its speed and destructiveness stepped up a huge level. However, the shortcoming that came along was a decrease in accuracy compared to shooting with two arrows. Although he successfully used Burst shot with three arrows on the eighth day, that shot hit the ground next to the target.

Heng caressed the +3 arrow that had a faint glow. There were rune words and archaic characters carved on the arrow. He hadn’t tested the power of the arrow yet because of its cost.

“I have to test it at least once. Otherwise if something goes unexpected, those monsters would tear me apart.”

Heng shivered as he imagined the Aliens coming close to him. He drew three of the +3 arrows but then put one back after he thought for a bit. He drew the bow to a half moon shape, aiming at a stone.

He focused his attention and used the incredible technique with two arrows, the Burst shot.

Then he stared at the scene afar astounded. Even though it was a thousand meters away, he could still see clearly. However, the scene was mind blowing. He carefully took out another arrow and studied it carefully.

“With this power… single shots will be enough! I won’t let any Alien get close to me in the next movie!”

Yinkong’s training seemed more relaxing but also more weird compared to Heng’s. She sat on a flat ground with her eyes closed. It was the same pitch black basement of her room. Numerous wooden pillars surrounded a metal pillar in the center. She faced the pillars with her eyes closed while holding onto the memory wire.

After some time had passed, Yinkong opened her eyes and walked forward. She stood outside the wooden pillars and swung her arm heavily at the metal pillar then stood in place. A few seconds later, the metal pillar was cut in half from the middle then slid off. The cut was smooth as a mirror.

She breathed out then pulled back the memory wired that was wrapped around the pillar. Then turned around to the stairs.

Everyone was different before entering. Aside from practicing the psyche scan, Lan was often absent minded with her fingers over her lips and a smile, though that smile would quickly turn into a bitter one. Her expressions kept rotating between being absent minded and smiling. She sighed then took out her diary.

“He kissed me to save me. I wouldn’t have special feelings if that’s the only thing but I can feel that he was tempted at the last moment. I’m certain.”

“But what can I do? Why do he and she have to be so cruel to me? Isn’t it better to just push me into despair once and for all? Why the hopes every time then despair when I’m about to reach them? I don’t want to continue like this.”

“Perhaps if she dies… I’m disgusted at myself for having these thoughts. Am I really such a malevolent woman? No, I don’t want her to die. Lori is a nice girl, is the one he likes, and she likes him. They should be together. Good things should happen to good people, they should be together!”

Tear dripped on the white paper drop by drop with every word she wrote.

In contrast, Honglu’s room was much more fuzzy. She forced Ran to wear the cheongsam he designed. Her legs were partially visible. And the cheongsam was obviously one size too small. It wrapped around her so tight that it displayed all her curves. She stood in front of Honglu with a blushed face and said uncomfortably. “Can you let me wear my undergarments? Little brother.”

Honglu smiled. “No, I made this cheongsam after taking your measurements carefully. Don’t you feel that it suits you? Hehe, don’t worry, you will only wear this when there’s no one else around. I won’t allow you to wear it otherwise. Take this. Does this jade pendant look good?”

Although her face was still red, she took the pendant from Honglu’s hand and looked it over carefully. “Yes. It looks beautiful. Is this for me?”

Honglu scratched his head and said. “Yes. I’ve never given you any gift. Hoho, it’s not the best grade of jade but I will definitely exchange a better accessory for you in the future.”

Ran embraced him passionately then kissed him when he was surprised. Honglu backed out after a while, blushing. “What are you doing, I couldn’t breath. Remember to keep it close to you at all times. Actually no, I want to see you wear it on your neck now. Hehe, hurry.”

She rolled her eyes at him then unbuttoned the top of her cheongsam as her face grew even redder. She pulled open the cheongsam slightly and put the pendant on.

Zheng carefully checked over everything in his ring. The melting guns, the fission batteries, hemostasis sprays, bandages, some magical bullets, a submachine gun, a military jungle knife to replace the progressive knife he lost in the last movie. The sharpness was no where near the progressive knife but it was made of a corrosion resistant material. That was why Zheng chose it.

Ten gold bars in case something unexpected happens, several charms to deal with possible spiritual beings, the Book of the Dead and its key, and a defensive shield.

After checking his items, Zheng turned to Lori and said with a serious tone. “Do you still remember what I said? Repeat it once or I will slap your ass.”

Lori blushed and bit her lips. “Yeah I remember. Stay conscious so the shield can activate, because it will lose its effect once I faint or lose consciousness. Then follow you close, stay within three meters of you. Don’t touch or get close to anything that might be dangerous. Don’t help any movie characters. Right?”

Zheng nodded seriously. “Yes. You must do all of these! Otherwise, otherwise I… Please, don’t leave me alone again. I promised you I will live so its your turn to promise me. Stay alive. We will live on no matter what. We will live on together. Ok?” He then held Lori in his arms.

Lori stroke his hair tenderly and said in a light voice. “Yes, we will live on. I want you to hold onto my hand and go for walks when we get old. We will live on together.”

(We will, we must live.)

Everyone stood in the platform the next morning. Although Jie and Nana were gone, it was still seven people entering this time, and with two women who couldn’t fight.

“Enter the beam within thirty seconds. Target locked. Alien: Resurrection. Beginning transportation.”


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  1. I don’t think Zheng understands that if Lori dies he can just recreate her with the same memories using 500 points like nothing even happened. I hope he doesn’t do something stupid like save Lori over the others…

    1. yeah I was wondering about this too. Makes me wonder why they haven’t created the old members back. They never tested it so it may be possible. Author you slackin, how do you not acknowledge something so big.

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