TI Vol 7: Chapter 2-2

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Vol 7: Chapter 2-2.

Just like he had planned. Zheng chose the Vampire Count bloodline.

“Vampire Count (rank) genetic mutation, rating 90, applicable to most movies. Has blood energy and access to most blood magic. Rank Count increases vitality substantially, can recovery from any injury as long as brain and heart are not destroyed. Owner will not be affected by sunlight and silver. Requires rank B reward, 3000 points, and Vampire Viscount mutation.”

This was one of the stronger rank B enhancements. It didn’t cost that many points but the rank B reward and the prerequisite made this stronger than the average rank B enhancement.

Zheng connected to God then chose it without hesitation. Just like the previous enhancements, a beam shone onto him and he floated to mid air, about several meters off the ground. Countless particles entered into his body for up to ten minutes. Under everyone’s cry of surprise, Zheng saw the pair of black wings on his back. The beam then gradually disappeared and he landed on the ground.

“Wh-what’s that?” Lori was most caring on everything about Zheng. She immediately ran over and asked. Yet, aside from two holes on the back of his shirt, there was no wings.

Zheng touched his back and only felt his back muscles, no such thing as wings. But it couldn’t have been an illusion as everyone saw them and the two holes on his shirt were not something an illusion could cause.

Zheng muttered. “Does it signify that I will eventually grow a pair of wings if I continue down this enhancement path? But I don’t think vampires have wings.”

Honglu said. “Vampires are a branch of human in the official records of the European churches. From the religious texts I had read, vampires are a type of demons, so it isn’t strange having a pair of wings. In fact, my speculation was your body will change the deeper enhanced with the bloodline. And it seems to be true.”

Zheng closed his eyes to feel all the changes that happened within his body. The first was the blood energy residing in his head. This energy had filled up his head now. About ten times more than before. Not only in quantity, the quality of this energy also increased. If you describe the energy as a gas before, it became a liquid now. If he downgrades the energy to a gas and use it like he had, he could increase the total quantity to twenty or thirty folds.

This was not the end. His stats were also increased by a lot. He had reached

Intelligence 277
Mental Capacity 332
Cell Vitality 521
Reaction Speed 487
Muscle Density 602
Immunization Strength 431

Now that he had an abundant amount of blood energy, he only lacked the abilities to utilize it. He still had a rank C and D reward each and 6770 points. It should be enough to get him a scifi weapon and learn some spells from the Book of the Dead. This enhancement increased his power level by a large margin.

He opened his eyes when he heard Honglu’s voice. “How does it feel? Any huge power ups?”

Zheng nodded with a smile. He took a breath and began to control the blood energy on his head. Then used the only ability he knew, Red Flame. A blood colored flame flared up from his body. This flame rose up to three feet high, much higher than before. And there was a tiny amount of golden flame within. Although they hadn’t tested it, but everyone felt that this golden flame was much more destructive than the blood colored flame.

Zheng could only use the flame for several minutes when he was a vampire viscount. However, this was no longer a concern anymore. His energy could sustain the flame for at least half an hour now. It was such a drastic difference between just one rank, not only in blood energy but also his stats. This rank B reward and 3000 points were worth more than their value.

When Zheng was about to stop his ability, a bit of blood energy spread throughout his body instead of returning to his head. He was caught off guard but fortunately this energy didn’t exhibit its corrosive property inside his body. He thought that this was a change that came with the enhancement and didn’t do anything to stop the energy.

However, when the energy reached his navel, also where his Qi rests, the blood energy became excited, like a when water came in contact with boiling oil. It was as though the rest of the energy received a signal and came rushing from his head to his pool of Qi. He felt a strong prickling pain on the path the blood energy passed through. The energy then invaded into the Qi.

The blood energy was boiling violently as they invaded and corroded the pool of Qi, as though they couldn’t allow the existence of Qi. However, the Qi accepted this energy gently and fused with it. Qi seemed like a stronger type of energy, however the amount of blood energy was ten times that of Qi.

Zheng screamed as he fell to the ground during this invasion of energy. His skin became red and hot, the path that was traveled by the blood energy felt like burned. He also felt his navel was tearing apart. The collision of these two energies were a disaster. A few seconds later, he spit out several mouthful of blood.

“Enter the unlocked state! Hurry. Control your blood energy back to your head. Then constrict them. Don’t let them leave your head. Hurry!”

As Zheng was about to pass out in pain, he heard Jie’s voice. Without thinking, he instinctively entered the second stage of the unlocked mode. He slowly gained back his consciousness and realized the situation he was in.

This was probably what people described as deviation of energy, two energies trying to devour each other. Although these two energies had been in his body the whole time, but they were at about the same quantity and quality before and maintained a balance. It was also easier to maneuver such energy, like he was able to combine blood energy with Qi during The Mummy. This was also the reason he couldn’t use much blood energy because as the weaker of the two, the blood energy stayed in his head as a self defense. Now that it became much stronger than Qi, the balance was broken.

“Unlocking the genetic constraint brings you much more power than you can imagine. Without the unlocked mode, you can only utilize a small fraction of your enhancements. Either you get backfired by your enhancements or you control them. This is also a part of evolution.”


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