TI Vol 6: Chapter 4-2

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Vol 6: Chapter 4-2.

“Board here then we will go toward the marketplace in the desert. If everything goes well, we can buy our supplies and camels there. We should reach Hamunaptra in a few days.” O’Connell took out a sand tray and drew their path on the sand.

They were having breakfast in the cabin but due to the threats they made yesterday, the crew rejected their invitation to eat together. Though none of them really cared.

“Where are our allies?” Honglu asked.

Ardeth Bay (The man in black) paused for a moment then drew a line in the sand. “In between the marketplace and Hamunaptra. Since the desert is too large, we can only wait in the center then send our men to search for our enemies. This is the most we can do.”

Honglu nodded. Zheng studied the sand tray for a while and said, “So this is decided. We still have a few days. Everyone take a good rest then we have to fight for our lives… We are not running this time. Only one side can live. O’Connell, can we get weapons and ammunitions in the marketplace? Normal bullets are fine.”

Ardeth answered him instead, “We have men and a little warehouse in the marketplace. There should be some weapons, even though they are not as powerful as the ones you have, but there should be enough ammunition.”

Zheng laughed. “That’s good enough. Normal bullets can kill the regular mummies… Ok, any questions? After we meet with our allies, Zero will go on his own to assassinate that Indian woman. Honglu, Liang, Heng, and Zhuiyu will join the big group. It shouldn’t be too dangerous under the protection of so many people. As to Jie, Lan, Yinkong, O’Connell, Evelyn, Jonathan and me, the seven of us will continue to Hamunaptra and obtain the Book of Amun-Ra before anyone else. Then we will take away Imhotep’s immortality and kill the rest of Team India!”

“What about me?” Ardeth asked quickly.

“Of course stay with your people. The battle inside Hamunaptra doesn’t have much to do with the two of you. We caused the problem so we will take responsibility for it. It’s a big help already to block off Imhotep’s mummies and possibly assassinate one or two people in Team India.”

“How can I avoid the battle when I am the descendent of the Pharaoh’s bodyguard? Eliminating Imhotep is originally our responsibility! Not even God will prevent us from joining the battle! I should be in the Hamunaptra group.”

Zheng sighed. “Then let the eight of us go to Hamunaptra. The curator is not young and should stay with the big group.”

The curator opened his mouth but in the end didn’t say anything. Zhuiyu though suddenly asked O’Connell, “Where is the ship going if we keep sailing down the river? To the ocean?”

O’Connell replied, “Yes, it should follow the river to the ocean. There will be ocean liners that will take over the cargos of this ship.”

Zhuiyu laughed. “How about this? We newbies will take the ship out to the ocean, since we can’t help you anyway. If we die in the battle, it will just cause more burden for you. I don’t believe Team India can know we are leaving for the ocean and come chase us… We will be in absolute safety and you won’t have to worry about us.”

Zheng asked Honglu, “What do you think? I think it’s not a bad idea. They can be saved and they can’t offer much help. If we lose the fight, then it doesn’t matter whether they are there or not…”

Honglu twirled his hair then smiled. “Let them choose themselves. You can sail out to the ocean if you want. Though I hope you will stay with the big group. Heng, what’s your choice?”

Heng paused for a moment then said, “I also want to stay with the group… Hoho, I’ve always wanted to see what it looks like when thousands of horses charge into a battle. Even though this isn’t the best time, I still don’t want to miss the opportunity.”

Zhuiyu quickly turned to Liang and looked at him with the eyes of a kitten. Liang only looked at her for a second before giving in. “Th-then I choose to sail out. The two of us will sail out to the ocean. This way we can also look after each other.”

Zheng nodded. “So it’s decided then. I will give you some normal bullets, two rifles, hemostasis spray and some bandages. But I won’t give you a communication device. Once we split up, you can only depend on yourselves. I don’t want to be suddenly notified of losing two points. Okay?”

Honglu laughed and said, “Give them a communication device. The two of them can use one and we can know their situation at any time, or let them know how we are doing. We don’t have to worry about it getting into the hands of Team India anyway so it’s fine to give them one… Right, they also need some money for the expenses on the way. Give them some gold bars.”

Zhuiyu and Liang nodded. They looked relieved but didn’t notice Honglu’s smile.

The group decided go ashore after breakfast. Zhuiyu and Liang stayed on the ship and sailed down the river.

After running for ten minutes, Honglu looked at the communication device and suddenly said, “Change of plans. The bait has been set.”

Everyone looked at him in confusion. Zheng asked, “What bait?”

Honglu handed the device to him. “Them… the two that’re sailing away. They should be under mind control of the woman from Team India right now.”

Zheng looked at the device. One of the dots was moving slowing whereas the rest of them were grouped in the center of the screen. “Why do you say this? What’s wrong?”

“They slowed down. To be precise, they came to a stop two minutes ago then began moving slowly, much more slowly than when we were on the ship… If my guess is correct, the woman from Team India can control people from afar, and she put a marker on them. Once they got out the range of the strange protection around us, that woman could sense and control them.”

Zheng thought for a moment. “But they are still alive.”

Honglu laughed. “That’s because she learned of our plan from their memories. If they get killed immediately then we would become suspicious and change our plan. Since these two people are powerless, they can leave them alive until we are dead.”

“Judging from the ship slowing down, there’s a limit to the range of her mind control. She had the ship slowed down so she could go over and take the two of them to Hamunaptra. Then they will wait there and ambush us… If they have to go such a distance and still want to reach Hamunaptra before us… Then the only tool of transportation is the plane from the original plot…”

At the same time, at the entrance to Cairo. “This is their plan, leader. What should we do with these two people? Have the ship sail back here?”

Beside the India woman was Shiva and Imhotep. Shiva shook his head. “Continue sailing at low speed… How much longer until they go out of range?”

“Six hours at this rate.”

Shiva nodded. “Then let the ship maintain this speed. Arot and Lamu had already left to find the airport. Once we get the plane, we can quickly chase them down even if they go out of range… High Priest Imhotep, just like you see, we are enemies to the team that’s trying to stop you. Enemies of your enemies are your allies. We will help you revive Anck-su-Namun but we need your help to defeat that other team. Can your army continue to Hamunaptra? After learning of the ten thousand cavalries, your army is the only force that can stop them and earn us time to revive Anck-su-Namun.”

Imhotep nodded and said something in old Egyptian. Then he turned around and roared. A dense sea of mummies was on the streets behind him. They roared as one with him. This earth-shattering, terrorizing roar seemed as if would could cause the whole city of Cairo to buckle…

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