TI Vol 19 Chapter 5-2

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The crowd exclaimed at the sight of the Sky Stick more than shocked. The Chinese shouted, “Flying sword! He’s a Xian!”

“No wonder they can beat up hundreds with just three people.”

“Please take me as an apprentice!”

The crowd had grown to over ten thousand people during the time they waited. Cries spread throughout the crowd and some even kneel down to pay their respect. The Chinese were looking to break through the foreign police barricade to get to team China. With these many people, these police would likely get trampled to death if they wouldn’t back off.

The fat chief that ChengXiao and Heng threatened also arrived at the scene. Team China caused such a disturbance and didn’t run like typical criminals. They instead came to the foreigners’ settlement under broad daylight. Representatives from the Japanese army and other countries exerted pressure to the Shanghai government as a result. A thousand elite Japanese soldiers had left their settlement ten minutes ago, an army capable of slaughtering any criminals.

(But that’s limited to normal criminals or armies. What if their enemies are Xian? Jesus. Xian actually exist in this world. Where were they when China was being humiliated?)

Fat man stared at the team with mixed emotions. No one was born a traitor. If China wasn’t so weak, if being Chinese didn’t get humiliated by other countries, if people didn’t want to live a better life, some people wouldn’t have fallen for the temptations. Yet, these people hated those they served at the same time.

While the crowd was reaching the point of eruption and the police becoming distressed, Xuan stood up. All the sounds died down as everyone put their eyes on the only standing person in the center. Xuan walked around in a circle then two pistols slipped into his hands. He aimed the pistols are his sides.

“No!” Heng reacted instantly. He nearly ran in four legs to Xuan and grabbed his hands. “Don’t. Zheng’s just left a second ago and you want to start a massacre already? The people still haven’t break through the barricade. And they are Chinese! How can we establish a stable base after you kill these people?”

The rest of the members all came up to Xuan but he spoke before anyone else got the chance. “The situation is dangerous. This crowd will threaten the lives of the sleeping members once they break through and you hold back on killing. Instead of starting a massacre at that point, we might as well…”

The whole team stared at him cautiously but no one was able to stop him. The pistols danced along with the sound of gunfire. Xuan then sat back down.

All the police lay on the ground in blood.

Zheng had no worries leaving the team behind because Xuan was there. He concentrated all his attention because somehow, he sensed the existence of very weak refined Qi the nearer he came to the sand. This Qi resonated with the refined Qi in his body.

(Refined Qi is an energy from Cultivation. Could there be Cultivators in The Mummy’s world? This mission might not be as simple as Xuan expected.) Zheng thought to himself as the Sky Stick flew into the sand.

As soon as he entered the sandy field, he felt a thousand pounds weighted down on his body. The Sky Stick slowed down like it bore the weight. Fortunately, the electric jet system Xuan added gave it the burst needed to push past the field and into a land of sand.

The sandy field covered an area of about eight residential buildings. These buildings barely resembled their former selves due to the damage they suffered. Over a hundred dead bodies lay all over the streets, some burned to a charcoal, some froze in ice, some drained of all liquid, and some turned into stones. In the air above the streets was a sand wave carrying a man and a woman who looked petrified. These two were Jonathan and Anck-Su-Namun.

The two people were shocked to see Zheng breaking through the sandy field and then they were overflown with delight. Though the sand surrounding them prevented their voices from reaching Zheng. They pointed at Zheng’s behind.

Zheng did not see the Cultivators he was expecting, only Imhotep in his sand form. When he notice Jonathan’s gesture, he knew things were bad. A strong wind swept toward him. He had to leap off the Sky Stick. The Sky Stick fell to the ground and at the same time a fireball shot past where he was at then blasted into a building. Over half the building’s walls were crushed in the explosion.

(I can feel it! Refined Qi!)

Zheng didn’t have to turn around to feel the Refined Qi appearing behind him. It was a feeling similar when a person closed his eyes to sense the world. The person could sense the thing that he could neither see nor touch. Zheng had a feeling that his Refined Qi was being drawn away. He created them using the One Ring unlike Luo YingLong who could cultivate the Qi. Refined Qi was incompatible with him.

However, infinitesimal control of the fourth stage brought him the power to control the energy inside his body with ease. That was how he used Refined Qi without knowing Cultivation. The Qi in his body stabilized at his thought.

Zheng was still in the air after everything that happened. Suddenly, another strong wind swept at him then bang! He was blasted through a building and collided at the sandy field. The force from the collision bounced him back several meters.

Zheng felt the pain coming from his spine. This attack was powerful enough to damage his body and inserted a piece of Refined Qi into him.

He finally took the situation seriously and drew Tiger’s Soul from the ring. His refined Qi consumed the invading Qi then flowed into Tiger’s Soul. The next second, he charged out from the building ruin just to freeze in a shock.

Five huge monsters in yellow clothes were faintly visible in the sky. They looked like enlarged humans with arms nearly five meters long. However, there was nothing beneath their torsos much like the genie from Aladin’s story.

The most shocking thing was the human heads that composed the monsters’ bodies under the yellow clothes. The heads cried, screamed, wailed and changed from one face to another. These heads were the souls of humans.

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