TI Vol 18 Chapter 12-10

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“Amazing!” The three men gasped. TengYi and WangXia were also suspicious. They had seen YinKong use The Shining Air Wave but that power was definitely far away from this attack. Its range also did not extend up to two hundred meters.

(If I can use this ability to its fullest potential, the range should be at least five hundred meters. This body isn’t strong enough. It had been dead for so many years after all. The unlocked mode also only goes up to the lowest level of fourth stage. It’s up to Xuan now. Hope he has a way to make me alive again.)

YinKong looked at the men with a smile and said, “I suddenly want to live. There are some things only the living can do. Death takes all the burden away but you also won’t be able to do anything, whether it is to weep or repay for your sin. Even suffering will only continue when you are alive.”

No one understood what YinKong meant. They thought she was expressing her feeling toward the desperate situation they were in so no one said anything in reply. The party fixed their eyes at the incoming helicopter.

The helicopter stopped at a thousand meters away and then fired another air-to-ground missile.

After YinKong blasted the missile with the Air Wave again, WangXia said, “Can the Air Wave reach further? The helicopter is about a thousand meters away!”

YinKong’s eyes remained cold as ice and sharp as a blade. She replied with a smile, “It can’t hit so far. But if I throw the sword up..” Her arm moved with a throwing action.

They did not see anything being thrown but they knew she had thrown the invisible sword.

It might had been an illusion, WangXia and TengYi thought they saw black ancient characters surfaced on YinKong’s arm. In just a blink of an eye, her arm returned to normal and they thought their eyes just lost focus for that moment. At the same time, the front window on the helicopter exploded as if something smashed the helicopter from the front. The helicopter wavered for a few seconds until it finally dropped to the ground. The helicopter exploded in a loud boom.

“See? All good now. It’s an armed helicopter this round. If we continue to stay in this world, he will eventually come back with a force that not even I can fight against.” YinKong said. “When the time comes, we are dead.”

The three who were in an excitement after witnessing YinKong easily shot down a helicopter sighed. Freddy was growing more powerful by the second. Who could tell how powerful he would get? What if ten, a hundred, a thousand armed helicopters swarm them?

YinKong was going to say something when she suddenly looked to the distance. The men’s eyes followed.

In the open space far away, ChengXiao was carrying Heng on his back and running toward them. He could barely catch his breath. “YinKong. Haha. I saw my YinKong…”

There was no overreaction from YinKong as she used to had. Her smile remained warm and gentle and so was those cold eyes. As the two people approached, she flashed over to behind their backs.

ChengXiao and Heng were both surprised. Heng immediately turned his vision around while raising his bow to aim. However, YinKong put her hand on the bow and said, “Good, it’s Heng and ChengXiao. Sorry I have to test you in case you are Freddy.”

“That’s the right thing to do… Anyway.” ChengXiao said, “I don’t know why but I suddenly find myself liking you more than before. Is the gap in your heart a lack of feminen attractiveness? And you gained it when you overcame it?”

YinKong winked at him. ChengXiao was completely stunned and in the next second, he was flying backward. He fell on the ground after flying for ten meters then immediately jumped back up. Judging by how he was only rubbing his butt, YinKong had controlled her force. Heng wasn’t injured so she grabbed a hold of him before knocking ChengXiao away.

“So Xuan has gotten so powerful already?” YinKong asked.

ChengXiao was putting his full attention on piercing needles onto Heng’s legs.

Heng clenched his teeth at the tingling sensation then replied with a bitter smile, “That’s probably not even Xuan’s real strength. I can feel his power is still growing. Furthermore, he still can’t use gun-kata and the Lambda Driver at the same time. Otherwise, we would have been dead.”

“Is that so?” YinKong blinked her eyes and suddenly laughed. “We will leave the four arrow Explosive Shot for next time. Can you show me the three arrow shot? I want to see its power.”

Heng looked at his fingers. All five fingers were red and swollen. The four arrow Explosive Shot damaged his tissues. He had to heal every time he practiced this shot in God’s dimension. So even though YinKong requested it, he wasn’t in the condition to use even the two arrow shot.

ChengXiao stabbed two needles into his arm and wrist. He twirled the needles and said, “Dude, it’s impolite to refuse a beautiful girl’s request. Not to mention a big breasts baby face…”

YinKong knocked his head with a giggle. ChengXiao was overjoyed and reached out for her little hand but at the next moment, he was flying again. Though he quickly got up and ran back like a cockroach.

Heng paid no attention to ChengXiao. He circulated the nearly depleted energy in his body. The swelling had subsided in just ten seconds after stimulation from the needles and his energy, which enabled him to use his bow for a brief period. He placed three +4 enchanted arrows on the bow and fired at a big tree a thousand meters away.

Pah-pah. The arrows collided midway. The final arrow accelerated to a speed that not even YinKong could catch with her eyes. That smile on her face turned to a more serious expression because the arrow cut the tree in half and continued flying for several thousand meters.

“Not even this three arrow Explosive Shot could break the Lambda Driver’s barrier?” YinKong sighed.

Heng nodded. “The theory behind the Explosive Shot is to merge the forces of multiple arrows into one through collision. The final arrow’s force grows exponentially by the number of arrows. However, gun-kata is probably a counter to this technique. It does not rely on his eyes to catch the arrows. The calculated shots in every direction tend to shoot down the arrows before collision. I could only use this shot when he was unable to use gun-kata. If he’s still alive, he probably gained the power to use both gun-kata and Lambda Driver by now… I won’t be able to hit him anymore even if I can use the four arrow Explosive Shot again.”

Neither ChengXiao nor Heng wanted to have YinKong fight Xuan after they witnessed Xuan’s power. YinKong was a strong fighter in the team but her chance of winning was almost nonexistent. The only person stronger than this Xuan at the moment was only Zheng.

YinKong nodded then stopped talking. She sat there and waited. The other five people began to discuss a way to beat Xuan.

(The stronger the power, the more restrictions it has. Xuan in the real world is definitely not an issue. I just have to wait for the five minutes of Lambda Driver to be over and I can kill him in an instant. However, without this time limit, is the Xuan in this world invincible?)

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  1. thanks for the chapter…. seems like she died and is using some type of power to be in this dream with her dead body…. And it seems like she awakened her powers when she died, because of that she can be soo powerfull, but her body is dead and she is going to die in soul too

  2. For some reason, Yingkong is way scarier than before…

    I don’t completely get it what’s going on with her. Maybe she refers as her body as “dead” because her real body was left on resident evil. The body she has now is a copy of her own body created by Zheng using the human creator app provided by God.

  3. The theory behind “Explosive shot” is completely stupid actually, it can’t increase power like they pretend it does, because the arrow is travelling away from the shooter and even if each shot is faster than the previous one, the front arrow will at most be as fast as the final shot, making it useless to collide arrows in the air. He would be better off just shooting the final shot at full power without any collision.

    The one feat that could be accomplished, along the same lines, would be to build resonance in the bow, catching the rebound from the previous shot to increase the amplitude of the next one. Even then, this would simply amount to pulling the bow further, which would only be useful if the bow is so strong that you can’t pull it all the way in the first shot. But it would still make zero sense to collide arrows in the air. The other way to increase the shot’s power would be to use heavier arrows, since a heavier object moving at the same speed will carry more force. Of course it would also make the arrow fall off faster.

    1. H’yup. I said the same thing about the explosive-shot a few volumes ago. One cannot claim each arrow makes the former carry more speed and force, if each consecutive arrow needs to catch up to it. Just fire a single arrow which has all of that power to begin with, that nimwit.

      My interpretation of “how explosive shot would work”, is that the initial arrow was normal, and the other one following it had some form of “secret energy juice” which will literally explode as it hits the other arrow, and thus generate momentum.
      Treating the bow like a pendulum, though, is a strange, albeit interesting idea.

  4. Summary: Yinkong became more aloof and open after her heart-demon was resolved. ChenXiao is still a comic relief character.
    Heng was requested to fire 3 arrows to demonstrate the bare-minimum amount of power required to take out Xuan’s barrier. Yinkong has no ideas.
    Next chapter.

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