TI Vol 17 Chapter 2-2

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Infinitesimal control was really required before attempting energy condensation. Otherwise it would end in an explosion just like what happened to Zheng. Fortunately, not everyone could get their hands on the One Ring.

Zheng recalled Xuan’s words then thoroughly pondered the application of the ring again. He realized the One Ring was actually immensely powerful. One important possibility was if he had an infinite amount of Qi or Blood Energy, could he convert them to psyche force and use this energy to control other people? As the quantity of this energy grew, the number of people he could control grew. That would make ring become the actual One Ring of the movie.

Despite all these thoughts, he stayed with Lori throughout the night. It was only a day in Lori’s perspective but he had been in the Lord of the Rings world for over a month. He made it through the blood baths and wavered on the edge of hell multiple times. A warmth arose within his heart as he looked at Lori. He held her tenderly on the grassy field in their basement. The two quietly cuddled.

A little black dog sniffed their backs. Seeing that the two ignored it, the dog bit their clothes. It was a clever boy as it only bit the clothes and carefully avoided biting their bodies.

Lori really liked being cuddled. Every time Zheng came back weathered and wounded, she felt pity toward him and pains in her heart. So much she wished she could stay by his side every moment. As the little dog disrupted their limited serenity, she waved her hand to the back. “Go, go, doggie. Play to the side or you won’t get A5 steak tomorrow.”

The dog seemingly understood her words. It moaned then walked to the side with a look of defeat. Little flares spitted out through its mouth.

Zheng couldn’t help but glanced over at the dog a few more times. This was the child of the dragon he brought back from Jurassic Park. He coincidentally adopted it as a pet. The original goal was only to use it for dragon blood supply in order to enhance team members. However, the dragon’s rate of growth exceeded their expectation. In just over a months time, it had grown to the size of a dog and could breathe flame from its mouth. If it continued to grow, it might bring back the power of its mother.

(I wonder if there’s a way to make it grow faster. The dragon’s power can rival a typical fourth stage player.) Zheng thought to himself but he knew that was naïve thinking. Dragons would take a hundred years or more to mature. He might not live long enough. He buried these thoughts for now and gave all his attention to Lori.

Noon of the next day, all team members gathered on the platform. Zheng said that Qi TengYi did not have to be revived in The Mummy since he never obtained too many points and rewards. It was more cost efficient to revive him with double his points. HongLu on the other hand would require a trip to The Mummy. Zheng placed his hopes on HongLu. They would finally have someone who could at least guess what Xuan was thinking. So that he didn’t have to be scared of falling into Xuan’s schemes without even knowing.

Team China had become so familiar with The Mummy so they didn’t prepare much. They carried t heir weapons then exchanged time in the world. It was the same process of finding the curator then heading to Hamuptra. An event occurred as they arrived at Hamuptra.

“A letteer? For me?” Zheng asked an officer in the base with curiosity. The officer dutifully handed him a letter. It was said to have come from China and was specifically designated to Zheng.

All their acquaintances in The Mummy had their own lives. O’Connell and Evelyn started a business in mining. They had several gold mines in the west under their names. They finally became wealthy. It was reported that Evelyn found a large tomb inside one of the gold mines… This woman seemed to be a magnet for dangers.

Ardeth was working for the future of the Medjai. They had more gold than some of the big countries with the support of Zheng. Ardeth became the most welcomed figure amount American businessmen. That was only his identity in the light. His true identity was still a member of the organization.

Imhotep and Anck-Su-Namun failed to find the Holy Grail then began a journey all over the world searching for ruins. They returned to Egypt as the promised day with Zheng was coming near. However, an unkonwn reason caused them to go to China. It was said that they went with Jonathan to search for an immortal medicine that belonged to a Chinese emperor several thousand years ago.

As for Jonathan, he indeed went to China. He wasn’t too rich, though Zheng was never stingy when it came to giving him gold. His sense to money got him a large profit soon after he landed in China. He obtained Aks from Ardeth then sold them to the Chinese military. And in turn was dragged into some military secret. In addition, he accidentally obtained a map for an immortal medicine. So he ended up being chased for his life.

After Zheng learned of everyone’s situation, he could guess what the letter was about. And indeed, it was Jonathan describing the immortal medicine and him obtaining a map. He decided check whether the map was real or fake and got Imhotep along with him. If it was fake, he wouldn’t have to bother Zheng. And if it turned out to be real, he would like a little help from Zheng, with a split of profits. He would get 70% while Zheng get 30%.

“He can go die.” Zheng didn’t bother with him. Too bad that Imhotep also went to China. As soon as he confirmed Imhotep wanted to enter God’s dimension, he would immediately go back to exchange a watch and return to The Mummy. That would add a undying wizard to team China and raise the team’s strength.

Anyway, they could not invite Imhotep to the team for now. There was no hints of anything on this letter denoting their location. Neither did he know if the map was real or not. If it turned out to be fake, the ten of them would cost 500 points a day in this world, which was not really worth the risk. Zheng could only finish what he had to do first and revive HongLu.

“Deducted 8000 points and one rank B reward.” God’s voice appeared in Zheng’s mind.

The images he saw changed to that pitch black night in Resident Evil. HongLu, several team members and movie characters were running on the main road. He played some deceptive tricks like hiding the movie characters and had them ambush team Devil. He seemed to know team Devil wouldn’t kill the movie characters. However, the gap between the two teams’ strength was too high. There was no way for them to outrun the Sky Sticks. The movie characters were knocked unconscious with ease and captured. The scene then came to Xuan landing on the ground then placed a bullet into HongLu’s head.

This was a lonely black room. HongLu had no choice but to take on the stress from life as a test subject. He was young but his mind was mature. He knew he could not let his future continue in the same state. Yet, what could he do? Lonely and helpless depicted him.

If there was someone who could approach me. If there was someone who could listen to my words. If there was someone who could talk with me. If I am not a test subject… If there was someone who could love me…

That nurse entered his life. They gradually started talking and got to know each other. When HongLu displayed his intelligence in front of other people, she finally realized he was such a smart person. Smiles slowly came upon him and then a sudden fire at the research facility…

“I don’t want to experience loneliness. I don’t want to be a test subject again. I don’t want to be all by myself.”

Zheng sighed. He quietly looked at HongLu on the altar.

The boy who liked to twirl his hair sat there confused. As he looked around and noticed Xuan, his expression changed. He pinched the hair on his forehead.

“That means… I revived? This should be The Mummy. So the ancient book that can resurrect people is real.” HongLu muttered. He turned to Xuan. “I lost to you just then… No, Resident Evil should have been long ago. Interested in playing a game with me? We will have a bet in the next movie.”

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