TI Vol 15 Chapter 11-1

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Vol 15 Chapter 11-1

Zheng stopped hiding his anger as he walked the path. He wasn’t walking too fast. Every person that he walked by felt a strange pressure and instinctively stepped away from him. It wasn’t until he reached the corridor leading to the executive office before the guards stopped him.

“Pardon me. Please show your pass!” Several guards stopped him and one of them said.

Zheng quietly estimated the time then smiled at the guards. A crimson light flashed across from Zheng’s hand before the guards reacted. Then they watched in terror as their upper body fell off. Zheng had already stepped pass them.

“I said all of you here must die!” He said as he gritted his teeth.

He walked toward the office with Tiger’s Soul in his hand. A dangerous aura surrounded him. It was rare to see such aura from him but things wouldn’t end so easily when it did.

Zheng slashed the sword across everyone he saw on the way. His destructive power was greatly increased with Tiger’s Soul on hand especially with its light blade. The only sword he had encountered that could counter the light blade was Excalibur. Otherwise, the light blade formed by Qi could cut through everything.

The sharp siren rang after he killed the 27th person. He was less than 100 meters from the office. At the end of the corridor was a red wooden door. Zheng had entered unlocked mode. He could tell that there were dozens of guards behind the door judging by the sound of their breathing, heartbeats, and the friction from their movements. He could even tell their positions.

Zheng smiled coldly. He put the dragonshard necklace on then pushed the door open and walked in. There were indeed dozens of guards behind the door. All of them wore full armor with gas masks and held assault rifles aiming at him.

Pah, pah, pah. An old man in casual attire sitting behind the guards clapped his hands with a smile. “Good. Your combat strength is incredible. I have seen everything that happened on your way here. I am curious where did your weapon come from? In the video, the weapon suddenly appeared in your hand. Oh, and the four rings also.”

Zheng gave him a cold smile. “I don’t have any obligation to answer your questions. However, since you are going to do something for me in while, I will answer you. This weapon and the rings were in this ring that you took from me. Now it’s your turn. Where are the surveillance videos?”

The old man showed a surprised expression. He gave a serious look at the ring then laughed. “If what you said is true, then we have done something stupid by handing a ring more valuable than you back. But it’s all good. The ring is still here. The surveillance videos are right behind you.” He pointed to the door behind Zheng.

Zheng turned his head around and saw monitors embedded over the door. The old man could see these monitors from where he was sitting. The screens showed the corridors he just walked past and all the dead bodies lying there.

“Then you are useless.” Zheng turned back around and smiled coldly.

He slashed Tiger’s Soul horizontally. The guards also opened fire when he moved the sword. The dozens of rifles instantly shredded the door behind him and pierced countless holes on the wall. Zheng finished the slash, everything the light blade moved past was cut in half. Bodies of the guards who were firing as they moved began to slide off from their lower body. Those who were standing still took two or three more seconds before their bodies fell off. The scene was terrifying for normal people. A translucent barrier enveloped Zheng. All the bullets stopped at the barrier. The dragonshard protected him from the dozens of rifles.

The old man looked dumbfounded. He never imagined the situation would develop like this. Zheng was still eight meters away from the guards. He couldn’t run faster than the bullets. That was why the old man looked calm and in control. However, Zheng didn’t even need to get close to the guards. A slash with that red sword from distance cut the guards in half like there was an invisible blade. And a barrier that you would only see in sci-fi movies appeared. Everything happened beyond his imagination. The old man opened his mouth wide and stared at Zheng as if this was the first time he saw him.

Zheng ignored him then turned back around to the monitors. “Switch the locations, go to where Alice is.”

The old man shivered and his mind came back from the shock. He was obviously scared of dying. He quickly pointed a remote at the monitors. The screens jumped several times then the healing center appeared. However, the area was in a mess. Researchers were lying on the floor moaning. A man wanted to get up but he seemed beaten up and couldn’t do it.

Zheng then said. “Switch locations. Show all the corridors going from the healing center to the entrance of the facility.”

Old man was obedient. He kept switching the surveillance cameras and finally got to the entrance of the facility. A blonde woman was standing there. A hundred guards were pointing their guns at her. This scene was so similar to when he opened the door.

A black sedan drove over and stopped outside the guards. A man and woman got off the sedan. It was Carlos and Jill. Carlos handed a piece of document to the guard leader. Jill walked past them to Alice. She said something in a low voice then grabbed her hand. They walked to the car. Carlos also got on after them and the car drove away.

Zheng watched until they reached a road block. Then he turned back to the old man. “Call them, let them pass.”

The old man didn’t pick up the phone. He let out a sigh of relief and said. “Let them pass? Do you think they can leave the road block safely? I can guarantee the paper they have is questionable. It will let them in but leaving is not so easy. You are right I can let them leave immediately but what about my own safety? I don’t think you will let me go. I am not going to make the call until my safety is guaranteed. It doesn’t matter if you kill me. If I have to die either way, why would I want to die after being used by you?”

Zheng smiled. He took off his necklace and threw it on the table in front of the old man. Once the old man picked it up, he grabbed a rifle from the floor and fired at him. That scared the old man then he realized the barrier.

“Good enough? The dragonshard necklace can create a barrier to protect you. You are safe now.” Zheng said with a cold smile.

Old man looked over the necklace then took out a handgun from the drawer. He carefully aimed it at his hand and pulled the trigger. The bullet was indeed blocked by a translucent barrier. He let out a sigh of relief then picked up the phone.

Zheng ignored him. He went back to the monitors. He could see that the guards received a phone call then let the black sedan leave. After the sedan drove far away, turned around.

“Sorry I lied.”

Zheng slashed Tiger’s Soul across and the old man’s head fell on the table. His expression paused in shock.

“The necklace only blocks sci-fi weapons. Tiger’s Soul isn’t one.” He picked the necklace back up and put it on his neck. Then he took out the Bracelet of Anubis.

“Let’s begin. Everyone here needs to die!”

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