TI Vol 15 Chapter 1-3

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Vol 15 Chapter 1-3

By the time everyone came out from their rooms, the whole team stood under God. Each person obtained different amount of points and ranked rewards. Xuan and Gando got the most. The two people they killed were unlocked members and they killed a lot of bugs. They both got 13000 points and two rank B rewards. Lan got 1000 points less than them. Everyone was going to get a big increase in strength after the movie. They chatted with excitement and smiles. Zheng could even notice a hint of being relaxed from Xuan.

“Ahem. We have great earnings this time.” Zheng said with a laughter. “The points aside, each of us got at least a rank B reward and some even got two. Ranked rewards are what’s valuable. We can revive more comrades this time and enhance ourselves. About the revivals, we need to discuss it.”

Xuan said his decision. “I have decided to revive three people this movie. They are Yinkong, Heng, and ChengXiao. The distribution of points is each of us aside from Zero contribute 4000 points, then Lan, Gando and I will also contribute a rank B reward. Everyone wouldn’t use too many points and still have a rank B reward left. As for Zero’s two rank B rewards, you can enhance yourself and give the remaining to the revived members.”

The others calculated his proposal. Zheng would have 8000 points left and his rewards remained the same amount. That would be enough for a slightly lower tier sword technique. They would also revive three members that main combat and most importantly, a doctor. This was better than he expected.

Zheng nodded. “Then it’s decided. Their strengths are what the team needed most. We will wait until after the next movie to revive HongLu and the other members. Everyone rest a day or two then we will enter The Mummy. After the revives, we will decide on our exchanges. How’s it?”

Kampa laughed. “This is going to be incredible. I don’t even know what weapon to get with a rank B reward. I checked a few sci-fi weapons that require rank B rewards and their powers were almost scary.”

The others laughed along. Zheng said. “As long as it’s powerful. However, you also need to enhance your werewolf bloodline as we go into more difficult movies and team battles.”

Kampa seemed excited as Zheng mentioned the werewolf bloodline. He had doused himself in his imagination and howled. They further discussed and decided it was best to enter The Mummy tomorrow. Everyone would exchange ten days, which were only 500 points. That would give them a buffer if anything happened.

The whole team felt exhausted after Starship Troopers. Several big battles one after another, the battle of wits against the two teams and escaping from the sea of bugs made them feel exhausted once everything was over. They stayed in their rooms that afternoon. Some slept, some played. Kampa grabbed Zero and WangXia to play video games. Lan sang and cook in her room. Xuan analyzed engineering designs. Gando pondered on what to exchange.

Zheng also took a break. He brought Lori to the basement for fishing. The little girl leaned by his side quietly. It was rarely for her to get so quiet and this made her seem cute. Zheng couldn’t help and kissed her multiple times.

The passed in this peaceful atmosphere. The next morning, they all stood on the platform without a word. Nothing dangerous should happen in The Mummy this time so even Gando didn’t exchange his robot before entering.

“But why do you need a rank D reward?” Gando asked before entering.

Zheng scratched his head and said. “Right, I forgot you haven’t entered this world. Don’t you have two rank B rewards? Split up one of them for a rank D reward. It’s just a rank D, not that much.”

Gando replied immediately. “But I am already giving one rank B reward to revive team members. If I use up another rank D reward, I won’t have enough for the new robot after we come back. I have been eyeing the VF-1 Valkyrie for so long. It takes a rank B reward to exchange!”

Zheng exhaled. “Okay then. I have an extra rank D reward. I will just exchange it for you so you can get the new robot.”

Xuan stopped him then looked to Gando. It gave Gando chills all over.

Xuan said calmly. “It isn’t a big deal giving you the rank D reward. The problem is every person can only give one other person points or rewards once. If Zheng give you the rank D reward here, he won’t be able to give you 4000 points later. It’s up to you to decide. Either use up a rank D reward or give 4000 more points. It will only be fair this way or our plan might have to change and doesn’t allow us to revive these three members.”

Gando paused then looked at the others. They nodded quietly. He felt reluctant. 4000 points could give him enough stats to improve his physical prowess to another level. However, the Valkyrie was more agile, more powerful and had more defense. A rank D reward was so valuable at this point. He pondered for a long while then bit his teeth. “I understand. I will revive a member by myself. That robot only needs 5000 points. I have 13000 points. However, the robot’s weapons will need extra points. Zheng, you have to help me get some weapons like Gatling guns and missiles. Okay?”

Zheng nodded without hesitation. “No problem. That’s it then. I will get the weapons for your robot.”

Gando nodded with difficulty. However, he also seemed relieved.

Zheng pulled Lan’s hand then pointed at Xuan. Lan connected them with Soul Link.

Zheng immediately asked. “The contribution to revival doesn’t count in the one-time limit in God’s dimension. Why did you have to lie to him? Wouldn’t that create a gap between him and the team?”

Xuan smiled. “The more you give to something, the more you feel responsible for it. If he doesn’t give anything to the team, he could abandon this team that he invested no effort into. Strength would be his only factor in decisions. He might even betray the team for his life. However, once this team contained a lot of his effort, he would feel reluctant on giving up what he had invested. Get it? Favors are not the only thing to retain people. Responsibility can also do so.”

Zheng felt a lot better. These words showed that Xuan wasn’t out there to get Gando killed. He was helping Gando become a part of the team. This was a good sign. He trusted Xuan’s ability. Gando could be part of the team as long as Xuan was willing.

“Okay! Let’s go and revive our comrades!”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter, I have few questions though..

    Did the movie world is shared with another team? Or did every team have their own movie world?

    What about the world that have two or more team, did they share the world after that or its became parallel world?

    1. Lol, read previous chapter. Xuan also pondering about this, and gonna do some experiment about it. But I think we got a rough idea when China Team vs Devil Team in Resident Evil 2. Remember? and now Xuan also said they going to Resident evil to steal T1 Virus. (or T2, either one, lol) So we going to know more about this in upcoming chapter.

      Stay tuned, xD

    2. Every team has their own movie world the first time they enter it. Clone Zheng’s Mummy World is very different from Zheng’s. Clone Zheng burnt down Cairo and defeated the Scorpion King the first time he was in that world. Since team gets their own world that first time, they can trade survival pointers and get the same rewards with other teams for those movie worlds. They all have the same chance to get them.

      Now whether or not teams that fought each other now share that world from then on is unknown. Though Xuan was wondering about that a few chapters ago. That wasn’t an issue for the battle with Team India, since they wiped that team out. It might be an issue for Resident Evil, since that could put them against Team Devil. It’ll be interesting if it ever comes up.

  2. YAY, Yinkong is coming back, and the person with with seeking arrow will also will be here next time. 😀

    Thanks for the chapter, the one im reading. (Remix Song from John English, xD)

  3. It’s not like Gando is completely unreasonable and unlikable, but for some reason, I just kind of hate him… Like I get his attitude completely, yet at the same time I dislike it… Kinda weird, really. Thanks for the chapter!

  4. I’ll try not to spoil anything from this chapter. Here’s my analysis on who they should revive (listed in order of priority):

    Top priority:
    ChengXiao – How they have been surviving without a healer is a mystery to me. He also has decent combat skills and his big power-ups are the special needles and the axe. Assuming revived people won’t get their items back in the first place, reviving him shouldn’t raise the team’s difficulty rating by that much.
    2nd priority:
    Yinkong – High close combat skills. Her notable power-ups are the movement technique thing and her dagger. Assuming items don’t come back with the revive, then she definitely contributes hugely to the team’s offensive power way more than increasing the team’s difficulty rating.
    3rd priority:
    Heng – Mid range combatant. Almost the same destructive power as Zero with the right weapon, but Zero always needs to find a suitable sniping position while Heng is a bit more mobile. Like Yinkong, his skills are mainly natural and not power-ups which helps with the whole team combat potential vs. team difficulty rating thing.
    Honglu – To serve as a foil to Xuan. We’ve often seen Zheng simulate Honglu when analyzing Xuan’s plans and motives. I see him having long-term potential if only because he is currently the only member who’s on the spell-casting magic path, aside from Lan’s few spell buffs but she’s psyche oriented now.
    Special mentions:
    Tengyi – He’d probably be a magic user if he didn’t die so soon. As we’ve seen with the books from The Mummy, they can save points from learning spells if they know how to read ancient language stuff.
    Zhu Wen – I don’t know if anyone remembers her. She’s the lady that can see if someone is about to die. Having a natural power like that should be handy.

    Then the rest of the dead characters. I don’t recall anyone having any particularly special talent.

    On a side note, can they revive Jie? He was technically a member before the Guide merged with him.

    1. They already have people who can read ancient languages. The female MC from The Mummy, and that guy who taught Xuan the language in the Mask temple, and of course, Xuan himself.
      Honglu can also see the aura of death, and he’s more valuable than Zhu Wen… that ability isn’t that great, though, since they pretty much always have the aura around them while in the movies.

      The real special mention is Yanwei. They could even choose to not revive Heng and get her instead. For one, she’s a free revive; but more than that, her potential can be seen from her clone in Team Devil.

      1. I think he means learning the spells for free. If you know the words you get the spell from God for free. This issue along with the other book having more than one spell, it does if you read the last chapter of the mummy when Zheng touched it, is a major flaw in the story.

        1. I dont think Tengyi is better than xuan in reading the ancient spell now, because xuan already learn it from his last visit on the mummy,,
          (Who is tengyi anyway? I am completely forgot, hahaha)

      2. Yeah, I meant learning spells for free.

        I only mentioned Zhu Wen because I got the impression that her ability is stronger than Honglu’s. In The Mummy, Honglu only described his ability as “that guy will die any second now”. Whereas in Final Destination, Zhu Wen knew that Death was coming for her right at that moment. But yes, not that big of a deal specially since just with Zheng, they naturally develop a danger sense.

        I completely forgot about Yanwei being cloned in Team Devil. If memory serves, she died on her first movie which makes you wonder what potential God saw in her.

        1. she could literally see death and she’s zero points in god’s domain… but she has to be strengthened, which might be a problem at frist; so the delay is understandable! yinkong and chengxiao are a given… heng on the other hand would just be another gando problem child…

  5. why isn’t lori taught to build ammo or those magic runes? she’s just useless, and neither her nor zheng should feel good about that… does she have no desire to contribute?!

    1. Why only lori? Why you dont mention everybody else’s girlfriend? The kampa’s girlfriend, Zero’s or even Jie’s, that’s makes more sense yeah?

      Oh wait, why not we teach the Gando’s robot how to do a break dance. That’s awesome too.

      1. Remember, they get teleported out and then for those left behind in God’s domain, it feels like they instantly come back. After that they only have 10 days to calm and console their partner…when would the girls have the time to make anything?
        Also…is it just me or do you think it would interesting if lan made a personal zheng using God and he goes into combat too instead of using a D class reward to stay out…

  6. Xuan is a slippery one. He’s right about the responsibility part, but he’s still lowering the overall combat strength of the-still-inexperienced Gando. Granted, it’s probably better for him in the long run if he’s pushed to survive in the movies, but it will lower his survival rate too. Cheeky Xuan only mentioned the benefits without talking about the downside at all. He still doesn’t trust Gando, does he? Not that I would either, of course.

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