TI Vol 13: Chapter 5-3

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Vol 13: Chapter 5-3.

The Sky Stick reached Hamunaptra quickly even when carrying three extra people. A military camp was established at their destination. The bugle sounded as the Sky Stick came into view.

Zheng and the others were curious at the scene. Kampa and WangXia readied their weapons to guard against any unforeseen events.

A group of men in black clothes ran out. Zheng noticed Ardeth among these men and immediately stopped Kampa and WangXia. He landed the Sky Stick to the ground.

Ardeth ran over to them with a few hundred of his men. He laughed and gave Zheng a hug. “Haha. Long time no see. What do you think of this base? The elders think this is a good place to train troops and spent a large sum to build this base. We also dug through the underground reservoirs. Come, take a rest inside.” The he dragged Zheng toward the base.

Kampa and WangXia looked at each other then at the friendly smiles of the men in black clothes. They followed up with a laughter. This kind of military atmosphere had a certain charm to them. On the other hand, Xuan was as emotionless as ever. He observed the surrounding while walking to the base.

This base was rather standard. The airplane runway was still in construction. The buildings were built using rocks excavated from Hamunaptra. Otherwise, rocks were difficult to come by in a desert.

It was nearing nightfall. Ardeth told them scarabs could be seen occasionally in the night, so they should enter the altar the next day. Zheng nodded in agreement. It was still the first of ten days.

“The current situation in the world isn’t optimistic. The western nations are opposing each other. The damage done from World War 1 had been repaired to some degree. Germany who lost in the war began another round of development. Their leader is a very capable man called Hitler. Tension has been brewing among the western nations. Egypt might also get mixed up in the affair. Our tribe has developed immensely since obtaining the gold. We sent thousands of the young generation to study in the U.S. and built three hidden bases like this one. Hoho. The elder even suggested we change the tribe’s name to al-Qaeda.”

Zheng was drinking a cactus fruit wine when he heard the name and instantly spilled the wine out. He turned to Ardeth with a weird expression and said. “You hadn’t really changed the name to this right?”

Ardeth laughed. “The name change is just a suggestion from some elders. It’s not going to get passed. The other elders wanted Gama’a al-Islamiyya.”

(Shit. All terrorist groups.)

Zheng followed up immediately. “What’s the result? Did you change to this name?”

Ardeth shook his head. “The argument came to an end with the name Egyptian Resuscitation Council. They said that many countries are using something something council or party as names nowadays. So we should also get a name like this. How do you feel about the name?”

Zheng sipped the wine. “With a name like this, are you planning to conquer and restore Egypt?”

Ardeth nodded. “We didn’t have the power to do so before. The gold made our living much better and can arm our men with weapons. There aren’t many people in the base now because the troops just finished training and left. The elders hired foreign engineers to build a weapon production factory near an oasis. Perhaps we can help Egypt gain independence from the control of western nations during this state of tension.”

Zheng slapped his shoulder and said. “I will support you. Haha. I brought you something nice this time.”

He walked to an empty area and started pouring the dimensional bag. Gold bars rolled out onto the ground. “I brought you guys twenty cubic meters of gold this time. Hope these can help you obtain your victories. And here’s another gift.”

Xuan took out a document from his pocket and placed it on the table. “Improved AK. The technology at this time can produce it without issues. Uses regular 5.56 ammos. All related data is contained within the document. The gun is thirty years ahead in technology.”

Ardeth scanned the document then immediately put it in his pocket with surprise and excitement. He didn’t know how to reply at this point. This gun design was worth more than the gold. If they can produce the gun at will, their troops’ combat strength will grow immensely, and in some ways surpass regular armies.

Zheng laughed and asked. “So how are O’Connel and the others doing? England isn’t peaceful at the moment.”

Ardeth suddenly remembered something and clapped his hands. A guard ran out of the camp. He said. “They mailed a letter to me a little over ten days ago. Said the tension is building up in England and they are being strict on immigration. So he and his family moved to the U.S. for the time being. Hoho. Evelyn gave birth to a boy. He should be one by now. He also mailed us a tiny piece of gold and a letter for you.”

Zheng was curious. “A letter for me? How do they know that I will return at this time? It’s been a year already.”

The guard came back in with a letter on hand and a red wooden box. Ardeth opened the box to reveal a thin piece of golden fragment. Zheng opened the letter.

“We arrived in the U.S. This is truly a country of freedom. We easily obtained immigration eligibility by bribing the officials. Though I heard that you have an easier time getting eligibility if you come from England in the first place. The problem is freaking Jonathan want to bring his girlfriend along. We should have left him in England.”

“We found this golden mask by chance. Evelyn identified it as the craft of the Mayans. However, a stone pillar next to the mask wrote that the mask was created for human evolution. Its technology came from the ancient gods. Once the gods fall asleep, the evolved one will rule the human race.”

“We witness the power of the mask with our eyes. A Caucasian put it on then a drop of blood accidentally fell onto the mask. Countless needles came out from the mask and pierced into his head. We thought he was dead but he actually became immensely powerful. His strength, speed, reaction, and recovery rate were all beyond human. He also likes to suck blood. We would have been dead if it wasn’t for Jonathan.”

“We obtained this fragment at the end. The mask can’t be used without this piece. We are running from the west coast to east coast. Probably going to board the ship to Europe there. That monster is still chasing after us. He seems to be able to create undead underlings that are not afraid of sunlight or silver.”

“Zheng, I don’t know when you will come back. But if you see this letter, come help us. You are the only one with the power to rival this monster. Do it before we are dead.”

Zheng gulped and passed the letter to Xuan. A minute later, Xuan put it on the table and asked Ardeth. “When did you receive the letter? From where?”

Ardeth thought for a bit and said. “About twelve days ago from a small town in the west coast of the U.S.. That place is an excavation site of Mayan ruins and gold.”

Xuan turned to Zheng. “We can still make it in time if it’s twelve days. Zheng, you are correct this is a bonus mission. One that can reward an item!”


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  1. HarHarHar they’re all terrorist groups how funny author. It’s funny cuz Arabs are all terrorists amirite guise? Also considering these people are the followers of ancient egyptian gods, having them propose names of obvious islamic groups doesn’t make sense. kill yourself.

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      1. You gotta agree with him this time. If you think about it, it doesn’t make sense. It’s a joke that made me giggle abit, but, yeah. It’s completely in bad taste. These guys have nothing to do with Islam. At most, I can believe they want to topple over the U.S, because their squabble with Russia for the past few dozen years just keeps f*cking with the world. But otherwise? “Haha, they’re arabs, so surely they’re also muslims. trolololol.”

        The author also sinned with O’Connel’s letter:
        “We witness the power of the mask with our eyes. A Caucasian put it on then a drop of blood…”

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    1. Because Lan and Zero cost too many points to raise in God’s dimension. One of Lan’s upgrades, the psychic link, cost 8000 points. They’d have to spend 16000 points just because of that. It’s much cheaper to raise her in the Mummy for a flat 8000 points and a B reward. If they ever bring back Gando it’ll be cheaper to bring him back in God’s dimension since he doesn’t have many points.

      1. I think he meant why ALL OF THEM went back. It seems like Zheng and Xuan can just use their rewards and points to revive everyone, if we assume they already got the points from everyone else.
        I think they’re experimenting right now to see if they can get God to have them share points with each other.

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