TI Vol 11: Chapter 3-3

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Vol 11: Chapter 3-3.

The elders were dumbfounded, even Ardeth and O’Connell’s group were so. The spear didn’t react to all the Medjais that tried throwing it afterward. That was when they finally realized no one on their side could activate the spear. They agreed to hand the spear back to Zheng after a short exchange and send people to enter the tomb with Zheng.

“What happened? Why are they suddenly so agreeable?” Jonathan asked.

Ardeth said with a bitter smile. “There’s a legend in our tribe that a warrior will kill the Scorpion King with the Spear of Osiris once and for all. They believe that you are the warrior. No one had ever heard about throwing the spear like you did. It’s better to kill the Scorpion King when you are here. The treasures doesn’t belong to us to begin with.”

Zheng laughed. “No problem. It’s my suggestion to search for the Scorpion King’s treasure. Secondly, you are the ones working in this excavation. I would be busy day and nights if no one’s doing the management for me. I have to thank you for this.”

Ardeth said. “Zheng, can I join the adventure team? This place is boring me. I’d rather have some action with you guys. Do you welcome me?”

Zheng was stronger than everyone else here but only in combat strength. Pure strength wasn’t enough to let him survive in horror movies. Just like how he needed the intelligence from HongLu or Xuan, the psyche scan from Lan, the long range snipes from Zero or Heng, and the medical skills from ChengXiao. So the first thing he did upon returning to this world was to contact O’Connell and the Medjais for help.

“Of course. Welcome, comrade.” Zheng held out his hand.

O’Connell had Zheng fly him back to Cairo after some discussion. He wanted to find a friend who had an aircraft that might be able to carry them into the inner tomb. Everyone else would stay here and wait.

On the Sky Stick, Zheng saw O’Connell looking envious. He laughed. “Come give this hoverboard a try. It feels like you are flying on your own. Be careful about body balance. You should try it at a low altitude first.”

O’Connell didn’t hesitate, just like most westerners. He stepped on the Sky Stick. However, he kept falling for several times. “It’s too difficult. You’re a monster. How can you keep that balance?”

Zheng thought the Goblin was like half a super human and had incredible strength and reaction. So he was able to drive this Sky Stick. Not to mention Zheng’s own stats. After O’Connell got into the basket, Zheng took off on the Sky Stick.

It was night time when Zheng came back to Hamunaptra on the dirigible with O’Connell and his black friend. The ruin was well lit. The workers split into three shifts throughout the day. The progress of the excavation was moving quickly because Zheng offered a large bonus for completing the job earlier than expected.

Evelyn ran over to them with a map excitedly as they got off the dirigible. She marked the tomb’s location on the map after getting a description of the geography from the elders. Once they get back on the dirigible, she would be able to lead the way.

“Don’t even think about it. I am serious this time.” O’Connell was shouting in a tent. However, his voice was getting lower and lower. Then the tent began shaking.

Zheng and O’Connell shook their heads. They were almost certain of O’Connell’s helpless expression tomorrow and Evelyn would come with them to the tomb. Sometimes, it was not easy to be a man.

The two of them bumped their glasses. Jonathan took a sip of brandy and said. “So they all died to another team? Just like how it was for that team India?”

Zheng also took a sip of brandy and muttered. “Yes, they all died to another team just like team India. But this team is much stronger, much more than team India, and more than us. I need to revive everyone. We will encounter this team again and we will defeat them!”

“We are the lucky ones. Get drunk when there’s alcohol. Date pretty women when we see one. Hoho, the days are ordinary but that’s the happiest days.”

Zheng looked up at the sky. “Perhaps this kind of days are the happiest.”

The second day, everyone gathered around the dirigible. Four Medjai guides, Zheng, O’Connell, Jonathan, Evelyn, Ardeth, and the black driver, Izzy entered the dirigible. Fortunately, the dirigible was barely able to carry them all. Izzy started piloting it toward the tomb.

“This tomb was built using the same construction techniques as Hamunaptra. So there’s a lot of traps. Don’t walk off on your own after you get inside. Listen to orders. And don’t touch anything special. It might collapse like Hamunaptra. Get it?”

The dirigible landed in front of a small cave. There was no other constructions on the surface. This tomb was a secret tomb in contrast to Hamunaptra which still looked magnificent after thousands of years. No one would think this cave was a tomb.

Evelyn was lecturing everyone in front of the cave. O’Connell pinched her nose and said. “Stop with the useless lectures. Who here doesn’t know the basic rules, uh? Izzy, you can stay outside and look after the dirigible. Everyone else get in.”

Jonathan immediately said. “Actually, I don’t mind looking after the dirigible. It’s a little tiring but if it’s for everyone…” Ardeth and Zheng lifted him up and walked into the tomb.

Evelyn massaged her nose then ran behind them. The four Medjai guides entered last.

This tomb was incomparable with Hamunaptra. The main lobby was a little big but the tunnels and rooms were narrow and small. It was also a little damp so a lot of insects dwelled here. They saw scorpions and spiders on the way.

“The Scorpion King was said to be a warrior from Africa. He attempted to conquer the world with his army. The first country he invaded was ancient Egypt. However, he came into resistance in Thebes. The battle lasted seven years. The Scorpion King lost in the end and escaped into holy desert with his remaining army.”

“There, his soldiers died one after another until he was the only person left standing. At the last moment before his death, he made a wish to Anubis to spare his life and let him conquer his enemies. In exchange, he will offer his soul…” Evelyn was telling the legend of the Scorpion King.

Zheng suddenly interrupted her. “Wait, wait a moment!”

“Entered movie plot in advance. Difficulty increased to the highest. Completion awards double the points and rewards. Obtain the Scorpion King’s bracelet within ten minutes. Awards 4000 points, and two rank C rewards. Failure will cause the tomb to collapse and deduct 5000 points.”

The emotionless voice of God sent a chill into Zheng’s heart.


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  1. Thanks for he chapter!
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  2. lol, nice one, author! XD I love it.
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  4. Zheng and O’Connell shook their heads. They were almost certain of O’Connell’s helpless expression tomorrow and Evelyn would come with them to the tomb. Sometimes, it was not easy to be a man.

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