TI Vol 10: Chapter 14-2

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Vol 10: Chapter 14-2.

Clone took several deep breaths to calm down after shouting. Zheng knew how agitated he was because Clone gripped him so hard just then. Fortunately, he regained control over his emotions quickly, but he still crushed Zheng’s chest with the grip.

“I was copied after you finished your first movie, that is after Resident Evil. The specific time is after you created her. You didn’t have much potential before, but your potential suddenly jumped several degrees after creating her. I became a newcomer in team Devil, including your points, enhancements, items, and the person you created.”

Clone showed the Na ring on his hand. “Back then, the only Asians in team Devil were ZhuiKong, a Korean, a Japanese, and me, out of seventeen members. Two blacks, and the rest were Caucasians. The leader and his subordinates were all Caucasians.”

“They told me that you need the mentality of a devil to be part of the team. They seized my ring, told me to exchange an enhancement or item for the core members after every movie. I was fine with it if that was the only thing, but…”

“They raped Lori in front of me then dismembered her. They called us Asians and blacks walking pigs that can keep feeding them with points and rewards. ZhuiKong was the only one they didn’t touch because of his strength. You idiot! Why did you create her! Do you know how much I hated you when I was tied up and looked as she cried in pain? I vowed that I will kill you if I ever meet you, and the team members that you treasure. Haha.”

His face looked ferocious and he laughed wildly. “ZhuiKong told me that emotions are deadweights. If I don’t have the heart to endure it, then I may as well just die. If I do then I can kill them all!”

“I did it. The first movie in team Devil was Friday the 13th Part II. I risked my life to complete bonus missions, one after another. Haha. You look like you don’t understand. Let me tell you, the mission God gives you in every movie is only a very little part. I have been through The Mummy, which I think you’ve also been in. If you obtained the Scorpion King’s treasure in that movie, you will be able to summon the army of Anubis with blood energy and also a rank A reward and 15000 points. If you destroyed Cairo with explosives, you can obtain a rank B reward and 5000 points. This is the world of horror movies! You can only grow when you risk your life and abandon useless emotions. Unlike you who unlocked the third stage but still so weak.”

Zheng’s body was getting weaker. Because he lost too much blood, the recovery coming from the Vampire bloodline also slowed down. “What about the scar on your face? Is it because of her and the previous team Devil?”

Clone laughed coldly. “Yes. They left it on me when I resisted upon first entering the team. But I didn’t die. I hid the fact that I completed the bonus missions from them after the first movie. My second movie was Predator, which was just what I wanted. I killed everyone of them that touched her in the forest, everyone that humiliated me, and all the Caucasians. Haha! I unlocked the third stage in that movie then inherited the leader’s position, which pushed me into the beginning of the fourth stage! I abandoned all my feelings starting at that time. I became the darkness, the devil! Every Caucasian that enters team Devil must kneel before me. Everyone must submit to me. I’d rather have this overwhelming power than the fragile feelings. No one can hurt me anymore, no one can say no to me!”

Zheng sighed. He was feeling complicated. He didn’t know what he would do if he encountered the same situations. Perhaps? No, he would definitely became insane like his clone. They were the same person after all. He slowly closed his eyes.

Clone took out a golden book and muttered. “This book can resurrect anyone that enters this world once. The two people that you killed can be resurrected, but why can’t it resurrect her! Why!” He howled.

Zheng sneered. “Their enhancements are definitely expensive. You would pay twice that to save them? Didn’t you said you have abandoned all feelings? Why do you care about your team members?”

Clone laughed then tore off a piece of flesh from Zheng’s chest. “You really don’t know much huh. That kind of resurrection takes place in God’s dimension. Have you forgotten about the plot of The Mummy? You can resurrect a person in the altar when you have his body and organs. It only takes a rank B reward and 7000 points no matter how strong that person was. Haha, don’t tell me you never obtained the Book of Amun-Ra. God would have given you the information. So you only have the Book of the Dead? Haha.”

(How can you obtain the body and organs when it’s not the same movie world anymore.” Zheng thought to himself. Then he suddenly thought of a possibility.

“This is it, the other me. Go die with your wonderful memories of her. Perhaps this is happiness on its own.”

Clone stopped his laughter and looked at Zheng quietly. He looked liberated as his sword slashed across Zheng’s head, cutting it in half.

Then an explosion happened at his back. An RPG hit a translucent shield and exploded. He was still blasted away by the shockwave. The Nemesis grabbed Zheng’s corpse and ran. He only had the chance to stab the Nemesis once with a sword formed by his black fire before it ran through a building.

Clone thought for a moment then stopped, because he heard the reward notification from killing Zheng. He flapped his wings and flew toward the checkpoint.

The Nemesis kept charging through numerous walls when suddenly Zheng’s corpse disappeared and a large cross replaced it in its arm.

It was confused then threw the cross on the ground. A soft white light emitted from the cross. The Nemesis had to close its eyes as the light got brighter and brighter. When the light faded away, Zheng was on the ground with his right arm back, but his body was still full of injuries. A scar ran from the right eye of his face to the left of his mouth.

“Revival cross. Lan, you lied. Ah!” Zheng recalled the notification from God. “Used Revival Cross, return to God’s dimension?”

“No!” Zheng shouted. He jumped up from the ground and said to the Nemesis. “One, thank you. If it wasn’t for you, he might have discovered my abnormality. One?”

The Nemesis kneeled on the ground without moving. Zheng walked over and saw the eye on its chest was pierced and burned. Its chest had been burned to charcoal.

Zheng sighed. He closed its eyelids then started running toward a tall building. If memory served him right, a Sky Stick was left near where he was sniping.

His Qi and blood energy was recovered a bit with the revival. So he was running with the movement technique. At the same time, the black smoke was dissipating and the morning sunlight took its place. He found the hoverboard stuck at a wall behind the building.

The Sky Stick let him control height and direction through his feet, but required a high level of reaction speed, which he had. A few minutes later, he had gotten used to controlling it and flew toward the checkpoint.

“Please don’t get killed everyone. You can reach the checkpoint before team Devil catches you. Please!”

Zheng kept trying to connect with Lans’ mind as he was flying. After a long time, he finally connected with Lan and ChengXiao.

He could see that Alice was knocked unconscious through their minds. The movie characters were all well except for the camcorder woman. She lay naked on the ground, looking terribly.

Honglu was dead. A bullet hit his head. His face looked in shock like seeing something he didn’t expect.

JiangZhe died in several pieces.

The only ones still alive were ChengXiao and the two girls, Lan and Reling. The girls were uninjured but ChengXiao looked miserable. One arm was gone and the other holding his axe. He defended in front of the girls with a smile.

“Colonel Xuan, I told you I won’t let any girl behind me get stained in blood as long as I am alive. You should just kill me without hesitation.”

Xuan! It was Xuan! Zheng saw the man that influenced him the most in the enemy’s team. There were several other team Devil members around looking at them with a sarcastic smile, like that of cats toying with mice. No one gave any weight to these three people from team China.

Xuan aimed his handgun at ChengXiao’s head and said calmly. “Farewell.” Then he pulled the trigger.

“Zheng, a man must die standing. He must not let anyone he protects get hurt before he dies. I fulfilled my promise. Farewell.”

ChengXiao laughed in his mind then his laughter disappeared.

“No!” Zheng was speeding up the Sky Stick even faster. He saw a man walking over to Lan and Reling with a perverted smile and began tearing their clothes apart. Zheng’s face became distorted. Suddenly, the man’s head flew off as his clone appeared behind the corpse.

“Amy, kill the unlocked one. Tom, you kill the other. Let’s go. Carry these movie characters. I don’t want to stay here any longer.”

Tom and Amy looked terrified. They both took out a ray gun and fired at the targets. Zheng could see a hole through Lan’s chest. She fell to the ground with a smile.

(He and him, the two of them made me struggle. I’ve been wanting to love, yet I can’t find the courage. I want to let go, yet I couldn’t get myself to part. In the end, the only one suffers is myself.) Zheng felt that he heard the inner voice of this girl and the smile that remained until she died.

The Soul Link broke off. Zheng could no longer feel their existence. He clenched his teeth and kept flying toward the checkpoint. Finally, he stood as he watched over their bodies. Everyone except him from team China had died here!

“Ah!” Zheng howled in a craze. He picked up ChengXiao’s axe and continued flying toward the checkpoint. He was only several kilometers away now and he could make out several people from team Devil in the distance as they flew past the checkpoint.

Clone looked behind in a surprise and saw Zheng closing in with an axe as he howled. Team Devil had already past the checkpoint and their bodies were fading away. Clone made a slit throat gesture then disappeared. The movie characters all fell from mid air.

Zheng kneeled inside God’s dimension. He clenched his teeth so tight that he crushed them. Lori was comforting him on the side with tears.

“I will revive everyone. I will revenge. I will make team China the strongest team! Team Devil, the other me, I won’t lose to you again!”

He stood up and connected to God.

P.S. Part one is finished.

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      1. His stats were never going to be be cut in half. It was half recovery. So his arm came back but not all of his wounds were healed. The same with his Qi and blood energy. That came back half full also.

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