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Chapter 100 – Liu Jingshan

Mu Chen was aware of Liu Mubai’s cold gaze. He narrowed his eyes slightly, as his gaze gradually turned malevolent.

No matter what your Liu Territory is planning to do, I will not forgive you that easily if you dare to cause trouble for our Mu Territory!

Liu Mubai also understood the meaning within Mu Chen’s eyes. The corner of his lips turned even colder. By you? Who do you think you are? I want to see just how pitiful you and your father will be later on.

Within the temple, everybody immediately cupped their hands, when Liu Qingtian appeared. Although the Northern Spiritual Realm was divided into nine territories, everybody knew that the Liu Territory was the force with the grandest background within the Northern Spiritual Realm. Moreover, they were probably the strongest force as well.

Mu Feng smiled faintly at Liu Qingtian as he cupped his hands. Nobody could tell whether or not he was angry.

“Ohoho, so Territory Lord Mu Feng also came? It’s a pleasure,” Liu Qingtian directed a smile towards Mu Feng. This smile seemed rather kindhearted. It seemed as if he had forgotten all about the conflicts they had in the past.

“Our ancestors were the ones that decided on the rules concerning the Nine Territory Meeting. Since the Liu Territory called for a meeting, it is only natural that I would come,” Mu Feng smiled and replied.

Liu Qingtian nodded as he smiled.

Inside the temple, the other Territory Lords and the leaders of the forces all held a strange expression when they saw the two rivals’ attitudes towards each other. Everybody in the Northern Spiritual Realm knew that the Mu Territory and Liu Territory were enemies. These two territories were truly seeking to eliminate one another. Thus, this act of theirs was quite amusing.

However, underneath that amusement, they felt the anxiety within their hearts slowly growing. Liu Qingtian’s behavior was somewhat abnormal.

“Ohoho, Territory Lord Liu. So why did you suddenly call for a Nine Territory Meeting and summon all of us? Are you going to announce a major event,” Tang Shan asked as he smiled faintly.

The atmosphere within the temple instantly grew tense. Everybody’s gaze shot towards Liu Qingtian, who was at the seat of honor. It was evident that Tang Shan’s question was the question they all wanted to ask.

Liu Qingtian stared at the nervous gazes that were projected over the room. However, he smiled and gently patted the armrest. Then, he said calmly, “It’s nothing much. I just have a proposal, so I wanted to seek everyone’s opinion.”

“Oh? What’s the proposal?” Tang Shan smiled as he asked.

Liu Qingtian smiled and said, “Everybody should know this as well. The Northern Spiritual Realm is a rather weak realm within the Hundred Spirit Heavens. Therefore, we have no say in most situations. Putting it crudely, if another realm invades us in the future, the Northern Spiritual Realm won’t be able to fight back. In the end, we would have to hand over our estates.”

The temple was completely quiet. Everybody’s gaze was sparkling, yet nobody followed up to speak. It was evident that they weren’t sure what Liu Qingtian was planning to do.

“Ohoho. Territory Lord Liu is probably overthinking the situation. Our Northern Spiritual Realm is located at a remote place within the Hundred Spirit Heavens. Why would the other large realms take a liking to our place and spend great efforts to seize the Northern Spiritual Realm?” Tang Shan said jokingly.

“But what if…,” Liu Qingtian said faintly.

“If Territory Lord Liu has something to say, then just say it. Stop teasing us with platitudes,” Mu Feng smiled and interjected.

Liu Qingtian glanced deeply at Mu Feng. He lifted the corner of his lips and responded, “What I wanted to suggest is actually quite simple. The Northern Spiritual Realm does not have a position within the Hundred Spirit Heavens , because we are not strong enough. And we do not have the strength because the Northern Spiritual Realm is completely divided. If we unite all the forces within the Northern Spiritual Realm, we would possess some ability even within the Hundred Spirit Heavens. Not only would nobody dare to invade us, we would even be able to expand our territory and obtain more resources. By then, who within the Hundred Spirit Heavens would dare to underestimate our Northern Spiritual Realm?”

The temple was silent. Shock flashed through numerous leaders’ eyes. Liu Qingtian actually wanted to unite all the forces within the Northern Spiritual Realm? Is he crazy?

“How ambitious,” Mu Chen mentally snorted. Could it be that Liu Qingtian was not satisfied with his own territory and wanted to become the overlord of the Northern Spiritual Realm?

Mu Feng and the other Territory Lords had calm expressions. At the same time, the leaders from famous forces did not speak a word either. All of the people here were crafty and cunning individuals, so how was it possible for them to not detect the hidden agenda underlying Liu Qingtian’s plan?

“Ohoho, I wonder what everybody thinks about my proposal? If you think that it would not work, you could care to mention it. After all, we are thinking of the entire Northern Spiritual Realm’s future,” Liu Qingtian did not care about the strange atmosphere within the temple as he asked this.

“Territory Lord Mu Feng, what do you think,” Liu Qingtian’s gaze turned towards Mu Feng as he inquired.

Mu Feng’s eyes narrowed. He stroked the table in front of him and chuckled, “I wonder how we would decide on the rules for the union? For a union like this, there should be a chieftain who controls the entire situation, right? Who would this chieftain be?”

Since Mu Feng was able to confront Liu Qingtian without being in a disadvantageous position, he was naturally not a simple person. When this question was asked, everybody’s eyes turned sharp.

Who here wasn’t a leader within their own territories right now? Wouldn’t they be suppressed by others after the union? There is a saying, that one should prefer to be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion. They do not want to turn from being the leader to someone inferior…

“The union is simple. We will form a Northern Spiritual Alliance. We will attack and defend together with everyone. As for the position of the chieftain, I believe that Territory Lord Mu Feng is the most appropriate,” Liu Qingtian smiled.

At this moment, countless gazes instantly shifted towards Mu Feng. However, the latter’s expression did not change. He denied this claim, as he shook his head, “I am well aware of my abilities, and I am not capable of being the chieftain.”

Then, Liu Zong, who was standing behind Liu Qingtian, suddenly directed a wink at a certain direction. A force from over there immediately stood up and suggested, “I think the rules for the union suggested by the Liu Territory Lord may work. My White Horse Clan agrees to it. As for the position of the chieftain for the Northern Spiritual Realm, I believe that Territory Lord Liu would be suitable for it. After all, everybody is aware of the Liu Territory’s strength. Moreover, he is quite persuasive. What do all of you think about this?”

Mu Feng secretly cringed, and his eyes sank.

The other 7 Territory Lords looked away and exchanged gazes with one another. Although the Liu Territory was the most powerful force within the Northern Spiritual Realm, it wasn’t strong enough to suppress them all. Thus, it was impossible for them to recognize Liu Qingtian as the chieftain.

Seeing none of the other Territory Lords follow along with that advice, the smile on Liu Qingtian’s face faded away as he said faintly, “Or do you all of you believe that the Liu Territory isn’t prestigious enough?”

“Territory Lord Liu. I, Lie Yan, have always respected you. However, I worked hard to obtain the Lie Territory. As for the union, I am not interested in it. Therefore, if Territory Lord Liu insists on forming a Northern Spiritual Alliance, I, Lie Yan, will not accompany you. I’ll take my leave here.” A middle-aged man suddenly stood up within the temple and cupped his head at Liu Qingtian as he spoke.

“Lie Yan, you dare disrespect our Liu Territory?!” Seeing this, Liu Ming immediately barked out in anger.

“Hmph, although I have always been polite to you, that does not mean that the Lie Territory is afraid of you!” Lie Yan originally had a fiery temper. Once he heard Liu Ming’s words, he immediately retorted. Then, he waved his sleeves and walked away without saying another word.

Seeing this, everybody within the temple began to whisper. With Lie Yan as the lead, Liu Qingtian’s wishful thinking had failed completely.

Mu Chen glanced at Liu Qingtian. However, he noticed that the latter had a faint smile on his face. The eyes that stared at Lie Yan were as vicious as a poisonous snake.

“Lie Yan, don’t blame me for not reminding you. Once you exit this place, you won’t have another chance.” Liu Qingtian lowered his head and organized his sleeves as he spoke.

“Haha. Liu Qingtian, I might be a little bit afraid of you, but you’re not qualified to say those words to me,” Lie Yan laughed scornfully. He was at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase. Although he was weaker than Liu Qingtian, it was simply a joke if the latter thought he could suppress him like this.

As his laughter faded away, he took a step out of the temple.


Just when Lie Yan took a step out of the temple, a deep sound rang out from the entrance of the temple. Then, everybody noticed a figure flying backwards. It flew back and destroyed countless stone pillars before landing at the center of the temple.


Fresh blood sprayed out from the figure when he landed. A horrified expression emerged on his face.


Uproars immediately resounded out inside the temple. Numerous gazes stared in shock at Lie Yan, who was awkwardly splayed across the ground. Who could have hurt Lie Yan, who was at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase, in one move?

Mu Chen and Mu Feng’s eyes narrowed instantly. They fixated their gaze on the entrance of the temple as a hint of uneasiness filled their hearts.

Liu Qingtian’s face remained calm. However, a mocking smile appeared on his face.


The rustling of footsteps was heard from outside the temple. The commotion within the temple immediately quieted down. At this moment, everybody’s gaze was focused at the entrance.

Under everybody’s gaze, a thin, old figure slowly emerged at the entrance. He wore a grey robe and had an aged face. His eyes appeared as if they had sunk in deeply, like those of a withered corpse.

The grey-robed old man stood at the entrance with an expressionless face. His murky eyes slowly surveyed the people inside the temple. Then, he extended a pale hand out from his robe and coughed twice. He said with a hoarse voice: “Nobody can leave here without my permission today. The ones that leave here will-”

The grey-robed old man took another step forward. An extraordinary Spiritual Energy pressure that surpassed that of a Spirit Stage powerhouse emitted out from his bent body like a storm.

Bang Bang Bang!

The ones that were nearby could not withstand the Spiritual Energy pressure and shot back awkwardly.


Once the grey-robed old man spat out this word, the Spiritual Energy pressure was completely released. Cracks quickly spread out on the ground within the temple.

Outside of the temple, a fierce wind blew while the clouds gathered. At the same time, the Spiritual Aura within the world seemed to rampage.

At this moment, everybody’s faces changed dramatically.

Mu Feng’s hand gripped the armrest tightly. He clenched his teeth and a hoarse voice exited from the gaps of his teeth. With a bit of shock, the words creeped out one after another.

“Liu Jingshan…Three…Heavens… Stage!”

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