TGR Chapter 119

I’ll try to make up for the slow release last week, so I’ll translate more chapters this week. Anyways, here is the first regular release for the week.

Chapter 119
Translator: jn
Proofreaders: Brian, Lebin, Malcience

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  1. at first, i avoided this light novel cus i though it was the shitty manga ruler of the land, but who knew…? God, this light novel is good! IMO, mu chens definitely one of the best xianxia main characters. I mean, theyre all pretty similar, but mu chens like a combination of linley, yun che, qin yue, ji ning and everybody else minus all the bad parts. the storys doesnt have too much drama or forced suspense(ST, CD, etc) nor is it too fast pace (MGA). I would be stunningly happy if TGR can be translated as fast as ATG.

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