TDG Chapter 436 Teaser

Over the next few months, Nie Li continued nurturing the loyal disciples of his Demon League, as well as the experts whom he’d recruited from the Sky Origin Divine Clan.

During this time, Nie Li and his group didn’t stop expanding their forces. With such a large supply of divine medicine, and all kinds of other treasures, the Demon, Heavenly Path, and Profound Note Leagues expanded their strengths at extremely frightening paces.

Nie Li’s strength also continued to rise; he’d now reached the pinnacle of the Heavenly Axis Realm.

Even though Nie Li only had the cultivation of a pinnacle Heavenly Axis Realm, his true strength was on par with any 5-stage Dao of Dragon Realm.

The Heavenly God cultivation technique. The closer you were to its end, the harder it was to cultivate. But with every step your cultivation successfully made, your strength would be amplified ten or even dozens of times above that of any ordinary genius.