TDG Chapter 410 Teaser

The power of the Primordial Bloodline surged through Nie Li’s meridians like scorching lava, bubbling as it flowed.

The burning energy travelled throughout his limbs and meridians.

The power of the Demon Blood Sacrifice strengthened Nie Li’s cultivation.

Within his soul realm, the fate star at the center of his nine fate souls began shining with a dazzling light. Nie Li felt as though his entire body was exploding, over and over. Every part of his body glowed with that starlight, as if it was ready to detonate.

Each person’s body contains millions upon millions of units, each of which harbors boundless energy.

Under the shine of that starlight, the energies within those units began showing signs of breaking out.

Nie Li abruptly opened his eyes as a vast energy surged out. His aura soared as the fate star shined ever brighter, until its light covered the nine fate souls.