TDG Chapter 390 Teaser

Nie Li poured his Heavenly Energy into the inscription pattern array and established a connection with the Green Poison Pearl. He noted that the treasure itself seemed to possess its own sort of spiritual nature.

With a flick of his right hand, Nie Li shot the Green Poison Pearl at a Heavenly Star Realm Blackwater Venom Spider.


The Green Poison Pearl pierced through the spider’s body. The spider itself immediately turned green, staggered a few steps, then weakly collapsed on the ground.

With a single thought, Nie Li returned the Green Poison Pearl from the Blackwater Venom Spider back to his palm, where it floated calmly.

Since Nie Li had just used the Green Poison Pearl, he no longer dared to touch it with his bare skin. The pearl’s poison was too great; even Nie Li wouldn’t be able resist it.