TDG Chapter 344 Teaser

Outside of the Skycloud Hall, in a certain courtyard.

Venerable Flameless was drinking with dejection in his heart and indignation on his face.

A youth with handsome features walked over and laughed. “Brother Flameless seems to have encountered some unhappy matters?”

This person was the first-in-line successor of the Dragonseal Family, Long Tianming.

“Brother Long, since you’re here, come have drink with me!” Venerable Flameless looked at Long Tianming and waved his hand.

Long Tianming sat down, raised a glass of wine, and said, “I wonder what trouble Brother Flameless may have encountered?”

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    1. Unless the situation has changed, the translator is doing one chapter per day except Sunday since he is in the military for his compulsory two year service. We would all like more chapters but should appreciate what we have and not think about what we don’t/could have! =) (I’m not saying you’re doing this, just saying)

  1. Many thanks, i’m enjoying this ark immensely. fate souls are a pretty nice plot device that allows the main character to have reoccurring bad guys without them just escaping since they are too strong.

  2. Thanks for the hard work! We all know (I hope) how hard you work on translating these chapters(and the new teasers xD). I hope you may continue your hard work as you serve your country. Stay safe, and stay translating!

  3. You know I’ve been wondering, right now Nie Li has been taking lakes and putting it into the painting, but he’s not going to stay over there is he? after the 5 years he was going back but wouldn’t that mean putting the divine feather sect in a bad position since they’ll have less lakes to cultivate? or is he going to put the lakes back for everyone to use?

    1. tl; dr: He’s using his money to gain political power.

      As far as I know he’s using the lakes to fund Gu Beis Demon League. He’s not taking lakes of the sect, he mostly buys them from others. Or from other forces that join the Demon League.

      His goal seems to pretty simple: Take over the 3 major families (Ashen, Dragonseal and Gu) by helping those loyal to him into the patriarch position.
      This way he earns the reputation to have a higher chance of becoming the sect master. Beeing the deciple of Hierarch Skycloud his reputation inside the sect will rise even higher.

      1. I understand his current goal but I’m just wondering what will happen after he leaves the place again as his plan was said to be.

        I mean it’s been made clear that the lakes are extremely important in the existence of the sect but when he’s taking so many away won’t that affect the order of things after he leaves the place?

        Weakening the place and putting it in a bad position against the demon sect?

        1. Not really since those that he’s taking are either about to collapse due to “age” or middle grades which aren’t occupied or found by major powers. Basicly he’s taking the small ones nobody wants since they don’t produce enough.

        2. 1: most of the lake he take is outside world, which not belong to institute.
          2: Lake purpose is to produce spirit stone, but he put inside the picture to produce more and them bring them out. so that is better than leave them in real world.
          3: The more lake outside, the more force being divide to guard them. So now demon league can focus to guard a fewer lake with stronger force

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