Teaser of Talisman Emperor Chapter 161

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Chapter 161 – Bai Wanqing’s Decision

After the Hidden Dragon Rankings ended, Chen Xi had gone into closed door cultivation at the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s True Heart Peak for a month. Relying on huge amounts of spirit liquid, the formidable strength of his soul, and the various comprehensions he had towards the Heaven Dao, Chen Xi’s ample preparation allowed him to cultivate his qi refinement cultivation to attain the 9th star of the Violet Palace Realm in one go. The great lake in his violet palace was already vast like a sea, deep like a chasm, and nine True Essence stars that were dazzling and resplendent hung above the violet palace lake as they emitted a clear and natural shine. He was only a step away from advancing to the Golden Hall Realm.

Presently, within the Nine-Palace Balefulstar Immortal Slaughtering Formation, Chen Xi had turned danger into safety and obtained fortune from disaster, and he’d broken through to the 9th level of the Violet Palace Realm in his body refinement cultivation. Moreover, he’d used his own comprehension towards the Heaven’s Dao to create his own Shaman Markings, condensing the Wind Shaman Marking and Lightning Shaman Marking. The Shaman Energy all over his body was vast and boundless, dense to the point it was like liquid, and it contained the aura of ten types of different energies. His body refinement cultivation had skyrocketed by more than ten times when compared to before!

No matter if it was qi refinement or body refinement, his speed of advancement had simply arrived at an astounding level, and he could be said to possess astonishing talent that was unprecedented!

But all this wasn’t by a fluke in the slightest.

The path of cultivation relied 70% on diligent cultivation and 30% on luck. How painstakingly Chen Xi cultivated wasn’t necessary to be described in detail, whereas because of the auspicious beast, Pixiu, as a companion, Chen Xi didn’t lack luck. No matter if it was the adventure in the sword immortal’s abode, the battles and slaughters in the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, the closed door cultivation in the Oceanic Desert, the competition in the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda… Chen Xi’s situation could be said to be extremely dangerous in all of these, yet it was precisely because of this that the greatness of the fortune he acquired exceeded the expectations of an ordinary person.

It was exactly under this continuous slaughter, cultivation, and tempering, under the baptism of blood and fire, and under this situation where danger and fortune co-existed, that Chen Xi was able to safely walk to this extent today and attain exceedingly dazzling accomplishments.

Star, wind, five elements, Yin, Yang, lightning… I’ve only just stepped through the gateway of these Dao Insights, yet my cultivation has already advanced by leaps and bounds to such an extent. I truly wonder when I’ve comprehended them to a deeper state and condense my own Dao Territory, to what extent would their formidableness have attained? Chen Xi felt the strong energy that gushed about within his blood, flesh, and skin, and a feeling of confidence as if he could sweep through the world and reign supreme over the elements arose suddenly in his heart.

However, even then, he still noticed that the black and white vortex was still ceaselessly pouring the baleful energy of the stars into his body…



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