SR Chapter 515–516 ⚡

Chapter 515 is brought to you by wyhcwe, Everin, Nabuch and alyschu.
Chapter 516 is brought to you by Craxuan, Everin and alyschu.

Hey everyone, alyschu will be a bit busy until the end of the week, so releases will be slowed down. She would like to apologize for the late notice, since she doesn’t post announcements anymore. (I’m the one who has been posting up everything here on her behalf – Scrya. Actually, I forced her to let me do it, since she has been pushing herself far too late in the night. Though it seems she’s still pushing herself. Hmm~)

Also, she would like to apologize for being busy when we’ve literally caught up with SR chapter releases.

Lastly, our team would like to express safe wishes to those who are in the path of the hurricanes! Take cover if you have not, and find somewhere with stable internet connection so that you can keep up with releases!

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  1. I live in Puerto Rico and have done the best I can to ” batten down the hatches” so to speak. We just got finished fixing all the things from Irma and now we have another one headed straight for us :’/ . All in all, It’s still nice to see you guys care. Thanks for the well wishes and I’ll tide myself over with the internet off my phone worst case scenario X’D .

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