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Chapter 151: Lu Wuji has Caused Great Trouble

There was a general director in charge of the Dragonteeth Guard who held command of the Dragonteeth Guard, and was in charge of all of the Guards.

The Dragonteeth Guard was divided into ten troops, with a general and vice general assigned to each troop.

There were ten squadrons underneath each troop, with each squadron numbering ten thousand. There was one commander and two vice commanders for each squadrons.

There were lieutenants and captains beneath each commander, and each level was strictly partitioned.

In other words, the general director was naturally at the highest level.

There were three vice directors beneath the general director, followed by ten generals, and then by the ten vice generals.

This General Lu was actually just a vice general.

In terms of title and level, he was indeed a level higher than a commander like Tian Shao.

However, the troop that Tian Shao belonged to wasn’t part of Vice General Lu’s jurisdiction. Tian Shao had a direct supervisor above him, and a general and vice general that he reported to.

Therefore, strictly speaking, Vice General Lu couldn’t issue commands to him, Tian Shao.

However, everyone knew that this Vice General Lu was renowned for having connections. His backer was a vice director of the Dragonteeth Guard.

This vice director was first prince Ye Dai’s good friend.

In this way, Vice General Lu’s connections reached all the way to the first prince.

With these levels of backers, it allowed Vice General Lu to be extremely domineering and tyrannical within the Dragonteeth Guard. He often committed acts such as overstepping his jurisdiction and handling cases outside of his control.

Except, he hadn’t thought that at this moment, Tian Shao, a mere commander, would dare to publicly retort against him.

“Tian Shao!” General Lu stared coldly at Tian Shao. “I’ve heard of your name and know that you’re a famous thorn in the side of the Dragonteeth Guard. You’re right, I’m not your direct supervisor, but it only takes a word from me to have your General Qiu make an appearance. If you get out of the way now, I can let bygones be bygones.”

“My apologies, however, I don’t give way in my territory!” Tian Shao rejected him with these words.

“Good… Good… Good!” General Lu voiced ‘good’ three times in a row with an incomparably sinister tone. “Tian Shao, I don’t know what so-called principles you’re sticking to, or what kind of unpresentable relations you have with this kid, but I’m going to tell you right now, you show no respect for your superiors and offend those higher than you. You have deeply offended me. I can tell you clearly, your life as a commander will reach its end soon!”

Tian Shao’s temper was also quite ornery. “As long as I’m still a commander, don’t you even think of getting past me.”

One could tell that Tian Shao had been deeply angered. This man with a strong sense of principles and justice had been truly enraged by General Lu.

“Tian Shao, don’t stubbornly stick to your foolish ways without seeing the light! General Lu has a background that has direct access to the highest authorities. Going against him is like a praying mantis trying to stop a chariot. Overconfidence will destroy you! It would only take a word from the general if he wished to destroy you. If you step aside now, we can still plead for leniency on your behalf. “

“Fawning upon the rich and powerful, swarming around like flies for food! To think that comrades of I, Tian Shao, are such shameless scum like all of you. I’m ashamed to be in the same company as you. Get the hell away from me, get as far away as possible. Don’t make a clamor in my territory.”

“Conceited arrogance!”

“Ignorant buffoon!”

“Tian Shao, you’re dead meat. No one in the Skylaurel Kingdom will be able to save you now.”

General Lu was also thoroughly enraged. His face was dark as he said, “Jian number seven, go report to Vice Director Yang the matters that have occurred here. Ask him to write a report of censure to withdraw the title of commander from Tian Shao.”


Tian Shao’s face was ghastly pale. He knew that Vice Director Yang Zhao was General Lu’s uncle. He was the third greatest character within the Dragonteeth Guard. His position was high and his power was great. He was no trivial character.

It would only take one word from him if he wanted to impeach a commander.

However, now that matters had proceeded to this point, Tian Shao knew that he had no choice, and had made up his mind decisively.

He also knew that if he wanted to make a stand against these people with his power alone, it would akin to a praying mantis trying to stop a chariot.

But, he had his own principles. Even if it was akin to a mantis trying to halt a chariot, he’d still use all the strength in his body if he felt it was the right thing to do. He only strove to have a clear conscience.

At this moment, someone hurried in from the outside and handed a note over to General Lu.

General Lu was in the midst of being thoroughly ticked off by Tian Shao and took the note with extremely ill temper. He looked at it for a while, his face darkening, and then ripped the note up into little shreds. “What right does an elder of the Southern Palace have to question how the Dragonteeth Guard handles our cases? Go tell the person who’s come that Jiang Chen is a serious criminal of the Dragonteeth Guard, and that it doesn’t matter who comes to plead on his behalf.”

General Lu’s eyebrow arched as he flicked a glance full of some sarcasm at Jiang Chen sitting in his cell. “Kid, you were so cocky because you have some connections to a female elder of the Southern Palace? No wonder you were so arrogant! However, I can tell you clearly that even if Elder Ning herself came to ask for you, she wouldn’t be able to save you. You kid, put this hope to rest!”

His words had just sounded when another subordinate hurriedly walked in. He’d brought someone with him — Feng Yan.

“And who are you?” General Lu’s brow furrowed as he looked at Feng Yan.

“I’m a disciple of the Myriad Treasures Palace, and am here on Vice Head Shi’s orders, here to ask for this person on his behalf.” Feng Yan was absolutely willing to humble himself and adopt a low posture in front of Shi Xiaoyao, but this vice general of the Dragonteeth Guard had no right to put on airs in front of him, Feng Yan.

After all, with the identity of a disciple of the Myriad Treasures Palace, he didn’t belong to the jurisdiction of any government agency, and was answerable only to the Myriad Treasures Palace. To speak even more broadly, he was responsible only to the Precious Tree Sect.

“Ask for this person?” Vice General Lu laughed coldly. “Is it child’s play when the Dragonteeth Guard handles a case? You get the person when you ask for them?”

Feng Yan was infuriated by these words and asked faintly in response, “Do you mean that the words of our vice head are of no use?”

“Don’t you try to alienate one person from another. Go back and tell your vice head that this Jiang Chen is a serious criminal and is implicated in matters involving national security. I hope that he’ll understand.”

Vice General Lu didn’t dare speak too harshly to Shi Xiaoyao. This was an old monster that was several times scarier than Elder Ning.

“Vice General Lu, speak not of alarmist talk like that. I watched with my own eyes the process of Jiang Chen beating a disciple of the Northern Palace to death. That Northern Palace disciple committed a robbery first and Jiang Chen acted after. He was acting in justified self-defense, and isn’t guilty at all. Hurry and release this person, or our Myriad Treasures Palace will see out the end of this lawsuit with you.”

Feng Yan hadn’t been a witness for Jiang Chen on the streets because he hadn’t been confident then.

But it was different now, as he felt quite reassured with Shi Xiaoyao’s orders.

“What the freaking hell. Come!” Vice General Lu waved his hand. “This is heavily fortified Dragonteeth Guard territory, haul out the random trespasser.”


A group of Dragonteeth Guard immediately surged forward like a pack of wolves and tigers, lifting up Feng Yan, and carrying him out directly.

Feng Yan cursed loudly, “Damn you with the Lu surname, do you think you, a mere vice general, can blot out the sky in the Skylaurel Kingdom?”

His mouth was stoppered as soon as he’d finished cursing.

Seeing that Feng Yan was being hauled out by his men, Vice General Lu smiled coldly at Jiang Chen. “It seems that I’ve rather underestimated you. To think that you’ve even a path to the Myriad Treasures Palace. However, this should be the end of your road. I’ll say this again, there’s no one in heaven or on earth who can save you.”

Jiang Chen turned a deaf ear to this, and had absolutely no reaction to Vice General Lu’s words.

“Keep pretending kid. It’ll be your execution day when this case is sent upwards, judged, and stamped with the Dragontooth seal. I’ll see how you pretend then.”

“And you, Tian Shao, you’re in the same boat as this murderer. You have an additional crime of harboring a criminal. We’ll take a tally of all these crimes together when the time comes!”

Tian Shao snorted coldly and also sighed sadly for Jiang Chen in his heart. The elder of the Southern Palace and the Vice Head of the Myriad Treasures Palace had come to plead on his behalf, but still hadn’t managed to bring him out of this place.

It looked like the first prince had hardened his heart this time and wanted to make Jiang Chen’s case an airtight one. He’d fully decided to kill Jiang Chen and use that to suppress fourth prince Ye Rong.

“Forget it, forget it. A gentleman is ready to die for his bosom friends. I, Tian Shao, have received great favor from the fourth prince. Jiang Chen is also a good man, and to be able to weather hardships and die with him means that I’ll have company on the way to the underworld.”

“What did you say?” Elder Ning’s willow brows arched. “That Lu surname acted that wildly? He dared to rip to pieces a note written by my own hand and speak so insolently?”

“Yes, he said that as an elder of the Southern Palace, you have no right to question how the Dragonteeth Guard handles their cases. He also said that when he was in charge of a case, it didn’t matter who pled for leniency.”

Elder Ning’s full bosom heaved as rage appeared on her delicate features. Her jade palm slammed down fiercely on her chair. “This dumb animal’s madness knows no bounds, based purely on his uncle. I paid heed to common courtesies in writing him a note — I was honoring him! Since he doesn’t know how to appreciate favors and refuses a polite toast, then I’ll wait for him to come beg me.”

When she finished, Elder Ning raised her voice. “Chun Lan, pass down my orders and tell those below that the set of equipment for the Dragonteeth Guard can be held temporarily. In addition, the sums that they haven’t paid in full the last couple of times must be taken care of before noon tomorrow.”

Elder Ning had been obviously enraged. “How dare that Lu surnamed animal look contemptuously upon me! He is indeed wicked. I’d like to see if they can really blot out the sky with one hand in the capital?”

Qiao Baishi hastened to speak a few conciliatory words, “Please calm your anger, calm your anger. Elder, your being is priceless. Don’t tax yourself by clashing with that ignorant brute.”

“You’re right. I wrote a note to them and tried fair means before resorting to force. I gave this stupid animal face, but he didn’t take it. Alright, I’ll sit here and wait for them to come begging!”

Myriad Treasures Palace, Shi Xiaoyao’s yard.

“What?” Shi Xiaoyao thought he’d misheard. “Say that again!”

Feng Yan had a downcast face. “Noble head, that General Lu had such an imposing air. Not only did he not give you face, but he also said, ‘How could you get what you want, when the Dragonteeth Guard are handling the case?’ Not just anyone can interfere when he handles a case. Your disciple was angered and argued on basis of reason with him for a few words, before he had someone throw your disciple out. He was indeed rude and didn’t give precedence to you at all.”

“Asshole. Animal!” Shi Xiaoyao’s fist crashed down and a stone jar was immediately pulverized into dust. “Is this Lu surnamed dumb animal that old man Yang’s nephew? Very good, very good. Even old man Yang doesn’t dare talk to me with that kind of tone. Has this animal gained courage from eating the heart of a bear?”

Feng Yan spoke, a bit depressed, “He has deep relations with the Northern Palace, and is venting a breath of ill will through this. He’s making use of public power to avenge personal interests.”

Shi Xiaoyao grit his teeth, “I don’t give a damn if he’s abusing public power, or judging this case impartially. I’ll make life difficult for whomever doesn’t give me face.”

Shi Xiaoyao’s personality was eccentric and proud. Once irritated, his temper wasn’t something that an ordinary person could withstand!

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